A diversity of sites where you can earn bitcoins for various activities like:completing surveys,make offers from many different offerwall providers,watch videos,surf sites in traffic exchanges,search on search engines for satoshi and more.

Hello,this is the second part of how to earn bitcoins for free.            

Lately,all kinds of bitcoin get paid to sites have appeared.         

They are like a normal get paid to site,where you get paid to do small tasks and offers.

But instead of being paid normal money,you get paid satoshi for your work.

1.Cointasker is a place where you can complete different offers to earn some small bitcoin amounts.

You can complete offers,watch videos,do crowdflower or small social tasks for bitcoins.Even interacting

with other users is rewarded sometimes.

2.Coin bucks is the  the first Bitcoin CPA affiliate network that allows

you to earn Bitcoins by completing online promotional offers.

  • Browse over thousands of offers, pick any that interest you.
  • Follow through the offer filling out any information needed, or participate in the offer promotion.
  • Account gets credited instantly.
  • Bitcoins get deposited into your wallet daily.
  • There are no offers in certain countries though,so it may or may not work for you.

3.SearchTrade distributes the revenue generated by the site with the users. The main currency used at the

moment is bitcoins. Getting rewarded for using a search engine is not entirely a new concept, but they

include some unique features such as keyword investing and app creation. 

You can earn from the site with the following ways: 

Perform Searches - "Search Miner" 

Keyword Investing - "Keyword Miner"
SearchTrade turns keywords into digital assets that you can own. By investing in keywords, you

can earn residual income every time the word you own is searched. May not be the best investing

option at the moment but it should get more profitable as the number of users grow. 

App Developer - "App Miner" 
App developers can create innovative search based apps and promote them on SearchTrade App Market.

4.Infinity traffic boost is a new rising traffic exchange with a lot of nice features like

profit pool sharing and claiming to be sustainable.Its going awesome so far.As a 

free user you can get 10 profit shares for surfing 100 sites that are worth even as 

much as 10 k satoshi/day.Pretty good i would say.There are also all kinds of comissions 

for bringing in new members and great contests.Check it out.

5.Bitssurfer is another new traffic exchange business,slightly different from other traffic 

exchanges .It pays 5 satoshi/surfed site and revenue points that the owner is converting

every month to the rate he chooses.What i like about this one is that the ratio is always

1:1,meaning for evey visit you can receive another visit.Min pay is 100 k satoshi.

7.4Bc network is a site where you can surf ads when they are available (kind of like the bitvisitor site 

which is now gone).A visit is worth the rate of the day,usually 300 satoshi +1 visit.Even if the sites are

not so many,surfing here is worth it.You can even get views for your youtube videos.

The only deterrrent here is the high payment threshold (0.01) but the site has proven somehow

trustworthy in the past so i do not think it is a big concern for regular users.

What do you think?