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We have seen this seasons after seasons that Gold Standard is here to stay and this time tested metal is a favourite among all Bankers around the Globe. We also have seen Bitcoins surge and come closer to $20K USD in Early January in 2018. Then there are other Alt Coins such as Ehtereum, Litecoin, Doge to name a few which are making strides. 

But, the question here is are these Cryptos only for trading like Paper Trading with DEMO ACCOUNT ?...are we able to use these coins on daily basis ?. Yes, there are promises that these coins will be accepted such as Amazon is agreeting to accept. But, will this help common people who know nothing about these digital currencies ?...This question worth exploring further. Is this phenomena creating a void in financial markets. 

And, there is the latest news of Gold losing Ground temporarily.

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High interest paying Hybrid Investments are the best coupled with Gold Portfolio. These have been tested for generations and will be a happy investment if we are able to see Cryptos surge and fall. We are unsure at the time the value of Bitcoins. A Japanese investment banker said the worth of Bitcoins is only $100 !!!. Some predicted $500K !!!!. These figures do not give us stability nor stability of market prediction. So, not to take undue risks we recommend high interest savings and Gold Investments.


Gold Investments give us predictable security and liquidity that is unsurpasssed by any other currency including Cryptos. This is a phase coupled with internet revolution and we can assume that Bitcoins or other coins give us false security in the short or long run.

Alternatively, we get only 3% to 5% p.a. bank interest. And, there are wise investment bankers who run private firms who offer interest rates as high as 17% for three days !..please look for our recommendation and invest. You can invest as little or unlimited and make frequent withdrawals or reinvest with a stable company.

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Nontheless, to sum we need to explore the phenomenon of Cryptocurrencies and make a sound judgement and secure our future while investing the bits that we have saved for our future not to mention the debts we collect as we go along.

Our ancestors are/were wise having made Gold the Universal Currency which stood the test of time and the Banks that serve us including seasoned and experienced Investment Bankers.

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After ordering your FREE GOLD IRA Kit, take time to read through the materials, discuss the option with family & friends as well as colleagues and make an informed decision to move your investments to GOLD IRA and see long term and stable results coming your way. Also keep in mind the inflation that comes at us in future years and sluggish Real Estate Market which is like beating a dead horse !.

So, we can arrive at a consensus of investing in Gold Standard and pass on our legacy to our kids.

China and Russia are hoarding Gold and at the same time it is a surprise that Chinese even have Cryptocoin ATM's...what a surprise !!!.

China has adopted Cryptos unlike the Western World. At the current time we are unsure of the movement of these Cryptos which is good for only the strong willed and the one with strong heart to withstand the volatality.

Next, we also need to take a look at forex and binary.....What a Game !. These are meant for those who have big pockets and money to burn & they come up with various shapes and sizes; some claiming to help us with $10 initial investment and later pester us for deposits and we are fully aware that we are chasing a losing game. Thank you.

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After all said and done we still wish to keep an eye on Bitcoins and other Alt Coins and also test the market with a small little investments once a while and get going and stabilize our investing situation and look for long-term gains, steady monthly income and rise in our investment values whether Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Cryptos and forex/Binary.

We can safely stay away from Binary and those who have forex knowledge can guide some of us and it is a statistical fact that even seasoned and experienced forex maestros lose 50% of the trades they place !!.

So, it is wise to hold on to Gold Standards and promote.

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Thank you for your faith in Gold and reading this article.

Hope you will have a peaceful retirement without any financial worries.


Your investig Concierge.

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