What can be easier than a $1 package? Just leverage 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickles, 100 pennies into an income that can change your lifestyle in a hurry. The1DollarThing can be used as a FANTASTIC feeder into any other opportunity all while Saving Money and Earning a REALLY nice income that automatically produces a monthly income at the same time you are building your primary business.

Make 2017 Your Financial Freedom Year And Beyond

On January 2nd 2017, something big will be launched. This is the 1 Dollar Thing that holds the key to a future of financial freedom for you. With only a dollar, you can open up your networks and be able to do great business. This opportunity is brought to you by the Bama Marketing Group and is aimed at ensuring you make profits fast. From a single dollar business you will be able to earn as much as $85,000 in a year starting from 2017.

The 1 dollar thing is a great tool with which you will be able to enjoy great features and get paid for it. One simple way how you can make money with this tool is by referring others to this 1 dollar thing. Once they join they will be able to make money and spend it on your business. This has actually eased networking greatly. 

The $1 Thing Has Emense Financial Benefits

What benefits do you stand to gain? There are three levels you can be in the 1 dollar thing. The first is the basic level which will only cost you a dollar per month. Members of this package get many benefits under the Associate package and are able to participate in a 3 by 6 matrix. You will also get a monthly subscription to The Small Business Magazine. Other than these, you can sell monthly subscription to others, lead a team and earn commission from both ventures.

The next tier of membership is Emerald which will cost you $7 a month. You will get all the benefits of the basic level and KissRetailGoodbye shopping card for affordable shopping. You will also be able to buy and sell these cards to other members. As for the highest tier, Diamond, you will get all the benefits of the emerald level members plus a Travel savings card. You may also sell these cards to others for additional income.

Use Your Commissions To Upgrade In The $1 Thing

In all levels, you will be able to build 3X6 matrix which is a team of independent reps. The more the members and the higher the levels they belong to the more the money you will be able to make. Strive to reach the Diamond level and you will earn over $85,000 in a year.

It is important to note that you can use your commissions to move from one level to the other. You do not need to spend more than a dollar. As your commission grows you can use it to move to higher levels and make more money. To do this, click on the back office and the system will automatically move you to the next level. This means you will be able to make more money without having to spend any from your pocket.

Join Onedollarhomebusiness at any time

Now that you know what you know what you stand to gain from the 1 Dollar Thing, you may be wondering how to join the program. With the launch only a few days away time is of essence. Simply complete the Pre-enrolment form on the official website and join at no cost. You will hold the position of an associate and you will be able to save and earn money. You may also participate in the compensation structure. Just follow the instructions you will receive in your email address.    

Any you may visist: onedollarhomebusiness at any time for more information on one dollar home businesses.

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