Have you been searching for a new crypto ICO destined to multiply your investment many times over in a short period of time?  Search no more!  Digitex Futures Exchange will launch their DGTX token ICO on January 15, 2018 at only $.01 per token!  With the potential for this token to easily achieve a value of several dollars in the following months, the Digitex ICO is not to be missed!

Cryptocurrency ICO's were all the rage in 2017, and that trend is continuing into the new year.  Ordinary people are becoming millionaires overnight by investing in startup tokens.  Are you ready to invest in the "next big thing"?

Digitex is owned an operated by Adam Todd, successful entrepreneur and founder of BetTrader (a 14-year leader in the online betting world).  Adam has extensive knowledge and experience in the field, formerly working at the International Financial Futures Exchange, and being one of BetFair's most successful sports traders ever (going 8 months of full-time day trading without ever a losing day). 

The idea behind Digitex is simple - a free Bitcoin futures trading platform, where members can trade bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc. futures contracts with zero transaction fees.  With most futures platforms charging an arm and a leg to enable users to trade futures, Digitex is sure to be a hit in the futures market.

With commission-free trading, it is expected that Digitex will attract massive amounts traders from around the world, and become one of the highest volume futures platforms on the planet.  So, how would you like to get a piece of the pie?

The DGTX ICO token sale will begin on January 15th, 2018.  During the sale, Digitex will be offering 700 million DGTX tokens at a price of only 1 cent per token!  The token sale will remain open until February 15th 2018, or until all 700 million tokens are sold (spoiler alert - the tokens won't be available very long).

What Gives DGTX Tokens Value?

All trading profits, losses, and balances on the Digitex platform will be denominated in DGTX tokens.  These balances are held by a decentralized smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, so your funds are complete safe as Digitex themselves will not even have access to your balance. The bottom line, traders must own DGTX tokens to participate on the Digitex Exchange

With the Digitex zero-fee trading platform destined for success, and trading requiring DGTX tokens to participate, the demand for DGTX tokens will skyrocket in the coming months.  With a limited supply of tokens, it is expected that DGTX tokens could increase from the ICO price of $.01 to several dollars per token in a relatively short time.  How would you like a 100x return on your investment?

How Can You Invest In The Digitex ICO?

If you'd like to participate in the DGTX ICO, click the link below to register.  Then, starting January 15th, 2018 you will be able to purchase DGTX tokens using Ethereum at a rate of $.01 per token (users who invest during the first week of the ICO will receive a 20% BONUS).  Imagine investing $10,000 in the ICO and realizing a profit of $1 million in the coming months.  Sound too good to be true?  In the world of crypto ICO's, it isn't!

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