How difficult is Common Sense? Please Help. I am troubled by a couple of things and just felt like sharing some today - lol. “You are hired, you can start tomorrow” seems to be the most pleasant outcome every job applicants dreams of, but what if you can not afford what you will need to start your job?

I read a lot about people wanting to make extra or a lot of money online, which is very possible and lots of people are doing it. The only troubling aspect about this is that most people do not want to 'pay to work', or invest even some time or money to earn the extra money.
You certainly have all heard about this before or felt the same way.

Here's my take on the entire situation based off my first job.

When I applied for my first job and met my future boss in person for the job interview, I guess he had read and knew about me from my application, so he did not really care to ask me any further questions, but this is what he said to me, as soon as I walked into his office and introduced myself: "You can start tomorrow, but you're going to need black shoes, black pants and a reliable transportation, or you can't work here, do you want the job”?

Wao! Before I could even give him an answer, he had moved to the next applicant. Not wanting to interrupt him while he was engaged in a discussion with the other applicant, I had to wait until he was done. The wait was just like 2 minute or so, but that was the longest and most unpleasant waits in my life.

I started sweating profusely and almost pee in my pants, praying within me and hoping he didn’t offer the same job to the other applicant, which thank God he didn’t

YES! I replied. Only I could not start the next day, reason being that I needed some time to get all the stuff I needed for the job. My future Boss gave me 2 days to get myself ready and to show up at work on the 3rd day at 6am.

So over the next 2 days, I spent $39.99 dollars on shoes, $18.96 dollars on pants and bought 1 week worth of daily bus tickets to get back and forth for at least a weeks.The next thing I did was picture all the stuff I was gonna buy because in my head I was going to work harder than everyone else, get paid more than everyone else and increase my hours from 8 to 16 per day. This was a minimum wage job in a local Pizzeria Franchise.

Within just one months I picked up a second job at another one of their franchise locations, because this particular location could not give me more hours. So altogether I was now working 16 hours a day, and using the bus to commute, connecting from one job to another, I could easily spend 20 hours away from my home.

I was ambitious and committed to my job, working 16 hours a day and with only sundays off.  I wanted to buy myself a car by the end of the first year, and possibly a house by the end of the 3rd year. Those were my dreams, which started diminishing by the end of the first year, after I realized I had not saved enough money for even a down payment for a car.

This realization kept me worrying, worrying how I was going to make it, if I were to start a family at some point.

Luckily, I reconnected with one of my old who was a very successful Direct sales agent, making a lot of money online and promised to help me get started online.

He did in deed and within just 2 months I made more money than I did the entire year. Most exciting was that I made this money working just 2-4 hours a day, which was nothing compared to the 16 hours I was putting in my other job. Another exciting aspect with my new found online job was that I could earn all that money without leaving my home.

Though I did not need to leave my home, I spent most of the time with my friend hanging out at starbucks or other recreational centres where I could equally complete my online assignments. All I needed was a laptop and an internet access.

must say I was very lucky, or better said, I was coachable and followed the advice and leadership of my friend. It is not obvious that someone comes online to make money and actually succeeds in making money. The industry’s average talks about only 4-6% success rate.  

There are many reasons why many people who come online to make money fail (Quit) and some actually end up losing money. You are best placed to experience this yourself, if you do not have a successful person (mentor) to hold you by the hand, you are not coachable, not committed, not accountable or unwilling to spend some money out of pocket.

My work ethic, even working on a job was through the roof and when I transferred same working ethic with all the knowledge from the courses and hands on experience to my online activities, nothing could stop me from succeeding.

There are people looking for jobs daily and when they see the requirements needed to start the job, they say no, the can not afford it. Some of the requirements at time requires just paying a small amount of money to acquire some knowledge or skills.

For online stuff, it may require buying and taking some courses in say marketing, getting some marketing tools, etc. Quite often, some of these people say they do not have the money or time. Yet you see them hanging out on Social Media (facebook) at least 3-6 hours daily, eat at starbuck or mcdonald 3 times a day but have no $5 to sacrifice toward start up a business!  

Pretty smart eh?

Everybody pays money to work no matter what, you need transportation, you need lunch, you need cloths, you need haircuts, you need glasses, you need dozens and dozens of things for the privilege of holding onto that precious job and they ALL cost money.

Then to top it all off you have work hard, follow rules, or you are fired. Thats offline. when you work online everything depends solely on you and your work ethic. People who don't put out a small amount of money or invest the time to build their own financial future are people who have flat out given up, they know they have no drive so they don't want to waste money on themselves.

So if you are working online, like in the direct sales Industry and trying to recruit for something or make referral sales for a business and hear someone online utter the words 'I don't have time, or I do not have the money to get started”,  just leave that person in the dust, they are a cancer in the workplace and will only contaminate your way of thinking as well as everyone else's.

I've dealt with people like that in real life offline as well as online. The best way to achieve success is by distancing yourself from them and focusing on task and goal oriented individuals who are willing to do what it takes to get ahead. Even slow forward movement is better than no movement at all.
Wish you much success in building the business that will bring you your desired Income.

What do you think?