Detoxification is a process of eliminating stored wastes from the body and at the same time gives the cells opportunity to cleanse, nourish, rejuvenate, and heal themselves. For 10 days, you should not take solid meals. You can, however, drink herbal tea as you wish; breathing, stretching and walking or slow jog exercises. Remember the idea is not to overtax the body. In case you experience headaches, do not stop the program and do not take painkillers but take more water.


DAY 1&2 Process - Kidney Cleanse

Vegetable Juice - total two litres

1. Mixed vegetable juice – one litre

2. Litre of either of the following: - (carrot + celery + parsley), (cucumber + mint) or (carrot + beetroot + coconut).

Fruit Juice - total 1 litre

1. Mixed fruit –  half a litre,

2. Watermelon – half a litre.


DAY 3, 4, & 5 Process - Liver Cleanse

Vegetable Juice - total two litres             

1. Mixed vegetable juice – one litre,

2. One litre of either of the following: - (wheat grass + apple + lemon + mint), (apple + spinach), (carrot + beetroot), (carrot + beetroot + cucumber +celery).

Fruit Juice - total one litre

1. Mixed fruit – half a litre.

2. Pineapple + mango – half a litre.


DAY 6, 7 & 8 Process - Colon Cleanse

Vegetable Juice - total two litres

1. Mixed vegetable juice – 1litre.

2. One litre of either of the following: - (beta guard + carrot), (cabbage + celery + carrot), (carrot + spinach), (carrot + beetroot + cucumber).

Fruit Juice - total one litre

1. Mixed fruit – half a litre.

2. Apple + pawpaw + pineapple – half a litre. 


DAY 9 & 10 Process - Skin Cleanse

Vegetable Juice - total two litres

1. Mixed vegetable juice one litre

2. One litre of either of the following: - (cucumber + carrot + celery), (cucumber + apple).

 Fruit Juice - total one litre

1. Mixed fruit half a litre

2. Watermelon half a litre

Ensure you drink 3 litres of water per day to help flush out the toxins (more like an internal rinse). Preferably, take alkaline or distilled water. Spread out the water intake throughout the day. You could choose to take a glass of water every half hour inter spread with other juice.

An Example of the Detoxification Program

  1. First thing in the morning, flush out your system with a cup of warm water and some lemon, a cup of herbal tea or some crushed garlic in hot water at about 7.00 a.m.
  2. At 7.30 am, take a glass of water.
  3. Start with vegetable juice for breakfast {at about 8.00 am.} Take vegetable juice until 10.00 am, inter spread every half hour with a glass of water.
  4. At 11.00 am, take a glass of fruit juice and 11.30 am. a glass of water.
  5. At 12.00 pm a glass of vegetable juice and 12.30 a glass of water.
  6. At 1.00 pm a glass of fruit juice followed by a glass of water at 1.30 pm.
  7. From 2.00 pm continue with vegetable juices inter spread with water every half hour
  8. Take two glasses of fruit juice at dinner and some water before bedtime.

N/B The idea is to spread out the 3 litres of juice and the 3 litres of water intake throughout the day. The above is just an example and you can change to suit your need.

Diet Recommendations after the Program

The following are some recommendations which you should aim to follow;-

  1. Eat whole foods e.g. Brown rice, whole maize, whole wheat, brown bread, arrowroots, sweet corn etc. avoid processed/refined foods which have got no fiber.
  2. Avoid sugar and its products. Use pure honey (watch out for fake honey, most has sugar added).
  3. Take essential oils – cold pressed sunflower oil, olive oil and any cold pressed oils. Avoid cholesterol sources.
  4. Eat a lot of vegetables – 75% per serving food should be vegetables in salad form or undercooked. Eat a lot of raw foods regularly.
  5. Reduce/eliminate dairy and animal products. Animal products may no longer be safe. Eat plant protein e.g. Soya, beans, lentils, peas etc.
  6. Completely avoid chemical products i.e. products with preservatives, additives or coloring.
  7. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
  8. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. The body is more than 70% water. Water is life.
  9. Practice proper food combination – do not combine proteins with carbohydrates, eat proteins with vegetables and carbohydrates with vegetables. Do not mix fruits with vegetables. Eat fruits at least half an hour before other foods.

Chemical changes during a Detoxification Program

The first few days; of your fast are primarily devoted to body reorientation. The system starts to change the PH of your stomach upward making it more alkaline. The stomach contracts and the digestive system are cleansing. You will experience the most dramatic weight loss in this phase. One may experience hunger; headaches, light-headedness, sweating, and you may urinate a lot.

The second phase; the liver starts to purge itself of its chemical and toxic load throwing off these poisons into the bloodstream for elimination. One may experience nausea, exhaustion, diarrhea, muscle aches, nervousness, and shortness of breath. The tongue may develop bad breath, body odor, skin eruptions etc. Basically, the body is battling the pollutants as if you have just consumed them.

The third phase; involves deep tissue cleansing, blood toxins are removed and cellular ash and debris are pushed from the kidneys. One may experience either of the symptoms in the first two phases along with bursts of energy.

Gradually one gains a total feeling of well being, improved mental attitude and self-esteem and thoroughly energized. This is the period of organ detoxification and regeneration.

Requirements and Don’ts during the Program

One must be on a strict juice fast i.e. you are not allowed to eat anything else while on the program. However, you can take herbal tea.

Throughout the program, some things must be avoided if the detoxification has to work.

  1. Tea and Coffee – these contain caffeine that inhibits assimilation of the nutrients as a stimulant, it should be avoided.
  2. Alcohol – this prevents the liver, which is very important in the detoxification process from ridding itself of stored toxins as you give it new ones to deal with. Also dehydrates the body, which interferes with the ability to detoxify.
  3. Cigarettes – cigarettes are toxic and you do not need to introduce toxins while trying to detoxify.
  4. Drugs – finish medication where possible before starting the program. However, check with your doctor if taking long-term prescribed drugs.
  5. Avoid heavy-duty – your body does not require stress/strain during this cleansing process.

Benefits of Detoxification Program

Due to modern lifestyle, our bodies are loaded with toxins to such a degree that vital organs of elimination, particularly the liver, kidney, and colon cannot cope. Therefore, toxins are stored while our bodies concentrate on trying to overcome illness, stress, or exhaustion.

Detoxification program aims at eliminating these toxins in the body to facilitate a natural healing. It also works to control weight for those who are overweight.

Side effects of the Detoxification Program

1. Headaches, mood swing, and irritability - these are symptomatic of the chemical change in your body. Headaches are a common reaction. Do not take painkillers. Take a nap, go for a walk, take extra water, or do deep breathing exercises.

2. Tiredness and boredom - Detoxifying your body require a lot of energy so it is quite natural to experience the above. Some people, however, are just as likely to feel the boundless energy.

3. Catarrh - A sign that the body is eliminating stored toxins by the copious discharge of mucus from your nasal passage.

4. Perspiration - The body takes advantage of expelling waste through the pores of the skin since it is the most direct route out of your body for many toxins.

5. Furry tongue - Almost everyone gets this as soon as they miss the first meal, but it is a sign that detoxification is working.

6. Feeling cold - You may have a runny nose or odd aches and pains but they are not usually a sign that you are suffering from an infection, they merely signal detoxification.

How to maximize your Detoxification Program

1. Exercise - Aim of exercise is not to build strength, but to assist detoxification. Those that facilitate elimination without creating additional stress are recommended. Strenuous one should be avoided since they shock stress and enervate more than achieving your goal.

2. Gentile exercise - Light slow jogging, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming. Remember not to strain.

3. Breathing – (1) close one nostril with your finger and breathe through the other and keep breathing, while alternating the nostrils. (2) Inhale through the nose for a slow count of five, hold breath for another count of five. Exhale slowly through the mouth for a count of ten while pulling in with your abdominal muscles until all the air is expelled. Repeat 4 times.

4. Skin brushing – use a natural fiber brush; Skin brushing stimulates the movement of interstitial fluids and breaks down congestion in areas where the flow of lymph has become sluggish. Regular brushing stimulates lymph flow and unclogs the pores of the skin. This is a simple procedure where you sweep a natural bristle brush all over your body before you shower.

5. Relaxing baths - A bath with the right aromatherapy oils e.g. lavender rose sandalwood, Epsom etc. these are very good for your body and stimulating the detoxification process. For maximum benefit, relax in the bath for at least 20 minutes.

6. Massage - This is a real treat on a juice fast, being both relaxing and a boost to the detoxification process. However, do not have an over-vigorous massage.


The information provided is for educational purposes. The information is not given as medical advice, nor is it intended to propose or offers to propose a cure for any disease or condition. Before starting any medical treatment, please consult your doctor.

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