Finding the right type of free bitcoin and crypto currencies on line can be quite the challenge. A faucet is easy to find, but finding the right one for earning bitcoin can be hard. I have found the one that is great for me. Find out if it is as great for you.

What most people encounter while surfing the internet, either looking for howtos on gathering free bitcoin and crypto currencies, or stumbling upon those in social media, are bitcoin faucets. You can dismiss or ignore them but earning bitcoin doesn't come more free than this, I have been noticing.

As bitcoin as a cryptocurrency, or crypto, has become more widely known to people, we see an increase in it for investing by businesses and also by ordinary people. Bitcoin has grown a lot since its start. Everyone can pick a bit of that growing value for free from faucets. I am of the opinion everyone should have some bitcoin, as it basically represents the unit for individual power.

I think it is the best way to generate some bitcoin if you don't much to spend. If you don't have the means to exchange your dollars, euros, etcetara for bitcoin then this could be just the thing for you. I like one faucet in particular, that has some of the most amazing features to go along with the basic faucet service and the idea of sharing cryptos through an hourly trickle or if you like, dripping of satoshis.

The faucet website I am talking about has free bitcoin available for everyone who joins, without having to share very much and if you are careful, insignificant privacy data. Every hour people who joined can click or, if you are using a smart mobile device, tap a button that will generate a free roll that will get them some satoshis in their account.

The satoshi as people might know is currently the smallest decimal place in a bitcoin (one 100 millionth of a bitcoin). At the website they have quite some usefull information about bitcoin in their FAQ which of course also contains questions and answers about their own faucet.

A number of features in their faucet that I think are cool include being able to share your earnings, zero fees payouts, game of chance, annual savings interest plan, bitcoin mining, auto-rewards, auto-lottery and being able to switch off and configure some of these features.

If you have something that you would want to share with people, there are two ways to give away satoshis to the people who used your referral link to sign up. Firstly, you can share evenly with all of your referrals whichever amount of satoshis you wish, as long as it is in your balance. Secondly, you can set the auto-share and a percentage to give a weekly percentage of your referral income to your referrals. It's a great way to give back some of the 50% earnings your referrals made.

Paying out earnings is easy, and you can choose one of three ways to have it done providing you have at least 30,000 satoshis in your balance to withdraw from. 1. Instantly within 15 minutes, goes with very high transaction fees. 2. Slow, within 24 hours with medium to high fees. 3. Auto. (no fees) If you configure your payments to take place like this, then on Sundays, a weekly payment will go to the bitcoin address you put in your profile information.

Freebitcoin doesn't make a secret that its main source of business income is of the game of chance they have at their website. No one is obliged to play this game but people like to make more of their faucet earnings, and try so through this game. The game is what they call provably fair, which to me comes down to they are open about the chances of you winning your games. For instance a 47.5% winning chance is set if you are playing to double the satoshis you are wagering. The more you play, the greater the odds you end up without satoshis. I am just speaking as an experiencer.

Mining is also a source of income for the Freebitcoin faucet. Presently Freebitcoin uses about 9 Peta hashes for mining. What you have saved in your account is used for mining and is rewarded with a risk free fixed rate of daily return based on Freebitcoin's annual interest rate providing you have at least 30,000 satoshis in your balance.

The annual savings interest plan may not seem like much of an earner, and you are right if held against the satoshis you can already earn every hour from Freebitcoin's faucet by the click of a mouse  or a tap on the smart screen. Yet, when compared to a bank savings account, its annual interest rate is well above of that of the bank.

You will always get rewarded for your earning activities on the website. You typically get one reward point and one lottery ticket for every free roll you can receive hourly. On the weekends the number of reward points and lottery tickets usually goes up on every roll. (If you play the game of chance you can also collect point after having wagered a certain number of satoshis).

What do you think?