Hitting the jackpot in a lottery is not mere luck, but also involved knowing how to play, how to win, as well as choosing the right lottery platform on which to play. And today, you can learn how to play and win in the world's easierst winnable lottery always, even when you loose. It is has never been this easy to be able to win in every jackpot, winning the lottery has become more than just obvious.

All You Need To Know About LottoSpring

If I happened to hit the Jackpot in a lottery today, someone would say I am lucky, which maybe true, I am not only lucky, I did play. If I would win without playing, then that will be pure luck. But there are people who play daily and have been playing for years and have never won anything. It does not man they do not have luck, but they just do not know how to play and how to win. But that can be changed.

Wherever you are in the world, I will like to invite you and show how you how to play and win the lottery. To play and win in this lottery is not only very possible, but you can actually play for free and have same chances win the jackpot every single time.

I know that’s a very bold statement but then you probably haven’t heard about Lotto Spring before, when you do fully understand how Lotto Spring works, you’ll understand that it’s not hard to play the Lotto for free at all, and you will also notice that it is also very easy to win always. Since I started playing in this lotto, I have won in every single drawing, and you could do the same too, if  you meet the basic expectations.

With Lotto Spring, All The Odds Are In Your Favour

You see Lotto Spring is the world’s first social lotto game/opportunity. We’ve got a game and an opportunity uniquely packaged into one very exciting platform, which gives you the ability to leverage the business via social media and benefit from prizes, but it also allows you to tip the odds in your favour.

So with a normal lottery you’ll get a ticket, you check your numbers and you get one chance to win and if you don’t win then it’s pretty much tough luck, but with Lotto Spring you get multiple chances to earn as well as multiple chances to benefit as well.

Now the first question that comes out of people’s head is who are the Company, who owns it and where is it based? Okay, well Lotto Spring is based in Malta, which is considered by many to be the gaming capital of Europe. I’ll be flying there myself in a couple of weeks trying to meet this handsome guy on the right hand side here, Jamie Mather, is his name.

Jamie brings over 10 years of experience in the online gaming world to the platform and is the CEO of Lotto Spring so you can be 100% confident that we’ve got the right people in the wheelhouse steering this company to absolute success.

LottoSpring Member Benefits Are Enormous

So let me talk a little about Lotto Spring Member Benefits. 

Your syndicate can have up to 400 tickets every single month depending on the size of your social circle. There are up to 50 people in your syndicate, you and 49 others (or less if your syndicate contains less than 50 people). You are placed into syndicates by the system but with people in your genealogy or in your social circles.

Here’s how it works; there’s a draw every Tuesday, there’s also a draw for the first three Fridays of the month and there’s a special draw on the 4th Friday of the month. Every Tuesday the draw is a €5 million jackpot, for the first 3 Fridays of the month it’s a €10 million jackpot and on the 4th Friday of the month it’s a fantastic €50 million Jackpot.

If you hold the winning ticket on a Tuesday draw you will receive €1 million. The remaining €4 million in prizes will be distributed amongst the other 49 people (or remaining members) in your syndicate.

With LottoSpring, You Win Even When You Loose

If on one of the 3 Friday draws you happen to be the winning ticket holder, you will receive €2 million and the remaining €8 million will be shared amongst the other people in your syndicate. You probably understand how a syndicate works. Now on the one Friday every month that there is a €50 million jackpot it works exactly the same way. If you happen to be the holder or the winning ticket will win tax free, remember, €10 million in your hand and the remainder of the €50 million will be distributed among the members in your syndicate. It’s as simple as that.

So that’s the first way that you can win and benefit from the Lotto Spring game.

You can also use your two tickets every week in a smaller draw; this is money that is not shared with the syndicate. These are your personal tickets. So you can win up to €10,000 with your two personal tickets every single week. The good thing about this game is that you don’t have to worry about transparency, you can check your numbers on TV. Yes you heard me right. You can check your numbers on TV because we use the Euro Millions Lottery numbers as our numbers. So you can sit at home knowing that there’s 100% transparency and you can check your numbers on the TV at your own leisure.

Win Money Without Even Matching One Single Number

Now here is where it gets really, exciting:In the next couple of slides I’m going to show you how you can make money from this game and I’m going to show you how you can win from this game without having the winning numbers. That’s right I’m going to show you how you make and win money without matching one single number.

You see, the uniqueness of Lotto Spring is that you can invite people to join you, which is what we mean when we say Social Circles. Start sharing your personal Pro Springs Lotto link on Facebook and Twitter and places like that and Lotto Spring will do the rest.

Those people that invite other people to join can build their social circle up to 19,500 people. That might sound like a lot but have you ever seen them sell a photograph on Facebook of someone’s smelly feet that gets shared 50 million times? The power of social media is amazing and that’s why this business is going to be amazing as well.

Everybody understands the lottery and this is just a much fairer game with more chances to win. So you can easily end up with 19,500 people in your social circle. Every time someone in your social circle wins a prize, you will win a 5% share in the form of a bonus prize. Think about that for a second. Potentially up to 19,500 people in your social circle and anytime, any of them even wins €5 you get a 5% share. That’s potentially an awful lot of money.

Every Blitz Ticket Is A Guaranteed Winning

If you personally introduced the person who wins, you don’t get a 5% bonus; you get a 10% bonus prize. So if someone you introduced wins a €100 you win €10. You can see how these figures could mount up now I am sure.

Now here’s where it gets even more exciting. Remember you can have 19,500 people in your social circles. Well for each person every month that pays their monthly membership subscription, you will receive 100 blitz points. So let’s work that out roughly, 19,500 x 100 is 1.95 million points. For every 300 points you receive 1 blitz ticket. If you divide 1.95 million by 300 you will have 6500 blitz tickets every single month.

Now I am going to talk money so listen carefully, if you are the unluckiest person in the world and you happened to build the unluckiest social circle in the world and none of the 19,500 people in your circle matches one number, then you still win. What? Yes, let me say that again: if you are the unluckiest person in the world and you happened to build the unluckiest social circle in the world and none of the 19,500 people in your circle matches one number, then you still win. You will get €1 for every blitz ticket that you own. That is potentially over €6000 in income without matching a single number.

Just Join Lotto Spring And Share With Friends

Now if just half of your social circle matches just one number your winnings would increase to in excess of €13000 per month in tax-free.Can you seriously tell me that this does not interest you?It’s a simple little game that we’re all used to playing but these guys have changed the rules completely.All of you have to do is log in once a day and share your link on Facebook or Twitter.You don’t need any experience here, it doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of experience or not, just come and join us, have some fun and share the opportunity.

You’ll be surprised what can happen by just having some fun and sharing this game with your friends, your family & people that you know.

It’s free to register, you do not need a credit card, you do not need to give any financial information, you just need a name and an email, you will get your own lotto website with your own affiliate link and you can start building this big right now. Just share, you’ve got nothing to lose, it’s not going to cost you anything until October and there is absolutely no obligation.

So register now, get your link, start sharing, and start having fun and start changing your life. So thanks very much for watching and I hope to see you at one of our events around the UK and around the world and maybe I’ll see you in Malta one day with Jamie and the guys. Thanks for reading. Bye for now.

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