Have you ever noticed that your attracted to a certain animal? Or you’ve been having vivid dreams of animals? Did you ever wonder if there was a guiding force in your life? If you’ve been noticing a certain animal, or even an insect around, and you’ve been drawn to it for a strange feeling or reasoning, then you may be getting contact from a spiritual animal, and they have a message for you to hear... Let me help you to stop and take a listen.


Not many people have ever heard or understood much about animals or insects being of a spiritual nature. Whenever we see or interact with anumals, we usually just take the interaction for face granted and that's all. But what if there was more to the connection? What if there was something deeper? Something that calls to you or compels you to be drawn to a certain animal, insect, or any other creature you can imagine?

Well.. there is a possibiility.

In order to really get into detail about how you can be drawn to animals, and animals having higher and deeper messages for your soul, let's go back and dive into some understandings from varied cultures and religions.

As a notation though.

If you are under the impression that since I am writing from a place of witchcraft, so this doesn't relate to you, then throw such a notion out of the window.

If you're being contacted, regardless of your religion or upbringing or social upbringing, then you're being contacted.

It's a communication from a Higher Source, wishing to help guide you to a higher state of awareness. Spiritual Creatures do not consider race, religion, or culture, because that stuff doesn't exist in their world. It shouldn't exist in Humanity either but.. that's an argument for another discussion..



In my video I begin by touching a bit into Native American beliefs on Spirit Animals. It was during a time in my life where I was doing some research on Native cultures and traditions that I began to learn about these animals and their influence to American Indians.


The Native Americans would go through quests or Spiritual Journeys, searching for meanings to their lives or for help with issues and questions that they couldn't understand on their own. These journeys would have a person taking a substance which would allow them to travel into higher spiritual realms, not much different then Astral Projection done in today, but these walks would be through one's spiritual forest or their inner soul.


Upon these journeys, the person would encounter an animal, and sometimes even an insect, and that creature would take them through some kind of task or trial which at the end of, would help to give them the answer they were seeking, or give them a hidden form of knowledge that they didn't have when their journey first began.










These revelations would then be brought back into the waking world, analyzed, and implimented into one's life to help direct them and settle whatever was needed from the question of feeling that placed them on their journey.

Another Native American aspect that most people are aware of are the Totem Poles.

Totem Poles are seen around certain places on Tribal lands, usually around where the Tribe would gather or worship at. These pillars were adorned with the carvings of varied animals, and these animals were mostly associated in a way to the tribe in general. They were influencial, helpful, and would serve as Guides to The tribe, so their likeness was placed on the poles to help watch over and protect the people as they went about their lives.

There are some Tribes that even believe that they are related to the Spiritual Animals on the Totem Poles, believing that these structures can hold or else represent the souls or energies of the animals that are carved upon them. 

There are other aspects that are used in Native American Tribes that are influenced from Spiritual Animals, like clothing and bear skins, feathers and headdresses, bones and teeth jewelry and ornament, ect..

My video then touches briefly on the Druids, who also had their version of Spiritual Animals.

Some translations may differ from the Native American but in all the same concepts apply.

The Celtic traditions would pass on information about Spiritual Animals, mostly through means like word of mouth and self teachings. The wuld also incorporate these creatures in things like Paintings, Jewelry, and other works of Art.

Druid Spiritual Creatures would help to bring knowledge, aid and bring healing to someone who is asking for assistance, emotional strength and support, as well as the regular mundane things like food, clothing, and companionship.

When a Druid would travel to the Otherworld, they would call upon and rely on the aid of a Spirit Creature to help them navigate the other realm of existence. The Otherworld is a dimension that holds the energies of the Spirit, in all of its varied forms and vibrations. One should look deeper to find out as much as you can if this seems to peek your curiosity. 

Unfortunately, not a lot of information is given or talked about with Druids and their connection with Spiritual Creatures, but there is mention of a belief that people could shape shift into certain animals or creatures, and this concept has been suggested in other varying cultures and lore as well.

Hinduism is mentioned to show another aspect to the Spiritual Connection of Humans and other creatures.


A belief towards Spiritual Animals is that within these creatures there exists a soul or spirit that is the same as the souls and consciousness as Humans. Interacting with Creatures, be it in a regular day basis, when visiting a place, in one's dreams, or wherever, these creatures have a sense of knowledge and understanding, and can communicate and interact with Humans and other Creatures. So when contemplating on working with Spiritual Animals remember to take this into consideration, and approach a creature as if they know or understand you, because they may understand even more than you would give them credit for.


Animals such as Cows are considered Sacred in Hinduism, and rather than eating cows, Hindus worship and revere them. A cow is seen as a Totem for things like Fertility, abundance, feminine energy, amongst other traits. Those from other countries and religions may find it hard to understand this but again, take into consideration that Hindus see animals as having souls and consciousness, so they observe the behaviors of animals and interpret behavioral traits to such behaviors.


Deities are often depicted and worshiped as either complete animals, or as hybrids of both Animal and Human. These Deities are considered to have the intelligence of any other Human, and even benefit more spiritually by being a combination with an animal. One well-known Deity that is a Hybrid that comes to mind is the God Ganesha, who has the head of an Elephant and the body of a Man.

Hindus work and interact with animals on almost a daily basis. Some places the people still ride Elephants through the forest and along varied trails. Others, like wild animals, are even kept as pets, and live with families in homes or on a person's property.

Paintings, Murals, Tapestries, and Jewelry are also well seen in India, and usually have reoccurring imagery of animals such as cows, monkeys, elephants, just to name a few examples. Vibrant colors and patterns also help to enliven these forms of Artwork throughout the land.

A lot of people know of how the Chinese incorporate varied Creatures into their culture, so we will just quickly touch basis on this information as well.

Dragons are well seen and incorporated throughout China, with these mythical, strong, and powerful creatures being attributed to even the Emperor himself. The belief that people are descendants of Dragons and other similar creatures has been around for centuries, and could be considered a staple to how the country even sees itself, and how it operates as a whole.

Another well-known place you can find Spiritual Creatures would be the Zodiac. Animal traits are associated with certain years that follow a sequence of every 12 years, and those born of that year will carry the characteristics of that animal throughout their life. 




You first want to become aware of when your being contacted by a Totem Animal. Spiritual Creatures can come into your life like in dreams, can hang around your home or job or school a lot, can be on pictures or other artwork that just seems to draw you towards it wherever you go, or can just be a thought that keeps coming into your head over and over.

If you're having a dream, and you seem to keep dreaming of a certain animal or insect, try to think of a question to ask the creature, and see if they do something to give you an answer. An answer can be anything positive, like to lead you to something or someone, or even negative, like repeatedly being attacked and eaten or bitten. Try and journal or make some kinds of notes on the dream to look up the information later.

Seeing an animal over and over in your life could also be communication, as they're trying to make you aware of something going on that you might be seeing or aware of. They could also be telling you about an event that is yet to come, or any changes in your life that would benefit or harm you, and to pay attention to anything going on. 

Make notes on what kind of animal keeps appearing to you. How often you see this animal or bug or creature. What's going on in your life. How the creature makes you feel when you keep seeing this creature. And anything else that can be relevant when trying to understand the messages coming through.

When ready you can do a simple search online for meanings and interpretations of these creatures. If you can pinpoint the actual species of the creature that keeps interacting with you then this would help you to hone in on the message that they represent or are trying to communicate to you.

Things like the traits of a creature, their mannerism, personality, how they survive, how they interact with their environment, should be seen and considered with how they act when you are around or thinking of them. Do they seem to be the same as how they are described? Are they doing something different? And how does it make you think, act, or feel?

If you are having trouble finding any information in specific to Totem definitions, don't worry. You can still use the investigative ideas above to look into the creature itself, then judge how you feel or think about the creature to find a message. And if in doubt, ask the creature itself! It may seem odd but the Spiritual Creature will help you to find the answers your looking for, because that's why they're there in the first place.

Take some of my examples from the video to help give you a place to start off, or as an example on how this would work for you.


There isn't a set structure or understanding to working with the spiritually and connection of other creatures, so your interpretation is original and always specific to you. There could be similarities when other people have these experiences too, or your interaction could be wholly original and never done before.

As a final note on this subject.

Remember that things like culture, religion, and social taboos do not translate to the Animal Kingdom. They don't think of things like "how they're dressed" or "how they look in another animal's eyes" and other considerations like we do. Animals also don't have a religion, because they're here to live and survive, and such thoughts hold no weight for their existence.

What Spiritual Creatures will do for you is to show you a deeper connection to your self and your soul. Don't tke things too serious. Have more courage and confidence. Let the wind take you on a journey to nowhere. To live your life and not sweat the small things. 

Keep these things in mind when exploring and looking into information on Spiritual Creatures. You never know what kind of things will occur or come up when looking into these messages.


Blessing to the reader of this Article.

What do you think?