Janine first began to experience a conscious and creative partnership with the universe many years ago. She learnt that there is an intelligence within us, within life and within all of creation, with which we can all connect and communicate.This intelligence is beautiful, loving, powerful, gentle, strong and kind, and when we engage with it we can easily move into a frequency that releases our blocked emotions, unhelpful thought patterns and limiting beliefs.Join her on a journey of discovery.

Raising Consciousness In Life,Love & Business

Janine Thorp has devoted her working life to raising consciousness in life, love and business. She works with people who are committed to their own spiritual and personal growth and who wish to create the lifestyle and business they want. 

Conscious Engagement

She helps people to develop partnership with the Universe and Life, a partnership of ease, simplicity and natural elegance. Through this conscious engagement, they can create the connection, love, freedom and groundedness of a life that is inspiring. 

Spiritual And Personal Transformation

Through this raised consciousness, Janine helps you to evolve spiritually and personally so transforming your life through the use of teaching, healing and information that in fact is already available to you - She provides the channel to access them. It's all achieved with a sense of ease, fun and freedom.

Creating Positive Change

Janine has worked with coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs, healers, artists, photographers, home-makers, solicitors and many others - people who are commited to creating positive change in their lives. People from all over the World with vision, intuition and empowerment, believing in their dreams and their possibilities.

Private Mentorship

Janine provides private mentorship to a person who is ready to own their gifts, step into their leadership and crate an amazing life that they love. Such a person desires to learn to read energy, wants to tap into the Universe and is open to receiving all the healing, teaching and inspration thats waiting for them.

Such a person is a coach, healer or service based entrepreneur with a focus on transformation and a vision to become all they can be. Such a person is ready to step into a whole new world of possibilities, to live a well-lived life complete with wealth, abundance and freedom - but 'fear' is holding them back.

For details of Janine's private mentorship program, copy and paste this link: janinethorp[dot]com/private-mentorship-2/

Home-Learning Program - The Art Of Energy Reading

Janine created this program - the art of energy reading - because having the ability to sense and read energy is such an invaluable skill that can give you a huge advantage when it comes to creating your dream life.It can give you access to a much bigger picture, which means that you can simply bypass so much of the ‘effort’ and ‘trying’. Everything becomes simpler and more streamlined.It’s also by simply reading and engaging with energy that her wonderful clients are creating the transformation they desire too. And it’s amazing how simple and enjoyable it can be! You can have great fun on your calls and in your sessions. And now she wants to show you how you too can read energy and engage with it.

To access Janine's home-learning program in the art of energy reading please copy and paste this link: 


Free Resources For Sensitive People

Janine offers a range of Free Resources for sensitive people who want to open up to and access their own gifts and abilities, and who want to empower themselves to live a life that is more conscious.

These Free Resources include the self-healing technique she calls "One-Touch", an audio course for "Spirtual Women Entrepreneurs", a "Self-Care Spa for Sensitive People", a Guide on how to set up your own "Team of Spiritual Helpers" and several channelled audio "Meditations".

Through these Resources, Janine invites you to feel free to connect with her.

Copy and Paste: janinethorp[dot]com/free-resources/

Some Of Janine's Happy Clients

Melanie......a little note to say thank you for being the most remarkable inspirational spiritual guide. Every day I am grateful that I met you.......there’s just nobody quite like you!....

Emma....BIG, HUGE gratitude to the universe for bringing Janine Thorp into my life as a guide.....My life is forever transformed thanks to her insights, encouragement and naturally authentic presence.

KT...I loved working with Janine, it’s very much ‘co-creation....I have transformed my feelings about money and learned so much about the limitations I had set for myself. Working with Janine will transform your life... 

Tiffany....This is truly life changing for me. It’s the first time I’m getting a breakthrough within an area that I’ve been struggling with for a very long time. Thank you so so much!

Dr Melissa....Thank you....for helping me to connect to my own truth in an incredibly powerful way....You really have given me wings to be myself in my biz....

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