I just wish to take a moment to thank all the Pastors, Priests and men of God, and Religious leaders around the world for their contribution towards world peace, coming into our homes and souls in prayers every single day and touching each of our hearts in a special way. This is an Open Letter to Pastors, Priests and Men of God.

This is something most Pastors, Priests and Men of God know, but don’t talk about. Do they actually do it too, or delegate other people to do it for them? That is the question I have been asking myself for years. I suppose some of you, if aware, would be asking the same question, but what actually is the reality? We may never know exactly, but this is the deal…

I understand that Churches do lots of great works within our communities. Some even go as far as supporting other mission works in other communities or other countries; like in the establishment of other congregations, build churches, schools, hospitals and much more. Most of these activities require a great deal of money. The church, Pastors, Priests and Men of God need money. Don’t they?

Some churches or religious organisations have investments from which they pull out funds for most of their charity works, but the majority depend on their members for raising funds, mostly through monthly or weekly donations from their members during sermons, most of the donors being good hearted people and readily donate freely without any pressure to do so. Though, some donate because they think God will love them more, help is help and has equal value in the eye of God, I think.

Do the Churches, Pastors, Priests or Men of God even care where the money comes from or from whom? Not sure what the church thinks about lotteries, but I know of many christians and churchgoers, even myself that play the lottery regularly. I will also bet with you that, some of the christians that have worn substantial amounts in the lottery have donated some of their winnings to the church, a gesture which certainly, equally received great appreciation knowingly or unknowingly from the Church, Pastor, Priest or Man of God.

Not sure if the churches, Pastors, Priests and Men of God are against the lottery. Would be interesting to know what the bible or quran say about the lottery or gambling generally.  But if churches, Pastors, Priests and Men of God are ready to receive and use money from lottery winnings, I would imagine that, Pastors, Priests or Men of God could equally play the lottery themselves and direct some of their winnings to their churches or congregations.

If Pastors, Priests and Men of God were to play the lottery, I would think that they would have better chances of hitting the jackpot, since with the power of prayers and the spiritual authority and mind power they have, all that can really be contributory to influencing their pick of the winning numbers, always. It takes only one jackpot hit, and the particular church or congregation they represent will be financially viable for ever.

How cool would it be, if it is announced that  the XY church or the XY Pastors, XY Priests or XY Man of God hit the jackpot in one of the major lotteries? Lotteries normally cost money to play. But just imagine how many winning chances a church could have, if all their members including their Pastors, Priests etc., would decide to jointly play the lottery in a syndicate?

Lotto Spring has put together a lottery playing and winning strategy which increases the chances of winning in major lottery jackpots as well as the possibility to play in major lotteries in the world from a single platform. One can even play 100% free, upon qualification. You qualify to play for free when you refer 3 other players to the platform.

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Assuming churches, Pastors or Priests put their heads together and enrolled in Lotto Spring, and only 3 of their members enrolled under them at same level, the Church, Pastor and or Priest will be playing in Lotto spring absolutely at no cost to them, but will have equal and even increased chances to hitting one of the major jackpots. This can be of great financial benefit to the Church, Pastors or Priests to keep on fulfilling their calling to serving mankind.

What if all the members of the church decided to register in Lotto Spring under their church? That will mean lots of Blitz Tickets. Blitz Tickets mean GUARANTEED winnings, no Kidding! Well, not only will the church benefit, but the entire congregation will have hopes daily of winning one of the major jackpots. That can totally change the financial dynamics of a church, her people and their services to mankind for ever.

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I totally understand that it may be quite difficult for a Pastors, Priests and Men of God to take the initiative to participate in a lottery, or enrol their church. They don’t have to do it themselves, seriously. Any church member can do it. So church members, the best donation you can ever give to your church, that has potentials to reward you financially at same time, is to join Lotto spring together with some of your church members together.

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Lotto spring seem to have developed one of the most innovative way to raise funds for churches or organizations. Though there is no guarantee of winning, except if you hold a blitz Ticket, the chances of winning are enormously high, and quite possible. The only way to loss is only if you fail to play.

I also strongly believe that, participating in Lotto Spring can immensely boost your morals, keep you happy, brighten your days, and even extend your lifespan. Why do I say so? Participating in Lotto Spring gives you hope. Hope of winning, hope of a better tomorrow, hope of being able to resolving your financial worries in case of a major win.

Hope is a driving force for life. When you have hopes you are looking forward to something, giving you more reasons for which you live. Experience shows that those that have hopes have happiness too. When you are happy, the body tends to secret healthier life promoting substances in your body that keep the body generally healthier, which means healthier life and longevity.

What do you think?

What do you think?