Find out how you can make money by helping people find the best exchange rates on the market. The exchange rates vary from on exchanger to another and sorting through them is hard.But what if you could do it all in one place?

Finding the best exchange rates is not easy.People who exchange money from one processor to another always 

look for the cheapest one available.But is the cheapest one reliable?I mean how can you really know?

You know,except use it.

Well,someone solved this problem for you.What they did is built a business that gathered

all this data and sorted it for your benefit.All you have to do is enter the site and check 

the correct boxes for your exchange.

Then,you press enter and the best rates available for your exchange will be displayed.

If there are no exchangers for your currency pairs,you can even do a double exchange.

That means you need to exchange your money twice to get to your preffered pair.

I will now present 2 services of this type:


Has a pretty functional design.On addition of the monitor rates has also some extra

options like an overview of trading platforms and small reviews of used payment processors.

They also have a news tab.


It has a simple design.Relies less on design and more on functionality.

It also has some extra features like double exchange,if you want to change your

money through 2 payment processors just in one step.

Or inverse exchange where you can select in one click the opposite of what

you were selecting.Also,some nice settings stuff  to organize the data you want to get.

Unlike Okchanger they do guarantee the reliability of the exchangers listed on theyr site.

If you have any kind of problems with an exchange listed,you can contact them for help.

They also have an affiliate program,quite a good one.

The first one it is for business,if you are an exchanger and want to

be listed on theyr site.I will not get into it because it does not interest me much.

The Affiliate program for users is what i want to talk about.

They offer a affiliate program for normal users.All you have to do is drive traffic to

theyr site.If people visit the site and use the services,you will get paid more.It is quite

a lucrative one and anyone can join.You just have to make an account and you will access

all the promotional materials.

It pays in 4 levels:


-if an user visits the site


-if the user uses the services


-if the users registers


-if the user promotes

As a general idea,every level pays a few cents/user.You can get up to ~0.3$/user.

For exact numbers,you can read it on the site. 

They also have strict terms of service:You are not allowed to bring visitors from any

paid promotion.You are only allowed to bring from forums,social media and visitors from your site. 


Cheaters will be banned,they check the traffic.

So if you want to exchange money from one payment processor to another,

you can consider using this as a tool to find better rates,it is free and useful.

Find the best rates,send traffic,make money.Easy enough?

You are always welcome to leave a comment or a suggestion here.Enjoy!

What do you think?