The My1DollarBusiness Compensation Plan shows the amount of potential income you will earn as you join for only $1 and refer 2 people to do the same, and they do the same and so on. Each week you can qualify to “Level Up” to Phase 1 where you can make over $1,000 a month, then phase 2 where you can make over $2,000 a month, then phase 3 where you can make over $5,000 a month and lastly phase 4 where you can make over $10,000 in monthly income.

How My1dollar Business PaysDIRECT REFERRAL 25%

You will receive 20% for your direct referrals plus 5% when they fall in your 2x10 team. It doesn't matter what level they fall on, 1 through 10. If you personally referred them, then YOU get the 20% monthly! For example, if you refer 10 people for $1 and then go through the phases to phase 4, you will receive

(10 x $25) = $250 monthly on those 10 referrals alone. So how many can you refer for $1?


You will receive 5% for any membership referred by someone else when the sale falls in your team.


When you refer more than 2, you will "Spill" members into your team with other team members in your group. They will still be in your team and you will still earn the 20% commission, but in addition the team members you "Spill" them with will also have the ability to earn 5% monthly on their purchases.


The only way to level up is to have a growing team already creating success for you! This is the only system in the world we know that works like this. It's a bold new idea and congratulations.... YOU'RE at the top!



Once you refer just 2 or more for only $1.00 each, you are fully qualified for all the great features of the system and there's nothing else to do... unless you want to continue to refer more members to make it go even faster.

Over 100,000 signups expected by Christmas in My 1 Dollar Business which has positioned itself to be the #1 one dollar home business opportunity for years to come.

So lock in your top position now!

I've never in my life seen a home business you can start for just one dollar, and have the potential to earn thousands and growing month after month. The power of duplication is easy here and will fuel the business to explode worldwide. It can be foreseen that over one million families could benefit from this and possibly become more financially viable.

Powerful products help elevate the members also. I love the fact that the one dollar home business opportunity is open to all countries worldwide. The compensation plan is built around the premise of sharing and everybody wins. You may be only one dollar away from prosperity and a new way of life.

Already working with another company and don't want anything to conflict? This is a great feeder program, just plug in get 2 and let is rock and roll. The possibilities and enormous and the financial and lifestyle change benefits and jawbreaking.

And it all start with only $1 and make up to $10,000 or more  monthly as you automatically progress through the 4 phases. The System does it all for you when you join for $1 and refer 2 who do the same and so on...

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