Are you interested in niche marketing, affiliate marketing or CPA marketing? Then you should read on, because it will help you a lot. It will actually help you to get more of what every internet marketer needs. Traffic and clicks! And you will get it for free. You will get it in form of a free Wordpress marketing plugin. It was intended first to be sold, but the maker decided to give it away for free.

This free plugin will help you to solve the two biggest problems for marketers, lack of good quality content and authority. To get clicks to your offers you need authority. To get people to buy from your offers they need to trust what you say and believe in what you are showing them in your offer.

This free marketing plugin will help you with these two problems and it will also use social media to get traffic to your offers. The first thing you need to do is to install the plugin at your Wordpress site.

Second you just create a new page in your Wordpress admin area. You should give the page a title for that particular niche you want to promote. Now you just go to Google and search for a good article fitting your niche and page.

Next, now when you have found some good quality content fitting your niche and title you copy the url for that article you found in Google. Now go to your newly installed plugin and load it. Now you click on create new jack.

Now you will see a new window with a couple of settings you need to fill in, like which page you want to use and the url for the article you just found on Google. Some design settings for your page and a url for a offer you want to promote along with the content.

Now just click the "Save Now" button. Then you will get your new page listed in a list where you can see stats for it, view and edit it. Click view and see if you are happy with the content and design. Otherwise you can go back and edit it.

Now when you are happy with your page you can grab the page url and post it on Facebook and other social media networks. It will now give you both traffic and authority and hopefully some sales to your offers.

What do you think?