Infinity Push is a very much legal, Quality Advertising and Bitcoins Platform in the making; yet, if you do a Google search for the “Infinity Push Review” term, you will find more scam warnings than anything else... This is why this article.   With the help of the brand new Waffal SEO writing platform, I am aiming to come with it on top of the searches for the Infinity Push term and to overshadow all the negative, untrue reviews out there. Keep on reading and help me succeed with it :-)

Online business is becoming more and more competitive and nastier.  There are many marketers always ready to bash a new program and to give it a "New Ponzi Scheme" label.   Many established blogs and review sites, such as BehindMLM or TheWebTrafficLounge for example, come on top of the searches cause of their negative, written in a big hurry "honest reviews". They feed on the searches for the newest programs and thrive on the piggybacks advertising that such searches provide for their own, often more questionable, schemes, hidden in plain sight inside their “shitty reviews”.

Be smarter, read between the lines and ALWAYS do your own homework, and use common sense to figure out what's legal and attractive and what is not. Such reviews, although, on top of the searches and highly popular, (due to the SEO skills of their authors) are more than often unethical and untrue.

So let us proceed here with the real InfinityPush review. A review that was written without any hidden agenda, written to provide you with enough info to help you figure out if InfinityPush could be exactly what YOU need to take your online business to a higher level

Infinity Push is on the way to be your ideal, safe and fun advertising platform.

Due to the fact that its owner, Clinton Clark, is famous for protecting others against all illegal, shady ventures, 
you can be assured that there would not be any Porn and Hate sites along with any Illegal Gifting and Revenue Share Schemes which are based on mathematically impossible models. There will be a list of sites that would not be allowed to be advertised and an “alert” feature that will allow the Community Members to “Crowd Source” the monitoring of ads in Infinity Push community.


Inside Infinity Push, you will get a LOT of Advertising Bang for Your Buck! 
You will get a top-notch exposure to a highly qualified audience of network marketers and opportunity seekers.

As Infinity Push progresses through the Pre-Launch phase and through the full Public Launch of the platform, you will be able to convert your Advertising Credits that you receive when you make any purchase via the Group Team and the Premium Membership (Push Team) into:

 - Banner and Text Ads that will be displayed throughout our community, and;
 - Entry Ads that will be viewed by community members as they log into InfinityPUSH, and;
 - Top Sponsor Ads – Text Ads that will be displayed the top of each Admin email to members about new members, earned commissions, general          updates and such
 - Solo Ads – That allow you to reach Community Members who opt in to participate (and to send)
 - Traffic Exchange with Guaranteed Views – Gain direct exposure of your main website or capture page.


For every $1 that you spent whether it’s Purchasing in the Community Team (2x10) or the Premium Membership (Binary), you will receive 1,000 Ad Points. You will be able to spend your Advertising Points as follows:

 - Banner Ad Impressions – 1 impression = 1 Ad Point
 - Text Ad Impressions – 1 Impression = 1 Ad Point  
 - Top Sponsor Ads (in the top of Admin Emails) – 5 Emails = 1 Ad Point
 - Entry Ads (Full Page View that a member sees upon logging in to Infinity Push) – 1 impression = 25 Points
 - Solo Ads – 1 Email = 1 Ad Point; Membership Level will determine how often that Solo Ads to the Entire Solo Ad Registered List can be Sent. 
 - Guaranteed Visitors = To Be Determined When the IP Traffic Exchange is Added, probably in the 2nd Quarter of 2017

Inside Infinity Push, for helping to grow the Infinity Push Community, you also get the option to earn a commission.  

And not just any commission, but a commission from THREE Different Compensation Plans that feed to Infinity Depth with the Innovative PUSH System.The three main compensation plans all work synergistically together and they are your:

1. Group Team compensation
2. Your Team compensation
3. Push Team compensation

Group Team is the 2x10 personally forced matrix that is the engine that powers your earnings and rewards system. The earnings potential for each 2x10 position that you purchase or earn can eventually generate $500,000 or more. (Yes, it’ll take time, but...  it is possible)

Your Team is a VERY unique 10 Deep Unilevel portion of the compensation plan that is funded via purchases in the Group Team 2x10 matrix. The Your Team Compensation Plan is designed to assure that you are earning on all of your referrals and their direct referrals, down 10 levels deep, regardless of where they fall in (or off the bottom of) your Group Team Matrix.

Push Team - where the real magic happens...
The Push Team is a Dual Team (Binary) Infinity Depth Compensation Plan that rewards you with CASH and Group Team Re-Entries every time you have one sale on each side of your Dual Team. These Re-Entries allow you to earn on multiple positions within the Group Team and help you fill your matrix much faster!

The above compensation plans are further enhanced by the Admin Managed Advertising Co-Op. You can earn Ad Co-Op Shares frequently and/or purchase these shares for even more leverage and results. These coop shares will provide a constant flow of new prospects and new leads for participants to further enhance individual marketing efforts. That means more income potential for you and your team and more eyeballs viewing your ads!

In conclusion, Infinity Push is as far from being a "New Ponzi Scheme" as far possible. Infinity Push offers quality, topmost in demand product: solid online advertising.  It also offers an unprecedented opportunity to earn long-term, attractive income, an income that always will be in a direct proportion to the sold advertising inside one's organization, even if, that organization is infinity wide and deep. 

If after reading my real Infinity Push Review, you still have more questions, please listen to the long and comprehensive recorded overview with the owner, Clinton Clark. What’s a better way to get the gist of the program, than to hear about it directly from its founder, right?

And, you are, of course, more than welcome, to post any of your questions and remarks in the comment section below this article. They will surely get read and answered.


Thank You,

InfinityPush, PromoteAdsPayPro Team 

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