A factual presentation, through poetry, of a true life event that altered my life at age 29. I hope that it makes an impact on any young people that read it. Life is about experience and learning. My goal is to pass my experiences on to help young people better themselves.

My Nightmare Night - Verse 1

It was 1985, I was on top of my game

Making good money and seeking fame

Chasing the gals and making a name

I had no thoughts of guilt or blame


I cruised the clubs with a cocky mind

A strong young stud (but I was blind)

A sweet young lady I would find

No tasty lass would be left behind


Wallet power and my handsome ways

Would lead me to some some chess game plays

I thought this would bring me better days

And then I saw her in a smokey haze


She pranced and danced upon that stage

I didn't know her name or age

She put me in a hormonal rage

I needed her in my life page


I used what powers I possessed

I was totally obsessed

There was no option to regress

I must have her nude or dressed 


I got her attention by a money tip

At the bar she touched my hip

I knew there was no room to slip

So I looked in my mind to equip


We talked and laughed, hugged and kissed

It was, for me, utter bliss

I took her hand and told her this

“I could love you forever, no remiss”


We left together in the night

But suddenly, I got a fright

A feeling something was not right

The rest is hard for me to write



My Nightmare Night - Verse 2

Pasadena, TX, a blue collar town

The stench of chemicals all around

Oil rules in this land

Oil and jobs come hand in hand


Not all that live there reap rewards

Competition demands swords

Drugs and alcohol freely flow

Sex and lust steal the show


Poverty outweighs success

Lack of money brings duress

A pretty girl meets a macho man

And she becomes a very big fan


He woos her into fantasy love

She sees rainbows and stars above

3 kids later things have changed

Their life now has been rearranged


He can't find a real job

He is desperate and starts to rob

He becomes addicted to a very bad drug

To kill his pain, father responsibility he will shrug


It becomes up to her to fill this gap

She uses her body and gift of rap

She is not a prostitute

But money is needed, they're destitute


She prances, dances, bats her eyes

Shakes her butt and spreads her thighs

Her top comes off, she doesn't care

She rounds the pole and shakes her hair


Men cheer and clap and give her tips

They want so much to kiss her lips

She slips away in a very good mood

She has enough money to buy her kids food 



My Nightmare Night - Verse 3

Now we're here, my friend and I

A foreign place I can't deny

So much happening at one time

There seems no reason, rhythm, rhyme


2 little kids running around

A baby child following sounds

Food is cooking on the stove

Tex-Mex food with an American groove


It's Momma doing all the work

I can tell this is no quirk

And here is Papa, on the couch beside us

Complaining and making such a fuss


“I need my medicine” he did say

“I've had such a really hard day”

Then here it comes, the needle and spoon

I understand what will happen soon


In a second his arm was wrapped

A handkerchief, and it was strapped

The needle pointed to a vein

I'm thinking now, this is insane


1 quick stab, a moment passed

Expected reaction, but, alas

He took a breath and then turned blue

An overdose did ensue


His wife then panicked in this bout

“Help, him, help him” she did shout

I clenched my fists and pounded his chest

Knowing he was in cardiac arrest


1 blow, 2 blows, 3 blows, 4

I didn't know if I could do much more

Then suddenly, a gasp of breath

This man has just avoided sudden death 



My Nightmare Night - Verse 4

Kids were screaming and crying

I didn't know what I was trying

Chaos surrounded me everywhere

What was I, who, what and where


His wife bowed down to my feet

She looked like a dog begging in the street

“Thank you, thank you” she did say

“God bless you, you saved the day”


I did not know what I had done

Saved a life or continued one

For another day of grief and sorrow

To let this happen again tomorrow


He sat there breathing heavily

His eyes were closed, he could not see

The things that worked in him within

The Demon god of heroin


He slept and looked so peaceful

Unconscious of his kids and other people

Mother did what she could

Hugged her kids and served them food



“Don't worry” she told them, “It's OK”

Daddy took his medicine today

Then all went calm, almost silent

Nothing here seemed very violent


I leaned back and closed my eyes

Did I do something bold an wise

Then something struck me at that time

My lady friend, was she fine


My lesson now had just begun

Did I lose or have I won

It was time to become a man

My life lesson has been planned 




This poem is a result of an experience I had during a particularly difficult period in my life. I was working hard, making good money and had many friends, yet I was single and quite lonely. I had very little luck in the "dating" scene, and most of the women I liked were already "taken" in manner of speaking. A lady I really liked broke my heart, and I became bitter about that. I always explored different things, but never actively delved into the "dark side" of life, so, I asked myself "why not?". What did I have to lose? I was young, good looking and had a good job, so, just "Go for it". In the beginning it was fun.Wow, all these hot chicks, partying, etc. All I had to do was throw out a few dollar bills, and I was the center of attention. But that grew old pretty quick. When the $$ bills were gone, so were the gals. EXCEPT this 1 time. An absoluiely beautiful stage dancer took a few dollars from me, but then came and sat with me and we TALKED. All the way until club closing time. We connected. But, it didn't end up like I expected.

Experience and Aftermath

What I thought would end up in a night of party fun, romance and sex turned out to be a NIGHTMARE. I cannot begin to describe this experience without thinking of the word "horror". I had seen many things prior to this. I was not a naieve person by any means. In fact, I was a participant in many "wicked" things in my youth. I thought my prior experiences could handle just about anything. But this night was different. What I encountered was simply sickening. The small home which I visited was absolutely disgusting. I had never encountered so much filth in my life. The bathroom toilet was filled feces, every room was populated by cockroaches, and the stench of pollution was stifling. There were 2 very young, absolutely beautiful children barely clothed, waiting for food and love. AND, this "man"; husband and father, sitting on the couch, TOLD his wife to hand over the money SHE made dancing nude! I was appalled. He then proceeded to inject himself with heroin, in front of his family. I just thought, if there is a hell on earth, this is it. It changed my life forever.

This is part of a series of poems I'm putting together relating to true life experiences Obviously, there is no way, you the reader, can validate what I have written. However, I ask for your trust in me that I am being honest. I have a life goal to convey my life experiences to the world in hopes that they will make a positive difference in someone's life. I truly beleve the vast majority of the human race is GOOD. However, bad things do happen. The bottom line is to LEARN and take those bad moments and turn them into good moments. After all, our Earthly existance is limited to us by our physical bodies. I'm a true believer that, what sets humans apart from other (precious) earthly creatures is our ability to think, feel and reason. I'd also appreciate that, if you read this article and like it, share it amongst your family and friends. If you don't like this article, send me some feedback and tell me the reason(s). I'm open to both positive and negative criticisms. Peace, Love and Happiness to you all.

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