If you're reading this review, you've probably heard about the cryptocurrency education platform iCoinPro, and you're wondering if it's a scam or a legitimate business opportunity.  Read below for an honest review and overview of the iCoinPro ownership, product, and compensation plan.

iCoinPro Registration and Ownership

The iCoinPro website domain was registered on March 28th, 2017 by Paul De Sousa.  De Sousa is also prominently listed on the website as the CEO and Founder of iCoinPro.  It is an excellent sign that the website was registered several months before being developed, as this shows that the opportunity was well thought out and planned over an extended period of time.

It is also a very positive sign that the website clearly displays the man behind the company.  Paul De Sousa has an impeccable track record in both the MLM and cryptocurrency industries, and is well recognized and respected in the MLM field as an ethical networker who has a long history of standing up and speaking out against scams.

iCoinPro Product Line

The iCoin Pro product line consists of crypto education for bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies.  The iCoinPro training library currently consists of over 40 cryptocurrency training modules covering everything from the history of bitcoin, to wallets, security, trading, ICO's, and much much more.

Upon their official launch slated for Wednesday June 21st, iCoinPro will be releasing their "Micro Profit System", which promises to offer members great insight into how to generate profits through cryptocurrency.

iCoinPro also offers multiple live training modules each week run by owner Paul De Sousa and other top industry experts.  These trainings allow members to interact with top experts in real time, and learn from others who have already experienced great success in the field of cryptocurrency.

The cost to join the iCoinPro crypto education system is $79.95 for the first month and $39.95 each month thereafter.  Members can also obtain discounted memberships by purchasing 6 or 12 month memberships upfront.

For anyone new to cryptocurrency, the current trainings offer great insight and education into the world of cryptocurrency.  For individuals already entrenched in the crypto industry, it remains to be determined if they can generate significant profits implementing iCoinPro's exclusive Micro Profit System.

iCoinPro Compensation Plan

The iCoinPro compensation plan offers members five different ways to get paid.

The first way is through their powerline marketing system.  Each new member who joins iCoinPro is placed under each previous member in a straight line.  Then, members are compensated each month by earning 3% commissions on each of the first five members in the powerline who upgrade after them (regardless of sponsorship).  This allows all iCoinPro members to generate income every month through the powerline.

The second way that iCoin Pro compensates members is through their fast filling 2x14 forced matrix.  Members are placed in the first available position under their sponsor.  Therefore, anytime a member has more than 2 personal referrals, it creates spillover for their downline.  All members are compensated through 10 matrix levels, with the ability to qualify for up to 14 levels.

The third portion of the payplan consists of fast start bonuses.  Members are compensated $10 to $25 on each of their personal referrals depending on their rank qualification.  Members can also qualify to earn fast start bonuses down 5 generations of sponsorship.

The fourth income stream in the compensation plan consists of matching bonuses.  Members can earn from a 10% up to a 60% check match on each of their personal referrals.  Members can also qualify to earn up to 6 generations of matching bonuses.

The 5th and final part of the compensation plan is primarily to incentivize and compensate leaders.  This compensation consists of infinity fast start override bonuses.  Members who achieve a rank of Star Elite or Star Presidential can generate fast start bonuses as high as $2 per member down infinite generations of referrals.

The Conclusion: Is iCoinPro A Scam?

So, is iCoinPro a scam?  After much research and deliberation, we can conclude with absolute certainty that iCoin Pro is 100% NOT a scam.

This conclusion starts with the owner, Paul De Sousa.  Paul is widely regarded as a highly moral individual, and has openly warned others about cryptocurrency scams for many years. 

In fact, part of the reason Paul created iCoinPro was to inform and educate others so that they may avoid being scammed in the future.  With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency, the space has become inundated with scam opportunities and devious individuals looking to capitalize on the uninformed.  iCoinPro looks to educate and empower individuals so they can identify and avoid the bad actors in the cryptocurrency field.

Secondly, the iCoinPro product is legit.  After reviewing the iCoin Pro training modules, we have concluded that the content is valuable, with more nuggets being provided each week.  Nowhere else in the world do individuals have the ability to interact with top crypto experts live and have their questions answered by people in the know.  Even without the "Micro Profit System" live, iCoinPro provides more than enough value to justify their price point.  If the Micro Profit System training delivers, than the opportunity is a no-brainer for anyone interested in cryptocurrency.

Lastly, the iCoinPro compensation system is world class.  For one, iCoinPro is already paying members directly to their bitcoin wallets or via direct deposit to their bank account during prelaunch.  That said, the compensation plan delivers.  Every single member of iCoinPro generates commissions each month through the powerline marketing system.  Next, members can passively earn over $2,000 per month through the forced matrix.  Lastly, the fast start bonuses, infinite overrides, and matching bonuses are more than enough to entice even the most focused networker.

How Can You Join iCoinPro?

If you'd like to take advantage of the iCoinPro opportunity and begin getting paid to get an education in cryptocurrency, click the link below to secure your placement with the top team.  Your position in the powerline will be locked in until the following Wednesday, at which point you can upgrade and begin generating an income while becoming informed on everything cryptocurrency.

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