A common practice in Wicca is to worship the Triple Goddess, or to worship the Full Moon. Something that is never talked about is the New Moon, which when left out, means that the witch or practitioner isn’t fully utilizing the energies of the whole Lunar Cycle. Permit me to explain my name sake, what is missing, and where to incorporate this knowledge in your life..

You may have clicked this article, intrigued by a few things; intrigued by my name, intrigued by the title of the article, intrigued by the content header, or even intrigued by what I am referring to. It's perfectly normal and healthy to wonder or have questions about Witchcraft, and I hope I can help to show you some things, beginning with this article.


Now, if any of the aforementioned has piqued your curiosity, explains why you are here, and why your eyes have stumbled upon this article, then I shall lay your questions to rest down below. Feel free to explore the things that I am saying for your own self, for this should open you to do further research, and to find understanding or truth in places that you may not have ever noticed before.

My name is Kem Iah.

This name is derived from the ancient land of Kemet.

You would also know of this place as Egypt in modern time.

The word "kem" means black or dark, and is in regards to the black or dark fertile land in which the ancient culture was built upon when it was first erected. It also is in reference to the color of the people who inhabited the land, and to the drawings of the people upon the walls and pictures and hieroglyphs. 

The second half of my name comes from a God of old Kemet, who was associated with the Moon. He was known as "iah" or "yah" or even "lah". Very little is known of this God, since the ancient people of Kemet worshiped quite a few deities. And the ancient people were known to merge different deities together, and create even more deities with varied powers, traits, and personalities by doing this practice.

In modern Wicca a lot of people just see the moon to be a Goddess, but for Kemetics, no one thing is just of one sex. In fact, the body is composed of both male and female energies, and so any and everything can take on the Notion of male, female, or both. 

This may seem strange to those who are more accustomed to Wicca, since most things just have an equal and opposite energy of itself.. i.e. male to female, God to Goddess, black to white, and ect. But when dealing with Egyptian magick and practices you cannot really see things as one or another, for multiple energies can be expressed.


The practice of Lunar worship is common in Wicca. This can be seen from the varied drawings, jewelry, and magickal items marked with the Triple Goddess upon it.

The waxing moon is the youth of the Goddess, the full moon is the Goddess at her prime and maturity, and the waning moon is the crone. These phases are also used for spells and rituals, to where the waxing moon brings new energy and potential, full moon brings blessings and prosperity, and waning moon is used for banishment and to remove negative energy.

Most people will usually just choose to worship the waxing, full, and waning aspects of the Moon, forgetting that there are actually 4 phases that the moon goes through. There is nothing wrong in this, but the New Moon seems to be forgotten to complete the whole teaching and understanding of Lunar Worship.

After years of working with the moon I have utilized its energies in this manner..


The Waxing Moon. Used to promote new beginnings and new energies. Can make a spell to bring a new Job, a new item like a Car or a Home. Can bring about a new love or Relationship. Or to bring and facilitate a new way or thinking or feeling. Use these as examples and cultivate it to begin or to bring anything your in need or wanting of.

The Full Moon. The facilitation of positive energy. If things are hard or difficult then shed the light of the Full Moon upon it to change its energy. The Full Moon also is used for blessing items or spells, or whatever else you wish to endow with positive energy from this heavenly body.

The Waning Moon. If you have something that you wish to remove from your life, then use this time of the Lunar Cycle to remove it. You can also take this time to detach from negative things too, in order to let that negative energy to leave and be replaced by something new that will come again.

The New Moon. This is a time of Death or darkness. The ending of things to bring about the new wnergy of something else to come. Take the energy of the New Moon to help repel negative energy and completely kill or remove it. Take this time to work on any bad habits or negative aspects of yourself. You can also create spells or potions for things like banishings or removing unwanted spirits or entities, and use the Dark Moon to add powerful potential to whatever you need to work upon at that time.


The Dark or New Moon has a lot of energy, and is still in the sky even if we can't look up and see it is there.

Using the Waning Moon to try and facilitate the energy for things like Negativity, Banishings, Spirits, ect.. isn't too practical or wise because of a few reasons. The Waning Moon still has positive light, and would still endow positivity to whatever you're working on or with. The Waning moon is but a weaker phase, and doesn't have complete energy being sent out to vibrate or hold in order to clear and handle what it is your truly needing done. Plus, not all negative energy or negative entities would truly show themselves during a Waning Moon because they will wait for the true darkness of the New Moon instead.

Working with the Lunar Cycle is to work in the energy of the 4 phases of the Moon.

Look also to the numerology of 4, as this will help you to completely see a situation from all aspects of the Moon, and will help you handle the situation from its Beginning to its End.

This information isn't really taught in Wicca, and could be done so for varied reasons. So look inside of your self and interpret the information given here. You may wish to change what each phase means to you, or change what you want to do within each phase. However you feel compelled to do, is your own allotment.

I have given this information to help those who do Lunar Magick or workings a complete picture, and to point out that by leaving out the New Moon, they are denying themselves a very useful and powerful avenue in which to work with and work through in whatever magick they are creating.

Thank you for taking time to read this article.

Blessings to You.

What do you think?