Refreshing hospitality Brand Standards was established to promote professionalism in the hospitality industry.  This distinctive approach is designed to make Hospitality Brand Standards clear and emphasize them in all aspects of operations. Hotels and hospitality establishments should take a new direction in re-branding their operational standards to ensure consistent service delivery to their customers, acknowledging their contribution and investing in staff training and development.

Overview of the Brand Standards

This is the brand standards that cut across all section/departmental operations within a hotel or hospitality establishment.

The following are the best practices across all operations within the hotel and hospitality industry;Grooming, Personal Hygiene

  • All associates at all times will wear name tags for easy identification to guests. The name tags will be branded with hotel’s name and uniform across the group.
  • All associates will always appear well groomed and well attired at all times.

Staff Conduct:

  • All associates will pro-actively greet guests, smile and speak clearly in a friendly manner,
  • All associates will make eye contact, even in passing, with an acknowledgment to a guest with a smile.
  • All associates will create a sense of recognition by using the guest's name, when known, in a natural and discreet manner,

Guest’s call handling

  • All calls will be picked within a maximum of 4 rings,
  • Callers will be put on hold for no more than 15 seconds at a time,

Food and Beverage Brand Standard

The Food & Beverage brand standards is a clear step by step well-documented and prepared F & B operation tasks and procedures mostly focused on guest service issues, for prospective and current Managers seeking information the technical aspects and ground rules of F&B operating procedures. Tasks and procedures are arranged in a logical sequence and broken down into small units that provide you with standards that have been identified for each task. And it mostly focuses on guest service issues.

The Food and Beverage brand standards will go a long way to effectively and efficiently maintain the highest standard of professional ethics. It consists of very comprehensive standards and works ethics guide, which is clear and straight enough for your waiters to memorize and deliver them consistently and effectively in their daily service interaction.

1. Restaurant Brand Standard

  • All restaurants will be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition with a refreshing and inviting ambiance.
  • All guests will be met by eye contact, smiling, verbally welcoming the guest and will be escorted and seated within 2 minutes of arrival.
  • All tables will be properly set, prior to a guest being seated.
  • An associate will present Food & Beverage menu and introduce himself to the guest within one minute of the guest being seated. 
  • All restaurant associates will have comprehensive knowledge of all items in the food, beverage and wine menu.
  • The beverage will be served within 5 minutes of an order being placed at which time the guest will be invited to place the Food order or visit the buffet.
  • The associate will offer to suggest items to a guest including accompanying wines, will repeat the order and advice the guest on the approximate time to deliver. This will apply to Food and Beverage orders.
  • All starters and desserts will be served within 10 minutes of placing an order and all main courses served within 25 minutes.
  • A guest must be thanked for his patronage upon departure and be escorted to the exit of the Restaurant.

2. Bar Brand Standards

  • All bars will be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition with a refreshing and inviting ambiance.
  • All guests will be acknowledged by an associate upon entering the bar by making eye contact and smiling and will be escorted and seated within 2 minutes of arrival.
  • A bar associate will present the snack and beverage menu and introduce him/herself to the guest within one minute of the guest being seated.
  • All bar associates will have comprehensive knowledge of all items in the food, beverage, wine and cocktail menus.
  • The beverage order will be taken and dispensed within 3 minutes, in the appropriate glass and appropriate temperature accompanied with bar biting.
  • The bar associate will engage guests sitting at the counter on a light friendly conversation without intruding in their privacy, while constantly replenishing their drinks upon the guest’s approval.
  • During the time at the bar, associates will maintain regular eye contact and anticipate guests’ needs and requirements of service.
  • The associate will inquire if the guest would like additional drinks and if not, the associates would then present the bill.
  • A guest must be thanked for his patronage upon departure.

3. Room Service Brand Standards

  • All phone calls will be received within three rings and an apology offered if not. Associates will introduce themselves mentioning the department and standard greeting.
  • Associates will have comprehensive knowledge of the room service menu and beverages on offer at different meal periods. Any special requests will be accommodated and if not possible appropriate alternatives offered. Orders must be repeated to guests for confirmation and anticipated time of delivery. (30 minutes). The guest will always be thanked for calling room service before hanging up the call.
  • In case of any delay, the guest will be informed and an approximated time of delivery mentioned.
  • All room service orders will be delivered on a clean tray, with the standard set-up and a tray collection/information card.
  • Knock twice/ or ring the doorbell announcing the department and wait for a response. Guests shall be greeted with a flash smile and eye contact, mentioning his/her name. Confirm, explain the order and present the bill for settlement. Wish the guest “Bon appetite” and leave the room closing the door behind you.
  • Trays shall be picked from the room 5 minutes after the guest has requested for the same.

4. Banqueting Brand Standards

  • All banqueting function requirement should be clearly established when taking the booking. Details of contact person will be taken for a follow-up.
  • The booking shall be tentatively charted in the conference diary giving options of an alternative date whenever there is no room available on the particular date or the client will be referred to the hotel brand properties.
  • A follow up should be done 7 days (one week) prior to the function date. A deposit paid or an LPO issued upon confirmation. All the required equipment will be confirmed and a contract signed.
  • Confirmation of the requirements as requested by the organizer shall be discussed two days prior to the function.
  • The banqueting manager will meet the organizer on the function day to ascertain clients’ satisfaction.
  • Banqueting coordinators will liaise with the organizer to promote excursions, cocktails, and special dinners.
  • Accurate invoices will be processed and delivered to the organizer for settlement within seven days after the end of the function. A thank you letter will be sent to the organizer for their patronage and further inviting them to use our services again.

5. Food and Beverage Service Standards

  • The waiter shall welcome the customer at the restaurant and help to sit them.
  • The waiter shall present the menu to the customer; allow time for them to make their choices / take them through the menu.
  • The waiter shall take the order and proceed to the point of sale and post the order into the system in which both the kitchen and bar copy will be sent automatically to the respective service points.
  • The waiter shall place the cutlery and flatware required to serve the meal on the table.
  • The waiter shall serve the drinks and meal to the customer.
  • The waiter shall clear the cutlery and flatware after meal consumption and crumb down.
  • The waiter shall present the bill to the customer.
  • The waiter shall give receipt and change to the customer if any.
  • The waiter may present feedback form to the customer to fill and drop it in the suggestion box.
  • The waiter shall clean the table and relay if necessary.
  • The waiter shall bid the customer farewell and thank them for their patronage.

6. Butler Service Brand Standard

A professional butler should be discreet, confident and be able to work as a professional demeanor.

The following is butler service brand standard

  • The butler must be ready, well groomed and in clean, presentable uniform on guest arrival.
  • The guest is acknowledged within 30 seconds of arrival at reception with eye contact and warm friendly smile and a verbal greeting.
  • The guests will be escorted to the presidential suite in the company of the Front Office Manager or the Duty manager.
  • On arrival to the presidential suite, the amenities and features of the suite will be explained.
  • The guest’s bags will be placed in the respective rooms according to guest’s preference and an offer made to unpack the bags and hang clothing.
  • Tea will be served on the balcony of the presidential suite unless indicated otherwise by the guest.
  • Any room service orders served in the presidential suite will be served on the balcony unless indicated otherwise by the guest.
  • The guest will be provided with a fruit mountain daily.
  • Turndown service will be provided at 8.00 am daily.
  • After turndown, the guest will be accompanied to reception, thanked and wished a pleasant journey.

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