Have you ever given one dollar to charity? It probably made you feel good to give some money away, but what did it get you in the long run? What if you put that one dollar into a business that could bring you easy income, and by so doing you do even more good helping more people? There is no better way to help others at same time helping yourself to this extent.. Well, the my1dollar business model is out there and does just that,gives you the possibility to help yourself helping others.

My1dollarBusiness As A Form Of Self Help Charity

You get into the business for one small dollar, and then get two people to join you for one dollar a piece, and now you have a team. This team enables you to have the potential to earn up to $10,000 monthly,  if others continue to join you in the business for one dollar in your downline. After joining the my1dollar business, all you will ever have to pay is $1 a month and so does the rest of your team, thus giving you the potential to save money, make a ton of more money plus get lots of reward. There are also products that will be available at no extra cost to you.

As the team grows so does your position, these positions are broken down into phases. The phases have a cost, but this cost is covered by the income from your team, so as you “level up”, and you pay nothing out of your pocket, and neither do the other members of your team. Just that one dollar. Comparing this program with other programs require you pay high monthly charges, with even less income potential, you will see that the my1 dollar program is a no brainer and a blessing to anyone who comes in contact with it.

Exploitation At The Highest Level

Other Programs charge not just one dollar, but with some, you actually start out by paying $79.99 for example, just to receive information. At times, they even need you to buy licensing rights for almost $3,000.00 to be able to sell their products, but they won’t let you until you invest another $30,000 to ensure you are at the highest level to make the most you can make when someone you bring into the company buys that $30,000 plan. 

They entice you by emailing you pictures of the owner of the company on business trips with a crowds of potential earners in Fiji and other beautiful remote locations. Again, you pay huge out of your own pocket just to be part of the company. They throw dollar signs in front of your eyes, making you think you really have the potential to earn all this money. They basically brainwash you with positive daily talks, with video trainings, lots of them, but when you get to a certain number of the videos, this is where they want you to pay say $30,000, and if you don’t pay, they end the relationship. That is exploitation at the highest level.

Some Businesses Have Hidden Intends

Imagine you have a few dollars and struggling to build a realistic business that can help you and your family pay some bills, get out debt, send kids to school, but you fall into such a systematic exploitation of your hard earned cash? They even suggest that you watch “The Secret”, which is an awesome video about the power of positive thinking, but paired with their pushy daily phone calls to try to coerce you to give them money you don’t have, it kind of puts a negative spin on it.

Some  also even want you to purchase their newsletter for $99.00 a month! That is crazy and it is after this that you may now be allowed to sell their product. Oh, but wait, they didn’t tell you about the extra cost. When they set you up with this beautiful website and help put it on social media or wherever you can advertise, they INTENTIONALLY “forget” to mention that you need a credit card to pay for each click, and sometimes fees for advertising on their site. You also must pay for them to build the website and to help market it. There are phone calls involved as well. If you wish to avoid calling people, well you can certainly pay someone who works for their company to do it for you.

More horrible stories to tell, and I bet you may have experienced some of this systematic reap off yourself. With companies like this you are putting a whole lot of money out, with no guarantee you will ever earn a penny. So, joining a business for one dollar, and having two friends join with you seems like a no brainer. You could probably dig that out of the back of your sofa or between your car seat today to get started with this my1 dollar business - lol.

My1dollar Business Products Help You Save Money

Besides, the my1dollar business products will help you save money, make some more and become a better person with an improved lifestyle or quality of life. The products are of very high quality, and not products that you have an obligation to resell like with other companies or that you will have to buy with extra money out of pocket, but you get all for just the initial $1 out of pocket.

As your position within the company grows, you are rewarded bonuses. They include not only earning money from phase one through phase four, but after reaching phase four where there is a potential to earn 10,000 a month for having referred 10 people, they give you a vacation at a five-star resort for 7 nights and 8 days for only $9.00 per day for room tax. This includes airfare and $1000.00 for food and drinks for the week. This vacation is provided through Vidanta. Once you reach 100 referrals, you have earned the ability to join in profit-sharing. Every 100 people that you personally refer to the program gains you one more share in the profit-sharing program.  

When you “level up”, and your teammates “level up” the amount of commission you could potentially make increases. With membership, the potential you can make is $100.00, Phase 1 commissions can be $1000.00 a month. Phase 2 commissions are $2,000, Phase 3, $5,000, and Phase 4, $10,000. They clearly state that these are potential earnings, they do not guarantee anything, but for a dollar, why not try? It could be the perfect program for someone retired and wanting to make a little extra income, or a college student who needs money for food and books. Once you reach phase 4, with potential earnings of $10,000 per month, this might be the perfect program to live off. No more commuting to a little cubicle that means nothing to you. This is easy money. It requires very little time or  money to invest, so why not try it?  

Automated Earning Increase With Level Increase

At this time of writing, pre-enrollment is still going on. Pre-enrollment means you are joining a program that has never been in existence before. As the company grows, so will your income and your perks. Once the company starts to establish themselves, they will be able to offer the individuals who helped them to get started more bonuses and prizes. My1dollar business has the potential to explode and become a great success. It is simple to run, not like that other company previously mentioned.

All you need to do is to share with a few people to pull one dollar out of their pocket to put in something that is quite simply and has the potential to make them a nice monthly income. The my1dollar business could help so many people, heck, it could even turn around the economy of the entire world, So what are you waiting for, get involved today and help many others achieve financial freedom they desire in their lives.

Following this link to get  started today: my1dollarbusinessreview

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