Find out about the Payza payment processor,a well known processor among investors and all people using online investing and purchasing activities. What are the fees?Is it safe to use ?Find more about it here.

Payza is a payment processor with locations in different countries:

Corporate Headquarters:

Finchley House, 
707 High Road, 
London N12 0BT, 
United Kingdom.

Operational Center

Secure Mail Box #620, 2348 Chemin Lucerne
Montreal, QC, H3R-2J8

Regional Offices

New York, USA
Mumbai, India
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Solna, Sweden

Two types of account are available: personal and business.

Customers opting for personal account can enjoy free online

payments,data protection, instant money sending and receiving.

There are various ways to top up: bank transfer or wire, credit or debit card, interac. 

All these are correct for withdrawal except for Bitcoin instead of Interac.

System provides for currency exchange, and will take only 2.5% over the bank rate.

Customer support desk is offered and, moreover, a Resolution center is there to resolve controversial items.

The account is free of charge and you can also add an avatar for some

extra security; it ensures usage of Payza not only on personal computer.

Business account envisages quick and easy way to collect money

from the internet orders; you get your payment right at the moment the it was done.

It's also convenient for customers to place an order in just some instance. 

There's also specially created Mass pay - an instrument which helps the business

owner to send money to the list of employees. Payza is comfortable both for

entrepreneur and clients, different types of payment are suggested.

Payza has a wide audience,it has been around for some years,and is used by a lot

of people.Even so,it is not without a problem or bug.

Some people's transaction have been reversed sometimes and people lost theyr

money and did not get it back.

If you make any kind of exchange i advise you to use Payza approved exchangers,

kindly listed on theyr official site.The fees are listed on the site as well for every type 

of transaction.Have not had much contact with support but some people tell me they

sometimes are ''bricks''.

On the plus side,Payza has a dispute system so you can recover your money if

anything goes wrong with your transaction and security is okay.This is much preferred

by people who engage in risky businesses like revshare or hyips.

It also has a mobile app ,you can buy bitcoin and a referral program

I dont like theyr fees but overall they are not a bad payment processor.

Sometimes they have delays in all kind of transactions and they do block

accounts so be careful when using it.

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