AltConnect is a new decentralized cryptocurrency coin lending platform that allows members to generate income through lending, trading, mining, and staking their currency AltConnect Coin, or ANN.  AltConnect is currently offering 10 million ANN coins at a super low introductory rate through their official ICO (Initial Coin Offering).  Join AltConnect today and capitalize on the crypto revolution!

AltConnect is about to take the crypto world by storm.  Will you get your piece of the pie? 

Altconnect will allow users to generate income via 4 separate income streams - lending, trading, mining and staking.

AltConnect Lending

In order to take advantage of the Alt Connect lending opportunity, users must first purchase ANN (Altconnect Coin) using Bitcoin or Ethereum.  Once users own ANN, they may lend their coins and receive up to 50% monthly profit.

AltConnect Staking

The secondary income stream made available by AltConnect is that of staking.  In order to "stake" coins, members must first download the official AltConnect wallet.  Once members hold their AltConnect Coin in their wallet for a minimum of 15 days, they will begin earning staking profits up to 12% per month.

AltConnect Trading

The third way to make money with AltConnect is through trading.  Like many crypto markets, the AltConnect market will be very volatile in the early days.  This will allow members an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the volatility by buying ANN low and selling high.

AltConnect Mining

The final way to generate revenue with AltConnect is through mining.  Members may download the miner for AltConnect and begin generating coins through solo mining or pool mining.  Each block mined will produce a whopping 50 ANN!

AltConnect ICO

AltConnect will be selling the initial 10 million ANN coins through their official ICO starting on December 28th, 2017 and ending on January 12th, 2018.  During this time period, members will be able to purchase coins at an extremely low rate starting at $.85/coin and progressing up to $1.40/coin.

Purchasing ANN coins during the AltConnect ICO is the best way to capitalize on the inevitable success of AltConnect, as it is projected that the value of AltConnect coins will multiply many times over in the initial days following the close of the initial coin offering.

Get Involved With AltConnect Today

AltConnect is destined to become one of the most highly desirable and valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.  You can capitalize by getting involved at the start and riding the profits all the way to the bank.  Click the link below to create your free AltConnect account and begin profiting with AltConnect!

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