Oil changes are such a nuisance and can be a daunting task for some.  It is actually dangerous if not done right and sometimes people are scared to do it especially if they do something wrong and potentially injure themselves or damage the car.  Find out how to easily do an oil change in the quickest way possible without the dangers and mess.  There is a very simple trick to this, DIY oil changes will save you a fortune, why not give this a try!

Oil changes can be a pain and time consuming.  If they are not done correctly they can also be dangerous too, there are many accidents each year of which some end up being fatal because someone goes under a car which collapses on them because they have not secured it properly on axle stands or on uneven ground and the stands tip over.  This is the reason why many people fork out a whole lot of money to get them done at the local service centre.

What if i tell you there is an easy way to do this yourself and save a huge amount of money and stop you from having to jack up your car and drain the oil and get a huge mess all over the place, would this sound good to you?  This is so simple that you will feel like kicking yourself for not thinking about it earlier.  This will be absolutely fantastic for people that are scared of DIY oil changes and are scared of going underneath the car or just don't want the hassle of messing around lifting a car, draining oil, collecting it and putting the drain plug back in then having to refill the car.

Did you know there is a special pump that will pull out all of the oil in the sump of your car and collect it really easily and all you need to do is empty it into a spare container and then take it to be recycled.  Doesn't that sounds amazing?  With this amazing tool you can do an oil change in just mere minutes and it makes a DIY oil change super easy and it is done without spilling a single drop of dirty oil so it is totally mess free and no cleaning of driveways and garage floors will be needed.

I will tell you how simple this is to operate right now:


1.  Remove your oil filler cap

2.  Remove your oil dipstick and put it somewhere safe

3.  Get the special tool called the Mityvac (link below) and put tubing down the dipstick opening until you feel it hit the bottom of the oil sump.

4.  Pump up the Mityvac device to build pressure.

5.  Watch the oil drain into a container, and wait for it to stop (make sure you keep the pressure high so it gets everything).

6.  Replace oil filter

7.  Refill car with oil

8.  Replace the dipstick, wipe it off and take a clean reading and make sure your oil is to the correct level.

9.  Replace oil cap.



Why pay a garage to do this for you now when you can easily do this yourself.  Another reason why I would rather do an oil change myself is because you hear a lot of stories when some underhanded garage scam the car own sometimes they do not do the oil change at all, or you pay for a premium oil and they put a cheap oil in which degrades quicker than you expect and damages your car and worse still there has been incidences when they have drained the oil and not put any oil back in and it destroys your engine.  Why take the risk when you can easily do this yourself.  Once you have this device you can do all fluid changes for your car forever and never have to go to the garages again and this way you know it is done right.  You can use this to do your transmission, power steering and brakes.

I have tried the Mityvac device and I have to be honest I didn't think it would work, but I have to admit it is a life changer and would never go back to the 'normal' way of changing fluids ever again.  As a test, I actually used this and then opened up the oil sump to see if it truly had evacuated all of the oil.  It actually did, only about one-quarter of a cup of oil was left behind.  This is nothing really because there is always a lot of old oil in the engine anyway that you just can't get to, so as long as you have a good majority of new oil then you are set.  If you are worried about the little dribble left, just pour a bit of new oil in the engine to dilute it and evacuate it from the system.

Best of all, with the Mityvac you can also reverse it too so it pumps fluids out, it is as simple as pressing a button which changes the properties from suction to pushing liquids out.  This way you can make note of how much oil (or any fluid) has come out of your car, then pump out the old fluids into a container for recycling then use the cleaned device and measure out the same amount and pump it back into your reservoir and top up a bit if extra is needed.  This whole procedure will take minutes, the whole lot can be done maybe even faster than it would take to jack the car up and put the axle stands underneath it and drain the oil.  How is that for the quickest and easy oil change you have ever done, one with absolutely no mess and best of all it has saved you a fortune and because it was your DIY project you know it has been done right!!!

Cleaning the Mityvac is actually really easy also.  A lot of people say that using a little bit of alcohol or mineral spirits will do the trick.  All that has to be done is to evacuate all of the old fluid out of the cannister either by setting the Mityvac to push fluid out or you can use the pour spout on the top and set that old oil from your oil change aside (or whatever fluid you have vacuumed up) to be recycled and pour some mineral spirits in the canister or alcohol and swirl it around in the cannister (obviously make sure the top cover is back on or you will make a mess) and allow the mineral spirits or alcohol to get to work on the inside of the cannister.

Some people actually don't bother to clean the Mityvac at all and only use it for extraction purposes only and then transfer the dirty oil or any other fluids without creating a mess.  They decide to do the filling manually and just use the Mitvac to pull out the old fluids.  If you decide to do things this way and refill the fluids manually this absolutely fine, it might save time cleaning out the canister when it can just stay dirty it only needs to be cleaned if you decide to use the Mityvac to put fresh fluid back.  NEVER use the Mityvac to refill anything without cleaning out the canister because obviously, you do not want contaminated fluids going back into your engine!

I have a little tip for anyone who decides to not use a tool like the Mityvac for refilling fluids and decide to do this manually.  I see a lot of people (in fact pretty much everyone) when it comes to putting fluids back into an engine whether it be antifreeze, oil, brake fluid or transmission fluid make this mistake and it usually results in a mess.  Obviously a little bit of mess is not a deal breaker but it can cause problems especially if it touches any belts on the car or anywhere else because it will cause them to slip and also you don't want the smell of burning fluids when your car is up to temperature, some fluids can actually catch fire on a hot engine if not cleaned up, even if it doesn't do you want burning oil of fluid fumes coming back into your car's cabin? This is not a situation you would ever want.

Try this out, it is such a simple thing to do but it makes a huge amount of difference.  If your bottles are not rounded (which pretty much all engine fluid bottles have flat sides) this will work.  Have you noticed when you are pouring out of these bottles the fluid comes out glugging and uneven and it causes spillages and it is a bit of a nuisance that it doesn't come out smoothly and in a uniform manner.  Simply turn the bottle on its side and you ill find refilling so much smoother and you are far less likely to make a mess with your oil or any other fluid you are putting in.

I hope you have found my little article useful and I hope that this makes oil changes for you much quicker, it will also help you create far less mess, if done right your oil changes from here on out should be mess free! This tool will also help with disposing of old fluids and make this much more simple. Once you do your fluid changes this way you will find it is so fast and simple and it actually boosts your confidence. If you have ever been scared of going underneath your car or find an oil change a bit of a daunting task, the Mityvac makes it child's play and all of a sudden you will want to do the oil changes yourself instead of wasting so much money getting someone else to do it for you!

What do you think?