Are you searching for the next big thing in cryptocurrency?  Search no more!  Eth Town is an innovative new Ethereum blockchain based game that will soon be sweeping the crypto world.  Join EthTown in prelaunch today and receive $5 in tokens FREE when the game goes live!

Unless you've been living under a rock you are aware that cryptocurrency mania has been sweeping across the globe over the past year.  Countless individuals have become millionaires overnight living the lives they only dreamed possible.

With such madness comes unparalleled opportunity.  The first Ethereum blockchain based game was released in late 2017, known as Cryptokitties.  Cryptokitties allowed users to buy, sell, and breed digital cats using the Ethereum blockchain.  Just months after being released, Cryptokitty craziness had ensued, and people were buying and selling digital cats for up to $100,000 in real spendable Ethereum!

Over time the game lost some of its appeal, but it planted the seed that people are crazy about decentralized blockchain based gaming.  Since that time several cryptokitties clones were released, but none of them were able to capture the audience of the original...until now!

Introducing EthTown!  Eth.Town is an extremely innovative, high quality, world class, new Ethereum blockchain based game that looks to capitalize on the popularity of CryptoKitties and take blockchain based gaming to the next level!

EthTown is not another fly by night project.  The game is being developed by On5 games development studio.  The studio has previously worked with Samsung, Atari, EA, and others, and now this highly talented team of developers and artists is working tirelessly to make EthTown a reality.

The concept of Eth Town is simple; members buy, sell, and trade virtual real estate assets.  In essence, members get to manage their very own cryptocurrency company!  New members will start out as small time property investors, and look to out-strategize others to build a digital empire.

The in-game currency for will be EthTown tokens.  There will be plenty of cool in-game upgrades and items that can ONLY be purchased with Ethtown tokens.  As such, these tokens are sure to be in high demand.  Also, holders of Eth Town tokens will share in the profits of the game, and receive real Ethereum just for being involved.  You can purchase your tokens in presale, or just register to receive $5 in tokens for FREE.

Get $5 in FREE Eth Town Tokens

As you can see, is destined to be a surefire success!  Want to get in on the Eth Town action?  Click the link below to register in prelaunch and receive $5 in FREE tokens when the game goes live. 

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