Everyone needs extra income, especially during holidays and festive seasons.This income can be used to fulfill most dreams and desires. The one dollar thing will take you beyond the edge financially.

One Dollar Business Can Fulfill Your Dreams

If you have a dream and you are falling short  of some money to get to it, sit back and read this article, you will be glad you did. The one dollar thing is an all-new level of network marketing. With more research and strong fundamentals, the one dollar thing is a new avatar of multi level marketing, which includes whole bunch or product and services to enjoy.

A lot of people are wondering what one dollar could do to someone. It's time to re-think the value of one dollar. The one dollar thing provides you an opportunity to enter into a business which can make you earn up to $7200 per month. All you need to do is to register on the1dollarthing as soon as you can. We are offering the pre-launch position now where you can register yourself for free. No matter if you miss the pre-launch registration because the one dollar thing gives you opportunity to join it at various different levels.

You Earn Commissions In Multiple Ways

Basic level with just $1 per month and you are ready for 3x6 matrix where you are eligible to sell this monthly subscription further. You earn commission on your efforts as well as on the efforts made by the members you have added into your team. More the members, more the commission. Once you are pretty stable in Basic level membership, upgrade it to the next level.

Emerald level with just $12 per month can make you earn up to $1638 per month with high commission of $1.5 per member. Along with all the benefits from the lower level, you get extra benefits in this level like exclusive shopping card Kiss Retail Goodbye. You can buy these cards in wholesale price and sell them at retail price to grow your profits exponentially.

Once you are mature with this business, move to the top level, the Diamond level. With $47 per month, you can have all the benefits from lower levels with access to Travel Saving Card. Buy these cards at wholesale price and sell them at retail price to get your profits in the top gear.

You Are At The Right Place At Right Time

Have you ever thought that being rich is so easy? Have you ever thought that only $1 can get you enough extra money to fulfill your dream and grow your existing business? If no, get yourself registered with the one dollar thing and see the real magic. Experience what just $1 can do for you and your family and friends.

This opportunity could be the stepping-stone for your future. It’s not hard to have $1, what is hard is to have it used greatly. The one dollar thing will be the biggest opportunity launch of 2017 and you can use this opportunity to get everything you want just by registering with it as soon and fast as you can. Someone said you need to be at right place at right time. This is the right time to register with one dollar team to get most out of it. Grab your one dollar now.

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Just $1 to get started, you will NEVER pay more than $1, but would be able to leverage $1 to Earn up to $10.000 or more in Monthly Income, more than $700 in Monthly Savings, an opportunity to get a FREE 7-Nights Luxury Vacation worth $1,899 and much more…Create a Whole New Lifestyle starting today. Our TEAM will help you achieve the Financial Relief you deserve. Experienced Leaders are waiting to help put Money in Your Hands Month after Month building your $1 Business to Success. 100% FREE to Check us out

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