The story of how one individual has earned over $50,000 through online consignment.He has managed to achieve this in only 2 years on the Kickfurther platform. Truly remarkable achievement in only 2 years.

Jose has been a Kickfurther user since January, 2015. He's been one of the most active members to

date and earned thousands of dollars by partnering with product brands on Kickfurther. With a history

in startups, finance, and tech, (including Google) Jose is often "in the know"for innovative ideas.

By carefully selecting and analyzing which brands that he partners with, Jose has built out quite the

performance on the Kickfurther platform.

With his first activity on Kickfurther on January 27, 2015, Jose has been on the platform for almost 2 years.

He has participated in the majority of Co-Ops on the platform and actually has participated in more Co-Ops

than any other Kickfurther user. When he is deciding which brands to support, he said that he looks at the

product being funded, how the product is being distributed, and the brand's sales history.

By participating in over 450 Consignment Opportunities on Kickfurther, Jose earns multiple paybacks

each month as the inventory he purchased through Kickfurther is sold. From partnering with hundreds

of brands, Jose has been able to generate $59,501.02 in paybacks on the Kickfurther platform with

much more to come in the future! 

The brands he has partnered with have provided payments from sales a total of 1,145 times.

Brands pay back their supporters from Kickfurther on a monthly basis as the consigned inventory

sells, but, sometimes, brands payback their entire amount early. From all payments earned from brand

, Jose has made 43.37% Risk Adjusted Profit throughout his entire Kickfurther experience.

Jose has had a lot of success on Kickfurther, which has resulted in him ranking in the top

11.75% of all Kickfurther users based on the adjusted average annualized profit. But he

isn't the only one whose earning money by partnering with Kickfurther and product brands.


Over 8,000 individuals are taking advantage of the platform and on average, are earning

26.4% risk adjusted annualized profit.People all around the world are following his 

example trying to secure investments as fast as they come up for funding.


The case study is available for free to download in the Kickfurther blog.It includes many 

other things i could not include here (graphs to better understand the profit evolution

+pictures and the testimonial of Jose).

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