AIOP the Underdog Turned 5 years at the end of February 2017, and where are the others?. All In One Profits, famously known as AIOP, and innovative Company that provides Trendsetting Business building tools with an amazing lucrative incorporated affiliate Income System, was never given a 1% Survival Chance.

AIOP did not only thrived to outlive its less than 1% Survival Chance, but has emerged position itself as a current and future champion in the online space. AIOP provides individual, small to middle sized companies, business building tools. It also has an affiliate commision structure from which life changing part time of full time income can be made.

After 5 years of being online, many partners or affiliate can not imagine their lives of businesses without AIOP. The question I would have loved to ask some of the Companies or naysayers is: “AIOP has Tuned 5, where are you?”. Unfortunately, most of these companies are nowhere to be found.

AIOP went from the Underdog to the Champion

Another question I would have loved to ask AIOP myself is: how they are doing, but it looks like they did answer the question in their most recent Company update announcing their 5th year anniversary. In same update, they also indicated that many good things have happened and are still to happen with the company.

You can read this in the original AIOP Company update at the end of this article. You know, predicted lifespan of any business is just 6 months to 2 years. AIOP made it through and beyond, which is already a good sign. Within this 6months to 2 years period, many companies fold up, pack their bags and disappear or change business name and or business model. This kind of practice is most rampant with businesses that fundamentally put themselves first, instead of putting the customers/consumers first.

With AIOP, things seem to have been very different. I am talking to you not only as a 5 year old affiliate of AIOP, but also as a witness who has been on board since day one of AIOP and has witnessed all the ups and downs this company thrived through.

AIOP is a company built on solid principles

It is not easy to grow and maintain a company, a company built on solid principles; like honesty, integrity and putting the people first. Such a company is bound to survive any emerging challenges. And I think AIOP just proved that, that is is the right thing to do, and the best way to build a business.

Many people with whom I start with in AIOP, left, lost a lot of money and time, running after shiny objects and fake promises. But then, when they could not find anything that measured up to AIOP, they all came back and are now very satisfied, happy and aspiring partners and or AIOP Affiliates.

If you can not beat AIOP, join them now

Even those that doubted AIOP initially, or tried to kill it are now on board.AIOP did not only scare the competition, they actually put some out of business. This, they did not do by fighting them, but by just stay focus, serving the people and apply fair and honest business practices.

Needless to say those that tried to copy AIOP proprietary technology and system failed. “When you can not beat them, join them”, yes and many are doing just that.

I read every AIOP update keenly. And the company is very fond of keeping partners and affiliates regularly up to date about what is going on. Reading a company update announcing a five year of existence is not only new to me in the online space, but the content of it blew my mind.

AIOP is all about helping the little guy make it

You are welcome to read it yourself and make your own judgement. Some companies actually never care about their affiliates or partners. As long as money is coming in driven by the affiliate, nothing else matters.

Though the AIOP Company Update message was only meant for partners and Affiliates, I have decided to make it available to the general public. By so doing, I hope to help enlighten and open the eyes of some struggling people make wise or better decisions. AIOP places the people first, and it is all about helping the little guy make a better living.

AIOP announces 5 Year Anniversary In Business

so I hope they (AIOP) would not mind I made this letter public, with a single goal: - to enlighten and help many more people see and possibly resonate with the Vision and Mission of AIOP.

Here is the Official AIOP email Update announcing the 5th Anniversary of AIOP existence, sent: Sunday February 26th, 2017

“Hello XXXXX

Hope this email finds you well, enjoying a blessed Sunday.

Every year, at AIOP anniversary, we used to hold an event with prizes, but this year, something different is coming soon.This is why we will briefly inform you on what`s new through every update, but before that,

we want to say we are grateful for your time spent on reading our thoughts we share with you.

The end of February marks the end of the first 5-years of AIOP existence, and the start of a new milestone for all of us here at AIOP management, staff and members. We have lots of new ideas, plans, good challenges, hopes and exciting news soon to come.

Five years is not a short time and is not a very long time either. We started as a small team, with a single dream: to help people build a business, paying less for tools, while creating a revenue for themselves and not for the company.

Many predicted at the beginning that we would fail, not only because of the competition in a difficult niche and not only because of the haters and copycats, but mostly because we came with a different concept - a concept that put the people first and not the Business/Company owners.

Fortunately, these people were wrong. We were not the only ones who proved them wrong. It was everyone of you, who stood around us and contributed to AIOP, building and growing it to what it is today.

AIOP Members and Affiliate like you,  are the ones who ultimately built AIOP from the ground up. You are those who believed in AIOP, when many did not, you are those who fought for AIOP when some didn’t. And of course, the inspiring Team Leaders here at AIOP, who worked tirelessly, side by side with us, because they believe in the same vision and mission.

You all are the ones who made it possible for us to serve so many more people in so many more places in the world.

At this time of anniversary, we want to take a moment to say a “big Thank You” to all of you, who joined us in this endeavor, sharing our vision and mission. It has not been an easy path, and many would have given up, but you didn’t, we didn’t either and together we have made AIOP a success!

So, as we look back as to whether we have been true and faithful to the dreams that were the foundation of AIOP, a company built for the people, we can say with pride that we have played our part, and AIOP was and will always be about the people. With gratitude for all your trust and support, we are confident that the future holds only good things for all of us”. Ende of update.  

AIOP is a company you have to check out

Wao, this is amazing. Just reading through it made me proud to have been on a sailing boat, not a sinking one. If after reading this, you do not feel AIOP is a company you will like to check it out, then you need to check your pulse.

By the way, if it is only about being curious what AIOP is all about, you are welcome to check it out. Otherwise, I would say; Irrespective of what your or people call AIOP - Underdog, Dog, Overdog, etc, It has kept its word and is there to serve you build a sustainable business for yourself or grow an existing one, while having the opportunity to Earn a life changing Income as an AIOP affiliate, by just sharing these business building tools and your experience with others.

Heck, you could even make AIOP your primary business or primary source of Income. The amount of money you could make with IOP is limitless and you can build just size of business using the AIOP Business building tools. So, join me and let us work with AIOP to bring better business practices to the market place and change the world.

What do you think?