A review about Solid Trust Pay,a payment processor widely used in the world.Can you really trust it?Are the fees good?Find out more here. An honest review made by a person who used this processor several times.

Solid Trust Pay is a payment processor with the headquarters in Canada and Montenegro according to the official  site.

They have 2 type of accounts:Business and Personal.

The business one has another branch:Corporate for premium business users.

The business one offers good options and tools for integration with your site or needs.

Depending on your level of documents verification,there are different upgrades and limits.

It  is a  pretty good processor regarding security and reliability.

There is not a lot of controversy around it or a lot of problems,works as intended in the most

of the cases.Support is pretty slow, in my experience with them.

You can fund the account with many methods:Bank wire,bitcoin etc.

You can also ask for a card to withdraw your money out anywhere in the world.

The fees are not the best,in my opinion for small amounts,but at bigger amounts

they are better. You can fund your account using a bank wire transfer,credit card or a bitcoin transaction.

This can happen pretty fast once you verify your papers.

Send and receive funds from over 190 countries in multiple currencies!

The security is good,no real problems there.Security measures are decent.

There are some countries where it has the services restricted or notable to offer them(due to various reasons,ex:legal)

You can find a full  list of restricted countries on the official site of the service.

In my opinion it is a very good option,just the fees i don't like so much(they get better with larger amounts).

But you are free to try it and make up your own decision.They also have a affiliate program,a good bonus for all users.

What do you think?