CoinXL is a 100% passive bitcoin/cryptocurrency trading opportunity.  Coin XL performs REAL and TRANSPARENT crypto trading which allows members to receive daily bitcoin payouts for 150 days.  Read on to learn more about CoinXL and to join the Coin XL TOP TEAM!

CoinXL is sweeping the net as it promises to be the first 100% passive and fully transparent crypto trading opportunity.  Countless crypto trading opportunities have come and gone over the past year, with the vast majority operating as scams or ponzi schemes.  Coin XL will be an absolute game-changer with full transparency allowing absolutely ANYONE to profit on the cryptocurrency boom.

The CoinXL team has spent the past two years perfecting their cryptocurrency trading bots.  These bots use complex algorithms to detect when a crypto market is going to increase or decrease, allowing the bot to buy low and sell high.

In a case study, the founders were able to turn a $3,000 investment into more than $1,000,000 in only a 10 week period.  If that doesn't get you excited about the CoinXL opportunity, you may want to check your pulse.

The CoinXL system is simple.  Members start by purchasing packages as low as 0.05 BTC up to as high as 5 BTC.  Then, members are paid 1% of their investment per day for a total of 150 days, until they recoup 150% of their investment.

On top of their daily returns, members also earn a daily binary bonus.  This bonus can range from 5% all the way up to 20% of their weak leg volume depending on the highest level plan that the member has purchased.

In many crypto opportunities, members must reach a high threshold before they are able to withdraw their earnings.  However, with Coin XL, there is no minimum payout, allowing members to withdraw their earnings whenever they like.

CoinXL also has plans to release their own coin through an ICO, appropriately named, CoinXL.  Members will have the opportunity to purchase these coins at a low introductory price, and sell later for great profits once the coin is available to the public on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

CoinXL is the once in a lifetime opportunity that you have been searching for.  EVERYONE will make money EVERY DAY.  The opportunity is 100% legitimate, passive, transparent, and sustainable. 

Click the link below to join the CoinXL TOP TEAM and begin amassing your crypto fortune!

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