If you have always wanted to start your own online Business, here is a once in lifetime opportunity to take part in a Virtual Weekend Summit that Brings Together Industry’s leading Business Builders, Business Coaches and Entrepreneurs To Teach You How To Start and Grow Your Own Online Business In 48 Hours! The Good news is, you can enjoy all the teachings and trainings from the comfort of your own home.  

Today, I want to talk to you about an upcoming opportunity even successful Business owners and Entrepreneurs are lining up to attend. This is because, as a business owner, you always want to follow the trend and listen to those that have proven Business Success. How would you like to be coached and trained by people like Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Anik Singal and many others.

This will be LIVE training with industry experts, 16 Hours of life-changing content you can apply right away in your business. Whether you have already started your online Business or still planning to start one, this is exactly the kind of summit that you need to start or grow your business right. This 2 day weekend Virtual Summit will teach you How To Start and Grow Your Own Online Business In 48 Hours, No Kidding.

You're certainly quite aware of the fact that Business Building Summits are highly recommended for people that really wish to succeed in their business beyond the ordinary. This is because the momentum and the knowledge gained coming out of such summit, if rightly applied will boost your business growth exceptionally.

Such Business Building Summits are normally not cheap. People pay thousands of dollars just to secure a spot, then have to reserve a hotel,  book a flight and finally fly to the summit destination. All these are some of the inconveniences and costs one has to take into account, when considering attending such Summits.

But this upcoming Virtual Weekend Summit is different. You will not have to travel, you will not have to book a hotel and you will not be required to pay thousands of dollars.

You will be able to attend this Virtual Weekend Summit for anywhere - from the comfort of your home, with your significant others or even from you holiday hideout.

All you will have to pay for the two days Virtual Weekend #lurnsummit is $1.  yes,  just $1 for two full days of training that will Teach You How To Start and Grow Your Own Online Business In 48 Hours!

You are certainly wondering why this 2 day amazing Summit costs just $1. The Virtual Weekend Summit is being organized by LURN, and Anik Singal, the CEO of LURN will be the Host. Anik Singal has Trained Over 250,000 Students Globally, Generated $120 Million+ in Digital Sales and with LURN has a mission to make LURN the transformational Home for ENtrepreneurs worldwide.

By making the first ever Lurn Summit cost only $1, he hopes to give EVERYONE in the world access to the Event at almost not cost, without the headaches of travelling,  booking of hotels, taking away any possible excuses, any risks you may be concern about, and above all introduce Lurn to new students all over the world!

Who is the Lurn Summit for?

If you have hit the wall trying to build an online business for yourself,  but you keep failing over & over,

If you are looking to change from being an employee to being an entrepreneur within the shortest time possible,

If you are already a business owner and  want to get more out of your business or take your business to the next level, or

If you are just looking for a  passive side income stream to supplement your main Income stream, then the #Lurnsommit is certainly for you and you are in the right place

Who Are the Experts that will be Teaching This 2-Day Virtual Summit?

The Keynote Speakers for the 2 day Virtual Lurn Summit include::

Robert Kiyosaki, Best-Selling Author of the famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad & Serial Entrepreneur.

Bob Proctor,  Proctor Gallagher Institute, Best-Selling Author of You Were Born Rich & Featured In “The Secret” Bob Proctor has been touching the lives of millions all over the World for over 50 years now. He's considered the foremost expert on the MIND and your ability to attract anything you want into your life.

Kevin Strawbridge, CEO at ClickBank. He brings nearly 20 years of eCommerce experience and digital marketing experience. He's been in the affiliate acquisition space for years and years!

And many others.

For a complete list of the all Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and strategists who will be teaching during the 2 day Virtual Lurn Summit, and the list of topics that will be covered during the 2 days, use one of the links within this article to get all the details. You will be amazed.

If you are not the type of person that sit around and waste time, especially over $1, and recognize that you have a rare Opportunities here, that can help you  Start and Grow Your Own Online Business In 48 Hours, then wait no more, secure your sport today.

 But if on the other hand, $1 is a problem for you, then do nothing. 

What do you think?