Macy's operates as the largest retail department store in the United States, bringing in a whopping $25 billion in revenue each year.  However, the vast majority of Macys shoppers are not aware that they could be earning cash back EVERY TIME they shop at Macy's...whether they shop in-store or online!   Read on to learn how you too can start earning cashback every time you shop at Macys!

Macy's is a retail giant, with more than 50 million customers nationwide.  Macys is best known for having a large variety of clothing, home goods, jewelry, and pretty much anything else imaginable.  With such a strong reputation and so many customers, you may be shocked to learn that Macy's customers could be saving nearly $1 billion each year on their purchases.  Sound too good to be true?  It isn't!

Introducing Ebates.  Ebates is an online shopping portal that enables customers to earn cash back every time they shop online.  Ebates offers cash back at thousands of top retailers such as Macy's, Walmart, Amazon, and countless others.

The way ebates works is simple.  Members simply log into their Ebates account, select the retailer where they'd wish to shop, and proceed to the retailer's regular website to complete their purchase as usual.  Instead of only receiving their items, Ebates members also receive cold hard cash!

Many savvy shoppers are already familiar with Ebates, and realize they can earn cash back whenever they shop online.  However, most shoppers are not aware that they can also earn cash back every time they shop at Macy's...IN STORE!

That's right, Ebates now makes cash back available to Macy's customers anytime they shop at Macy's whether in-store or online.  To get cash back when shopping in-store, simply add a credit card to your Ebates back office.  Then, link that credit card to your Macy's account.  Every time you use that credit card to shop at Macy' will now receive cash back!

Utilizing this trick, you can now get cashback every time you shop at Macy's, whether in-store or online.  The cash back offered at Macy's typically fluctuates anywhere between 2.5 - 6%, while occasionally increasing significantly higher.

However, as if that wasn't enough incentive to join Ebates, Ebates also offers in-store cash back at dozens of other top retailers.  The only question now is what are you going to do with all your new found cash back?  Pamper yourself, travel the world, or do some more shopping at Macys?  

As a special gift to our readers, join Ebates for FREE using the link below and you will receive a FREE $10 gift card when you make your first purchase at Macy's in-store, online, or at any other Ebates retailer!

Happy shopping!

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