Coinomia is a MASSIVE Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash PASSIVE cryptocurrency mining opportunity that entered prelaunch on September 27th, 2016. Coinomia is 100% legitimate and performs REAL crypto mining. Members purchase shares in the company mining pools and begin receiving daily payouts in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dashcoin. Read on for EXCLUSIVE benefits to join the TOP TEAM!

Coinomia opened for prelaunch on 9/27/16.  Coinomia is a 100% passive and legitimate crypto mining opportunity that allows members to share in the mining profits of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other popular cryptocurrencies.  Simply purchase a mining pool share, and begin earning cryptocurrency assets on autopilot!

Coinomia is 100% free to join and build a team.  However, members need to purchase a minimum of one mining pool share to begin earning daily crypto assets.  There are 3 options for mining pool shares: $100; $1,000; or $10,000.  The higher the mining pool purchase, the greater the benefits, and you can purchase as many shares as you'd like while they are available.

When members purchase a mining pool share, they will share daily in the mining pool profits of the company.  In this respect, the opportunity is 100% passive and there is no need to sponsor or refer anyone into the business.

However, members are also greatly compensated for inviting others and building their teams.  Members will receive up to 12% commissions on the purchases made by their direct referrals.  The company also has a binary structure that pays each time you get just ONE purchase on each leg!  With repurchases, the binary can pay out up to $63,000 per day!  With a 100% passive payplan, as well as a monster compensation plan for builders, Coinomia has something for EVERYONE.

Click the link above to join the #1 team in Coinomia!  We have planned the launch of Coinomia from the beginning and have established a team of leaders from all over the globe.  Our team is the LARGEST in Coinomia and we will support you in EXPLODING your business!

EXCLUSIVE Benefits For Those Who Join With Us

Members who join Coinomia via the link above will be joining the TOP team in the company!

We offer the following EXCLUSIVE benefits to members who join our team:

  • EXCLUSIVE Facebook Training Group for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
  • EXCLUSIVE Personalized Sales Site for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
  • EXCLUSIVE Email Funnel for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
  • EXCLUSIVE Promotional Materials for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
  • EXCLUSIVE Crypto Education and Training for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
  • EXCLUSIVE Webinar Presentations for YOU and YOUR TEAM!

After 6 months of operation, Coinomia is now running like a well-oiled machine.  Members are being paid daily, and there are now many members earning hundreds to even thousands of dollars each day.  Now is the perfect time to join Coinomia and begin amassing your crypto empire.

Click the link below to join the Coinomia Top Team!  Several members of our team are already earning tens of thousands of dollars each month.  Take the first step by clicking the link below, and YOU can be the next big earner in Coinomia!

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