Find out about the best business where you can get paid to be an affiliate to sell games through G2A marketplace.You will make a comission everytime someone buys something though your link.The gaming marketplace is looking for promoters and the rewards are attractive.

G2A Goldmine is an innovative profit generator. It is fully integrated with G2A.COM, one of the

leading games and software selling platforms. The money you are to earn is based on purchasesmade

in the G2A shop using your ‘Reflinks’ or discount coupons. The information tracing your Reflinkscan

be easily accessed on each product page. you most likely wonder what a Reflink is, right?

Let us take a look at the first set of information down here. Reflink is actually a simple

link assigned individually to you  only. If you wish to look for themthey can be easily found in

 “My Profile” tab aswell as in “Tools”. By clicking on the blue button“Copy reflink” you will create

your own reflink and if  your name is, for example Richie Rich, it should look like this:

g2a/r/riche-rich  .

At first sight it may look simplistic but give it a chance – this is going to be your main tool

that will help you earn money. In just a few steps we will tell you how you can use it to

generate your first profit.

Forget about one-time only commissions! Each person who makes a purchase thanks to

your recommendation will be permanently added to your Team.

Thanks to that, every order made by that person in the future,will bring you profit.

 And that is just for a start up! If the person you invited, does the same with their friends

you are going to get money through their shopping! Are you interested in how much you

can make and why we are thinking in large scale? 

Before we start talking numbers, you need to meet your new friend.Therefore, we

humbly introduce you to the cookies. Our artisian dwarf programmer has mastered

the Cookies technology a long time ago and he is the one who places Cookies in

your reflinks and discount coupons. To illustrate this, think of a reflink as a letter sent to your friend.

It is not an ordinary letter, because it contains cookies which are invisible to

the untrained eye.

The question is: why do we place them there? Cookies have

great memory and they always remember people to whom you sent your reflinks.

If someone does not make a purchase right after clicking on a reflink but does it

some time later, the cookies will make sure this person is added to your Team.

If someone clicks on your reflink  and after some time makes a purchase, the cookies will

make sure that you receive the amount specified on the product page on the very day Person A

placed the order.  is thus on level 1 relation to you as he or she made the purchase directly

thanks to your reflink.

Level 1 relation means that you earn 100% of the amount specified on the product page.

What is more, if the  creates his/her own reflink for another person  who consequently

will make a purchase,  will enter the Second Level relation in your group of your group,

allowing you to benefit 60% of the amount stated on the product page. Similarly, if recommends

a product via reflink to yet another avid gamer  you will receive 40% of the amount specified on

the product page since  will from now on be on third level relation in your group.

As a personal note this is not something that i am actively using.I am not skilled in affiliate 

marketing and it is time consuming.But this is a very good business to make money

and there is a lot of good feedback about the G2A marketplace.If you are good at affiliate

marketing this is a very good opportunity.

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