It is not about the cherish Sanitary Pad itself, but what it does to our fellow women. Everyone in the world is born of a woman, at least the last time I checked. So every human being knows at least a woman or has one in his or her life. Irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman, if you knew of any product or had access to information that could help save or improve the quality of life of that woman in your life, would do everything within your powers to share it?

Welcome to Cherish Sanitary pads from the Nspire Network, an innovative product meant to provide our fellow women beyond comfort, relieve them or at least reduce the impact to their lives of some burdens they go through monthly, as a results of no fault of their own.

When I read the statement “If Cherish Sanitary Pads don’t move you, check your pulse” in one of the articles about the Cherish Sanitary pads, I thought to myself; what have I, as a man got to do with women sanitary products, and in that matter, sanitary pads?

Well, as I found out and must openly acknowledge, everything. You would not believe it, even if you are a man, but this is the deal; whether you like it or not, you have everything to do with female sanitary products, and this is why: if you really love the woman in your life, you will make sure she is up to date health and emotional wise.

If some of the sanitary products the woman in your life uses, are such that keep her moody or unable longer, then you too will have to wait long until she is ready - lol. So it is in your best interest to be supportive to her, so she gets ready sooner. Or if you do not have a woman in your life, why not help other men who do, by sharing the information with them?

Yes, I do have a pulse, but why should I check it, and what has Cherish pads got to do with that? Well, in life, it is good to be curios. Curiosity at times leads us into trouble and does not always make us comfortable either.

That is exactly the situation in which I found myself after reading about the Cherish pad. In deed I actually read about it after watching the video above, and that left me speechless. I did check my pulse too, which was higher than normal. Just confused at that time, if that was a good or a bad sign.

What happened to me thereafter, was just re-assuring that I stumbled on something good and all I needed was to take action to do the right thing. As a man, it felt weird of a sudden to start talking about women sanitary products. But as a father of girls, having a wife, female siblings as well as having a mother, the obstacle of talking about the cherish sanitary pad was more than easy to overcome.

First, I shared the Cherish Video presentation with my wife, to see if that was appropriate for me to share with our daughters. Her immediate reaction was that, that is a product she needs herself. If it is good for my wife, then it will certainly be good for our daughters, so we shared it with our daughters, and then my mom.

In line with the vision of the Nspire network, which has the exclusive right to distribute the cherish Sanitary pads, and on the mission to educate, enlighten and create awareness worldwide about the health of our fellow women, I decided to share my experience with the hopes of reaching you.

Now you know. If this information could helped you save the life or improve the health condition of just one woman, I would be very happy. And if that is the case, why not share it with other men and women to keep the momentum going?

Thank you f or reading and for taking the health of our woman seriously.


What do you think?