Infinity Traffic boost (ITB) just Launched and it is so fascinating in Traffic Generation as well as in generating Income. I have not only gotten more business for my opportunities, but have equally earned more money too on the platform. And the good news is, it is in bitcoins.

The reasons I am promoting Infinity Traffic Boost are many. Even if you never get to promote it, it will still serve you right if you joined.

I will just like to draw your attention to just two reasons first

  1. It puts unlimited Eyeballs on your Opportunity/Business.

  2. It puts money into your Pocket

By the way, Infinit Traffic Boost Just launched, and it is already the talk of the internet.

For any business to succeed, it needs customers and if you're looking for customers for your business, Infinity Traffic Boost is your best partner.

InfinityTrafficBoost puts Bitcoins in ya pockets.

If InfinityTrafficBoost puts Eyeballs on your business, it means more customers and more sales meaning more money in your pocket. Well, that is the money you make from your business it self, But did you also know that you make money with InfinityTrafficBoost itself? That is the Money InfinityTrafficBoost puts in your pockets.

As if those above two reasons were not enough for anyone looking to make money advertising, to actually join a program.

Promoting InfinityTrafficBoost has so many benefits. The main one being that you can grow a downline virally. Let’s say that you are able to refer 10 people. Normally you would only be able to earn commissions on sales of only those 10, but with InfinityTrafficBoost’s pass-up benefits, you can earn commissions on your complete organization, an infinite number of levels deep.

This means that those 10 you have referred, if they each refer 10, you can now earn commissions on sales of 110 instead of only 10. You see the power? Here it starts getting really good, if those 100 each refer 10 then you can earn commissions on sales to over 1,100 people and if they do the same your ability to earn commissions on sales increases to 10,000 not to mention what will happen when those 10,000 start referring people too!

Get Unlimited Traffic and Commissions with ITB

From the above example, starting with only 10 people that you personally refer to join (the site is free and so powerful, why wouldn’t everyone you know join?) you can have the ability to earn commissions on sales to over 100,000! What would that do for your business?

And here is how it works... every time an advertiser purchases an advertising package, our system checks how many packages of that size the referrer of the advertiser has sold so far. Every 4th sale, the commission for the sale gets pass-up to the referrers referrer. The system again checks if it's the 4th sale etc. This way you will be able to earn commissions on sales by anybody in your organization, an infinite number of levels deep!

Instead of asking, why you should promote InfinityTrafficBoost, the question should be: why shouldn’t you promote it? Check out  InfinityTrafficBoost and see it for yourself.

Besides, InfinityTrafficBoost is a bitcoin Traffic Exchange and Revenue Share Opportunity. You have the rights to recommend InfinityTrafficBoost site to anyone you like, it will not only help them earn money, it will help you as well earn Traffic Credits and Money as well.

The regular commission for all members is 30%. When you are boost activated for any particular Traffic Package, you earn 80%!

Infinity Traffic Boost pays in bitcoins

When people sign up using your affiliate URL, they will see the "Traffic Package" deal that you saw when you joined (if you are already a member)

On sales in BitCoin you get paid immediately to your BitCoin Wallet. On sales in USD, you'll get paid every two weeks to your BitCoin Wallet on all commissions over BTC 0.001 that you earned 30 days or longer ago. You are a high priority.

With InfinityTrafficBoost, you'll earn money in the following ways...

1.    From the Traffic Package Signup Offer... 30-80% commission!

2.   On all membership area traffic package sales you earn between 30 and 80% commission (see table below)!

So let's see an example...

·         Let's assume you purchased a Traffic Package Option 4 during the last 90 days and are currently boost activated up to Traffic Package Option 5. You send 300 people to get the Free membership.

Infinity Traffic Boost is the #1

8% of them buy the Traffic Package Option 1

·         6% of them buy the Traffic Package Option 5

·         That would be 24x BTC 0.0016 + 18x BTC 0.0256 to your BitCoin Wallet

·         BTC 0.4992 Cash and no waiting for months to get your commission

BTC 0.4992 just for sending 300 people our way.

What if you could send us 1,200 per month?

Based on those numbers, you would earn BTC 1.9968 per month! And that's just one-time commissions and not even including the re-order commissions!

Now that you know exactly how you can make some serious cash, while getting more traffic to your offers to make more sales, let's get started making money!

Head over to InfinityTrafficBoost Site now, join and go to the Promotion section to grab some pre-made/pre-written promotional tools.

Let get into business or get existing one growing! See you inside Infinity Traffic Boost


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