The biggest lie my mother ever told me was that money does not grow on trees. Like many people I was raised to believe that an honest man receives an honest wage for an honest day's work. I never remember a single course in all my school years that taught me, or my classmates, how to be successful and earn exponentially more money than an "honest wage". I really don't remember learning much at all about money as a child. So it is no wonder it took me so long to realize money is so easy to make.

My name is David Ruebush. I am the co-founder and CEO of Waffal Media, Inc., which is the company that owns and operates the website we call Waffal. I have not had a real job in over 10 years. I have not received a paycheck for so long, I can't even remember what a W-2 form or a paystub looks like. When I get paid nobody deducts taxes or withholds any portion of my earnings from me. I have been 100% financially independent for a great majority of my life. And I am here to tell you that money grows on trees, it is the easiest thing on earth to get your hands on, and anyone, anywhere on earth can be financially independent in a few short years. If they really want to be, and they have access to the Internet.

This article is a how-to guide that will explain in great detail every single step you need to take to become financially independent over the next few years. I will explain step-by-step every thing you need to do. Up front, I want you to know this is not some get-rich-quick fairy tale. You will have to put in a few hours of time every single day. And you will have to spend about $3 here and there along the way. The plan I will lay out in this article is a proven method that really works. And I know it works because it is exactly what I do to generate a solid, growing, stable income online that has allowed me to live the life I want, where I want, 100% on my own terms.

If you are willing to commit a few hours each day to your own success, you have access to the Internet, and you are able to invest about $3 here and there along the way, I can assure you this plan will not let you down.

I have had the pleasure of visiting over 70 countries and 5 continents because I do exactly what I am about to reveal in this article. I am able to provide nice things to those I love whenever I want, because the plan I will reveal in this article works. I don't worry about money. As a matter of fact, the profits that have been pouring in because I have been sticking with this incredibly lucrative plan are now allowing me to invest in multiple real estate properties in amazing beach resorts.

A few days ago, a member of Waffal made a post in a group Skype chat where several of us waffalers communicate. He said...

I am happy to announce my first external sale through one of my Waffals. I made a $25 commission on the sale. Not bad for a $2.99 Waffal :D (WaffalStar)

Literally two days later, the same member of Waffal posted this in our group Skype chat...

Wow, two days after reporting I received a $25 commission from a sale made through one of my Waffal's, today I received a $30 commission through a sale on another Waffal! (WaffalStar)

This got me thinking about how I am personally using Waffal, and how it would be a huge service to others if I would take the time to write out a detailed, step-by-step guide. So, because of the inspiration of other waffalers who are starting to tout their success, and because I want every person who ever joins Waffal to achieve untold happiness, I have decided to lay out a plan for you that will not fail. If you do exactly what is described in this plan, you will create your very own personal financial freedom. You will live life on your terms. And you will see how easy it is to make lots and lots of money.

There Is No Magic Genie Lamp

Do you know why most people fail when it comes to making money online? I have been marketing things on the Internet since 1994 and I can say without a doubt the reason most people fail is because they want to believe in magic. They think if they just put some money into the right magic box and shake it up a few times, they will pour out riches beyond their wildest dreams. They think they can rub some magic lamp and a genie will pop out and grant them fortune and fame. So they waste their time and money chasing fairy tales from one online business opportunity to the next.

Here is the best piece of advice you will ever receive when it comes to making money online...

If an online venture promises you any specific percentage or dollar amount daily or weekly or monthly based on your investment, it is a scam. If you make money mainly by recruiting others, it is a waste of your time and money. If a venture promises you anything on "auto-pilot" or "done for you", it is a guarantee you will be a failure. If you have to join a program, pay a regular fee, or be "active" to qualify for earnings, it is a guarantee you will lose money.

The only way to make real money online is to do everything step-by-step yourself.

You do not need an email list to make massive money online. I know because I do not have one. You do not need landing pages or squeeze pages to make massive money online. I know because I do not have any. You do not need list builders, autoresponders, or banner exchanges to make massive money online. I know because I do not have or use any. You do not need a website or a blog to make massive money online. I know because I do not have either.

I know you will say I am CEO and lead developer of Waffal. And that is true. I do work for Waffal and develop this incredible business. But, personally, outside of Waffal, I make a lot of money online every day. And I do it 100% the way I will describe in this article. I do not have an email list. I do not send out a newsletter. I do not have subscribers. I do not have a massive following on Facebook or Twitter. I do not have landing pages, squeeze pages, list builders, or autoresponders. I do not use banner exchanges or other online banner or text ads. I do not spend a single penny on ads. And I do not have a website or blog. I make a ton of money outside of Waffal, as my personal online earnings, without any of these things.

In my honest opinion, autoresponders, list builders, email campaigns, landing pages, squeeze pages, and almost all other "Internet Marketing" tools are things that should be considered only after you have built a very profitable and successful online business. They are tools that can enhance and expand something that is already successful. They are not the tools required to build and develop an Internet income. And I think they are often times grossly over-sold and over-promoted way too early in the online business building process.

As a matter of fact, you probably already have everything you need to build a super powered, incredibly profitable online business. If you have a brain between your ears, fingers that can punch a keyboard, access to the Internet, and time, you have every single thing you need to become financially independent within a few years. As a matter of fact, the only financial investment you should make during your first few years will be one-time fees of $3 here and there that are necessary to drive sales and profits to your bank account.

So, let's jump right in. Over the next few segments of this article I will show you exactly how to make a lot of money online, step-by-step, without joining some "program" or spending hardly any money at all. I will show you how to grow an online business from nothing into a financial freedom that allows you to live where you want, when you want, and how you want. All you need to do is follow this plan every single day for the next few years and you will see your income growing steadily. I am giving you this plan 100% free. I will not ever make one single penny from you if you follow this plan. Instead, the only person who will make money is you.

STEP ONE: Join A Few Affiliate Networks

The first step in this plan is to join two or three affiliate marketing networks. As time goes by, you will want to join many of them, maybe even fifty or one hundred of them. But for now, you should only pick two or three at the most. The reason you only want to join a few at first is so you can focus on them and build up your income levels. Most affiliate networks have minimum payout thresholds. So, if you concentrate your efforts on one or two networks, you can build up your incomes at each network until you have enough coming in to be meeting the payouts regularly. If you join too many networks too fast, you can get stuck in a situation where you have earnings at many different networks, but you can never get any payouts because you don't have enough earnings at any one single network.

You need to spend a little time researching affiliate networks before you decide the two or three you will start working with. I would suggest you take some time and search things like "top affiliate networks" or "high paying affiliate programs" or "high commission affiliate products" on Google. Spend some time reading and researching different networks, products, and progams. Listen to what others are saying about them. When you are first starting out, I highly recommend you join at least one affiliate network that has a huge number of different products. So, for example, you may want to join the Amazon Affiliate Program and add something like Clickbank and Shopify to the mix. This way, you have a good mix of things to offer from the beginning, but you can concentrate your earnings at one place to build up payout potential.

As you research affiliate networks, do not fall prey to the percentage mindset. Many people will disregard programs such as Amazon because "their commission percents are too low". But this could be a huge mistake. And you could be leaving massive money on the table that others are just ignoring. For example, most people flock to the programs offering 50% or 80% or even 100% commissions. My experience teaches me that these programs tend to be fly-by-night products and their sales prices are generally under $100. So, while they sound great at first look, they don't compare to a 3% or 4% commission on a $10,000 or $25,000 item you could sell five or six times per year.

As you are researching affiliate networks, it is important that you begin with a network that not only has a lot of different types of products to offer, but has a wide range of product prices. You will spend the next few years building a business around different types of products and different price points. So, it is important that you begin with affiliate newtworks that provide this. A few great networks for beginners are Amazon, Rakuten, CJ, ShareASale, eBay, Avangate, Flexoffers, and RevenueWire. They all offer a wide array of products with a great range of prices. You want to start with networks that have products in these price categories...

  • Super Low Price Items (under $100)
  • Low Price Items ($101 to $500)
  • Mid Priced Items ($501 to $2500)
  • High Priced Items ($2501 and up)

After you spend some time searching google for "high paying affiliate products", the "best affiliate networks", and "high income affiliate programs", you should have a good idea of where you want to create a few accounts. If you are still confused, or maybe a bit unconfident after your research, I think a good starting point for an absolute beginner would be to create an account at Amazon Affiliate, Clickbank, and one specific program such as HostGator, TemplateMonster, Shopify, or NewEgg. This will give you a great starting point to grow from.

When you have decided upon two or three affiliate networks or programs, join them. But before you do, let me point out one more thing. Never join an affiliate program that costs you any money. You should never be asked to pay a subscription price or fee. The only reputable affiliate programs are the ones that are 100% free. So, no matter how good something sounds, if it costs money, do not join it. Amazon, Clickbank, Shopify, CJ, and all the other good affiliate networks are 100% free. Money goes to you, not from you. Remember that. You should always remember in order to make money online, money goes to you, not from you.

Quick Overview Of The Business Plan

Before we continue to step two, I want to take short break and introduce the business plan to you. When it comes to making money online, especially if you want to create a life of financial independence, you must have a really good business plan. Otherwise, you are just a blind chicken running around in a maze full of hungry wolves. I will summarize the overall plan now, and then we will go into much more detail as we continue through the article. The most important thing for you to remember is that this is a plan that works extremely well, if you follow it every single day, and you do not quit when sometimes things don't go as expected.

In a nutshell, our business plan is this. You will create hundreds of little online "businesses" for only $3 each. This is a one-time price, not daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Each business you create for only $3 will work for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for year after year after year. The goal is for each business to generate a minimum of $10 in pure profit for you each month for several years, all for a one-time investment of $3. You will leverage these tiny businesses into business groups that will take about $15 total investment and will become a "pod" of revenue streams that should generate $50 to $100 minimum in pure profits every single month for very many years.

I like to say this business plan is the "online Walmart concept". Anyone who has ever been to a Walmart store understands that Walmart generates a lot of money for its investors. But let me ask you this. Would Walmart be one of the biggest businesses on earth if they only sold napkins? There is no way. The reason Walmart is so big, and makes so much money, is that they sell pretty much everything under the sun. You can go to a Walmart and buy everthing from groceries to toys to plumbing supplies. It is incredible. For our online business plan, I want you to imagine that you are going to become an online Walmart. Over a period of a few years, you are going to build an online business where anyone on earth can pretty much buy anything under the sun. Instead of trying to become rich selling only napkins, you will become rich because you sell so many different things that you make a lot of money through volume.

The way you will become an online Walmart is by adding one product at a time to your ever-growing "inventory" of items. You will select a product you want to add to your arsenal from one of your affiliate networks. You will then establish five separate "businesses" around each product for only $3 per business. This pod of five businesses will drive a ton of sales of that product for several years, maybe even decades. Eventually you will have hundreds of little business pods that are generating thousands of dollars in profit for you each month. And you will be 100% financially independent.

It is important to note you do not have to create five of these $3 businesses for each product. You can simply create one business for each product if you want, or if your budget is very low. However, you will only get about 5% or 10% of the results with one business center as you would if you had all five around each product. There is a very specific method based on a very important strategy I have developed over years of practice. This strategy uses five different $3 businesses around each product. So, for maximum profits, you should expect to invest $15 each time you add a new product to your growing online "Walmart" store. But again, remember, this is a one-time investment. After that you earn money from the product for years and years and years without any additional investment.

STEP TWO: Join Waffal

The second step is to join Waffal. You are most likely reading this article on Waffal already. So, this is the easiest step. Simply click the "join now" button at the top of any page on Waffal and sign up. It is 100% FREE to join Waffal. So don't worry about having to spend any money or pay any daily, weekly, or monthly fees. You will have to pay $3 each time you create a business around a product, but that is the only time you will need to invest money. Everything else in this business plan is 100% free.

Waffal is an online marketing tool I personally created. I have been marketing products online since 1994. During that time, I have learned a lot about things such as web development, web programing, websites, banner advertising, text advertising, search engine optimization, social marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and much more. After nearly 20 years of paying other people money to provide marketing services that I use to drive traffic to affiliate products, I decided it would be better to create a one-stop-shop that did all the most important Internet marketing services at one time. I was able to reduce thousands of dollars of marketing tools and services into a one-time fee of only $3.

Even though I personally created it, I am constantly finding myself overwhelmingly amazed by how incredibly awesome Waffal is. For only $3, this system provides world-class search engine optimization, social marketing, viral marketing, content marketing, and much more. I personally think it is the single most powerful and effective online advertising tool on earth. And it is only $3. It is almost insane how cheap we are giving away these services. People pay thousands of dollars for search engine optimization and can't even come close to the rankings Waffal achieves every day. People pay thousands of dollars on list marketing, social network marketing, banner or text ads, and other things and can't even come close to the traffic and sales Waffal can generate for only $3. Over time, you are going to see how Waffal can help you build an extremely profitable business that achieves true financial independence. And you will do it with little one-time investments of only $3.

STEP THREE: Choose A Product

The third step is to choose a product to add to your brand-new online "Walmart". You will repeat this step over and over again throughout the next several years. You should keep a list of products you are promoting and organize them by type and price range. You want to offer as many types of products as possible, and you want to have a good mixture of products from all different price ranges. Some products should be under $100. Other products should be over $5000. Some products should be real items people must order and have shipped to them. Other products should be digital or downloadable, such as ebooks, software, online services, etc. The most important thing is that you build a large portfolio of all different types of products and price ranges.

Over the next several years, as you are building your online empire that will generate a lifetime of financial freedom, it is important that you learn to be objective and make decisions while wearing your business hat. Often times, people tend to view the world through their own eyes, which is a huge problem when doing business. Do you think the creators of Walmart actually bought every single product in their stores in their personal lives? Actually, I would bet they rarely bought anything at Walmart. For them, Walmart is a business, it is not an extension of their personal tastes, lifestyles, or desires. And you need to learn to think like this as well.

As you are selecting products to add to your offerings, make decisions based upon the quality of the product and the sales pages of the company that actually offers the product. Never, ever, ever make a decision based upon whether or not you personally would like the product or buy it yourself. Remember, in business, it is important to always say "Money comes to me, money does not go from me." Who cares if you even like the products you are selling? Who cares if you would ever even buy them for yourself? What matters more is that there are people out there who need, like, or desire the products you are offering. And even more important is that the company actually providing the product does so professionally, and has good sales and marketing processes.

If you have joined a few affiliate marketing programs, like Amazon Affiliate or Clickbank, you should be able to browse through the many products and services they provide. Look around and find a product that has the quality you would want in your store. Make sure the sales pages, reviews, testimonials, and other sales and marketing details are the quality you want in your business partner. And make sure it is a product other people would need, like, or desire. It doesn't matter what the product is. It could be a chair, a house, an anti-virus program, a book, or a personal assistance service. No matter what the product or service, it just needs to be something you would be proud to offer. Even if you would not even need or want to buy it yourself.

STEP FOUR: Add The Product To Your Business

The next step is to add the product to your growing online "Walmart". But we are going to be doing things a bit differently than you may expect. Instead of actually creating an online store, you are essentially creating an online "street" or "highway". Your business will not require a website, blog, landing pages, or sales pages. You will not need a hosting company, payment processor, or shopping cart. You will not need to provide customer service, order fulfillment, or anything. Actually, you won't be doing anything at all, other than pointing customers in the right direction. Other people will do all the work for you. You will simply make money. Remember, our motto is "money comes to me, money does not go from me." So why would we want to waste money on a website, shopping cart, payment processor, customer service, or anything else for that matter? We just want to make money, without doing anything at all.

I want you to think of your new online business as if you own a major highway where shoppers travel to find places to buy things. Businesses set up their shops along your highway so people can find them. As customers travel along your highway, they may exit from time to time to buy things in one of the businesses along their route. And every single business along your highway pays you a little money each time someone exits from the highway and buys something in their shops. Rather than owning a shop where people buy things, you own the highway and make money every time someone buys something in any shop along the route. To expand your income, you simply make your highway longer and ask more businesses to set up shop along the route. Want more money? Extend the highway. And you can do this over and over and over, until you are so rich you are tired of money.

So now you may be asking an important question. How on earth do you create a major highway where people will travel to find things to buy? And, I bet you never thought about doing that before did you? Everyone online is always trying to build a shop. They are always wasting time, energy, and money trying to build a store, stock and supply their store, attract customers into their store, and providing service to the few customers they get. Hardly anyone thinks of building a highway and making store owners pay them for allowing them to put their store along the highway. But my friend, I can personally tell you it is exponentially more profitable to own the highway than it is to own one of the small stores along the highway.

The secret to building a highway of customers is to create five points of entry onto your highway for each product you add to your offerings. Essentially, you want to create five different routes that will cause people to travel from where they are to a shop along your highway that offers whatever it is they are seeking. And this will happen to be one of the products you have to offer. So, each product you offer is essentially a small shop along your highway. Each small shop will have five different routes people can travel upon to end up at the destination where they purchase the product or service. Five different ways for you to pull people onto your highway and deliver them to the owner of the shop, who pays you a commission when they make a sale.

These five "routes" along your shopping highway are what we call "article marketing" or "seo content marketing". Essentially, you will create five separate but related articles around each product you offer. These five content articles will each have a specific purpose, but work collectively to attract people from different "angles" or "approaches". They will guide people from where they are to where they want to be. And they will cause shop owners along your highway to pay you over and over and over again for the service you provide. Your service is that you own the highway, you create the routes, and you deliver the customers. The shop owners do all the actual work involved in building and managing stores, selling and delivering products, and providing customer service.

So what are the five different "routes" you should create for each product? Essentially they are...

  • A Blatant Sales Pitch
  • A Fair And Honest Review
  • A Features, Benefits, And/Or Solutions Manuscript
  • An Educational Or Informative Article
  • A Funny or Entertaining Story

Each of these "routes" is essentially a different Waffal that you will write and publish. Inside each waffal you will include links to the actual website that sells the product or service your waffal is about. Each route will require a one-time investment of only $3 on your part. After each route is created and published, it will deliver potential customers from wherever they are to a shop along your highway that sells the product they are seeking. Rather than a small, back country dirt road, you are building a five lane super-highway that will drive exponentially more sales commissions and profits to your bank account. And each lane of your super-highway only costs $3. It is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to build an online business that makes you money year after year after year.

All Five Routes Working Together

It is extremely important that you make sure your five different routes are working together, and not against each other. The way you do this is by selecting the same five tags to target with each waffal. Each time you create a new waffal, you are asked to select five tags for targeting. These are essentially keyword phrases. We apply a lot of highly powerful SEO secrets and technologies to each waffal published on our site. You help us by selecting five tags you think people would search for or express interest in. So it is extremely important that all five of the routes along your product highway are targeting the same five tags.

Selecting your five tags is probably the most important step in the entire process. If you select bad tags, it is pretty much a guarantee you will achieve much less success than you would with better tags. The most common mistake people make when selecting tags is they choose words and phrases that are too general. For example, say you are adding a digital clock to your product offerings. You may think "digital clock" is a great tag. However, in my personal opinion it is the absolute worst tag you could ever choose. 

What you should do when you are selecting your five tags is to consider things people may search for that other people may not think to target. So, for example, if you are offering a digital clock, you may want to select "digital clock with annoying alarm" or "elegant office digital clock" or "digital clock with clean modern lines". Do you see what I am doing there? I am thinking of ways actual customers may look for something. Maybe I oversleep my alarm often and need a louder or more annoying alarm. Maybe I am buying a gift for someone's office. Or maybe I am looking for clean modern lines for a clock in a modern apartment. If your particular product would fill these requests, you will attract more buying customers.

Take the time to actually look at the product you are adding to your offerings. Study it. Is is old-fashioned? Is it modern? What features does it have? What problems does it solve? How does the company that makes it or sells it describe it? What do customers say about it in the reviews on Amazon or other sites? Are people expressing happiness with a feature that surprised them or solved a problem for them? What you are looking for are ways to create five phrases that people would actually search when looking for a product or service that solves their problem or fulfills their desires. Build your five tags around solutions and desires. You will find they work much better and you make much more money.

Once you have selected five tags that people would search when trying to find a solution to a problem or a fulfillment of a desire, your job is to create five routes around these five tags. You will use the exact same five tags in each of your five waffals. You will write one waffal for each of the five topics mentioned above. 

One waffal will be a blatant sales pitch. It is essentially the "this is the most amazing product on earth" article. In this article you will essentially describe the product, all its features, how it solves problems or fulfills desires, and why everyone should buy it. You should research the product as much as possible before you write this article. Read product descriptions and customer feedback on sites that sell the product. But for the blatant sales pitch, you should rely most on the actual sales and marketing materials published by the company that actually makes and/or sells the product.

The next waffal will be a fair and honest review of the product or service. For this article it is extremely important you seek out what actual customers have said about the product. Read comments and feedback from actual customers who purchased it on sites like Amazon. Search Google for reviews and testimonials about the product or service. When you write your review, I suggest you tell three to five positive things about the product and three to five not so positive things. It is fair to your readers to learn if other people have similar complaints. For example, I was researching a new laptop a while back. One that I really wanted to buy had a lot of great features and positive comments. But almost everyone was unhappy with a placement of a key on the keyboard that interfered with typing. This was a major problem for me and prevented me making a buying mistake. I actually found a better alternative through a fair and honest review article. And the person who wrote the article probably made a nice commission off my purchase.

The next waffal you will create is a features, benefits, and/or solutions article. In this article it is very important that you research how this particular product has solved problems for previous customers, or fulfilled their desires. You should rely heavily on the sales and marketing literature of the company that makes and/or sells the product. But this article is more concerned with specific product details. How it works, how it performs, how it looks, why people love it or are pleased with it. In this article you make sure to tout every single reason this particular product is incredible. And you point out how it is better than certain other competitors.

Your next waffal should be an educational or informative article. In this article you should take a very serious approach around a specific feature, benefit, or solution. This type of article works best when it is very focused. You are not trying to tout all the features of the product. Instead, you should research a particular aspect of the product and how it fulfills a particular desire, or solves a particular problem. This article will take the most research, and maybe the most time to create. However, it will generate the most sales and profits to your bank account. Every good product or service on earth, that will actually generate sales, solves a particular problem better, or fulfills a particular desire better than any other product. If you take the time to discover this and describe it very well, you will make a lot of money pointing buying customers in the right direction.

Finally, you want to create a waffal that is a funny or entertaining story. This may be the most difficult waffal to create. And, sometimes it is pretty much impossible. In this article you rarely talk about the specific product or service. The goal of the article is to catch a potential customer without being obvious. So, for example, a funny hunting story could casually mention a specific type of gun or camping stove, or even deer feeder. Or an entertaining story about learning how to drive could casually mention the safety features of a new volvo. Sometimes it is difficult or impossible to create this waffal. In that case, I recommend you replace this waffal with an additional educational or informative article that focuses on a different feature, solution, or fulfilled desire than your earlier educational or informative waffal.

In the end, you should have five waffals written around the same five tags. They each serve a different purpose. One is a blatant sales pitch and will work well for customers who already know which product they want and are simply trying to push the "buy now" button. Others will guide customers through the decision process. Others will reinforce for them that they are choosing the right product. Others will simply entertain them or make them laugh, without them realizing they are being introduced to a product or service. 

Your five waffals, focused on the same five tags, will work together to dominate search engines, spread virally through social networks, and drive buying customers to shops along your highway. By creating five different waffals, you catch people from different angles and different points of view. You exponentially expand your opportunities to find potential customers. And you exponentially multiply your affiliate commissions, which results in a lot more money in your bank account. More money comes to you.

It will cost you around $15 to publish five waffals around a product or service. Each waffal is a one-time expense of around $3. You can reduce this cost by purchasing a subscription and drive your cost per waffal under $0.50 each, if you want. But when you are just starting out, you may want to work one waffal at a time until your profits are rolling in and can be reinvested into growing your business. Whether you go waffal by waffal, or chop your per-waffal cost down with a subscription, you can build a massive online earning stream with just a little time, effort, and expense. After all, $3 is not much to ask when you can generate sales commissions for several years after.

Don't worry about making mistakes. You can always edit and modify your waffals. If you find a waffal is not performing well, or it has mistakes, you can simply fix it. Or, if time goes by and your waffal starts to be irrelevant or people are not reading it anymore, you can freshen it up with new information. And you never pay anything again. Even if you completely update the entire waffal with modern, fresh information. You truly have a business center for life, for only $3.


The final step in your business plan is essentially the "rinse and repeat" stage. Once you have five waffals published around a new product or service, it is time to choose the next product or service you want to add along your highway. Then, you repeat the steps before. You research the product, you select five tags, and you create five waffals about the product. 

I want you to think of your business plan like it is a chain on a bicycle. The chain essentially goes round and round, doing the same thing over and over again. Sometimes it may switch to a higher or lower gear, but from the perspective of the chain, nothing new ever happens. It is not going anywhere. It is just going round and round doing the same thing over and over again. Your online business is like this chain. You find a new product, you research the product, you choose five tags, you write five waffals, and you start over again. Sometimes it feels like you are not going anywhere. But remember, the business is the chain on the bicycle. You are the rider. You are going somewhere. Every time the chain makes a full circle, you are further from where you started. You are more and more successful.

Sometimes you need to switch gears. Maybe you need to add a new affiliate network to the mix. Or join the affiliate program of a certain website that only offers their own specific product or service. Sometimes you need to branch out into newer categories of products or services. Sometimes you need to change your writing style or take a different approach to describing features and benefits. Sometimes you may just feel stuck in a rut. So, you change gears and move on. The chain still goes round and round, but you are moving forward. The most important advice I can offer in this situation is that you make sure to change gears only when absolutely necessary. Don't add a new affiliate network until you are generating enough sales at your existing network to qualify for payouts regularly. Otherwise you will spread your chain too thin and you won't get to your destination fast enough. Add new products, new categories, and new affiliate programs only when they can truly build on an already successful business.

Imagine how successful you could be in one year if you added only one product or service to your highway each week. After one year, you would have 52 shops along your highway. Each shop would be generating money for you month after month, year after year. And each shop would only cost you $15 to add to your highway. In a one year time, you would invest $780 to add 52 shops along your highway. If each shop was only generating $10 per month, you would be earning $520 per month. And this would continue month after month, year after year. After two years you would be generating $1040 per month and you would have invested a total of $1560 during the two years. You could stop there and collect $1000 every month for years to come. Or you could keep adding shops along your highway, $15 at a time, until you had tens of thousands of dollars rolling in every single month. 

You don't need a website. You don't need a blog. You don't need to waste money buying ads, paying for clicks, building a list, building landing pages, or squeeze pages, or newsletters. You don't need to waste time trying to learn how to optimize your website for search engines, or paying for SEO services. You don't neet to waste time and money trying to find a good hosting company, or website designer. You don't need to pour money into ad networks or other "Internet Marketing" services.

All you need to build a lifetime of financial freedom is the personal drive to become successful, and the time to build your own super highway of wealth. You need a brain between your ears, some fingers to type on a computer keyboard, and time. You need to join free affiliate networks and simply start offering new products. You can create waffals around each product as you have the ability to invest. You may start one waffal per month for only $3 each month, and grow as you generate sales. Or, you may want to purchase a subscription and start cranking out several products per week. It is all up to you. 

I have laid out a strategy for you in this article that I personally use. I generate enough money through this exact strategy that I am now using the money to buy real estate which I will rent out for more money. I constantly apply the motto "money comes to me, not from me" to my business. I don't waste money on ad networks, list builders, autoresponders, web sites, or anything. I simply create articles around products. I join 100% free affiliate programs and make money when people buy things. I don't spend money, I make money. And you have every single thing you need to do the same thing starting now. In just a few short years you could own a super highway of financial independence. All you need to do is pick out your first product and publish your first waffal.

Over the past twenty years I have watch countless numbers of my friends and associates pour money into one "program" after another. They are always chasing the dream of instant riches and fast money. I constantly tell them how I have slowly but surely built an online empire of cash flowing into my bank account, one item at a time. But for most people it is too boring, or too difficult to actually make real money. They would rather flush their hard earned incomes down the drain of empty promises and false fairy tales. Are you different? Do you want to make real money and achieve real financial independence? Or do you want to pretend you want to make money while you spend your time searching for a magic genie lamp?

You will notice there is not a single link in this article. I am not selling you some program or membership. I am not making any money off you. I am giving you my strategy, my business plan, 100% free. You can take it or leave it. The choice is yours. You can start building your own path to financial freedom, one product or service at a time. Or you can go find another way to make money online. If you follow the plan I laid out here for you, you will see that it works. It takes time. It will not make you rich overnight. But it does work. If you add a product to your business every week, or month, you will eventually look up one day and realize you have a very profitable, very reliable business. And I will be here all along the way, fine-tuning and improving Waffal, to make your business better and more profitable. 

What do you think?