DASH coin is the hottest commodity in the crypto currency arena.  With more privacy, faster transactions, and lower fees than Bitcoin, DASHcoin has risen the ranks to become the third highest ranked digital currency in the world by Market Cap.  Learn how you can capitalize on the DASH phenomenon by purchasing DASH mining contracts through Coinomia.

First released in January of 2014, DASH coin has recently taken the cryptocurrency world by storm by reaching a market cap of over half a billion dollars.  While this value may seem astronomical to outsiders, many crypto currency experts feel this may just be the beginning for this worthy Bitcoin competitor.

Why Is DASH So Valuable?

DASH's value stems from its superior features and technical attributes.  

Firstly, unlike Bitcoin's public ledger, DASHcoin transactions are truly anonymous and allow for the ultimate privacy between buyer and seller.  This is a highly desirable feature for many crypto enthusiasts, and one that is not available through any other high profile digital currency.

Next, DASH's instasend feature allows for near instant transactions with zero wait time.  Unlike Bitcoin where transaction can take several minutes up to several hours to be confirmed, DASH transactions allow the currency to act like digital cash, being transmitted instantly at the point of sale.

Lastly, DASHcoin transactions can be made with little to no processing fee.  Bitcoin fees have surged in recent months causing many crypto users to become disgruntled with the currency.  DASH's extremely low fees make it a highly attractive alternative.

How Can You Get Your Hands On Some DASH

It's clear that DASH is a currency that is going somewhere, and one that every crypto enthusiast should be stockpiling in their portfolio.  So, how can you get your hands on some DASH?

The easy answer is to purchase some DASH at your favorite cryptocurrency exchange.  However, with its recent surge, DASHcoin now carries a fairly hefty price tag coming in at upwards of $100 per coin.

That said, the better option is to mine DASH, as DASH mining is currently very profitable.  However, setting up your own mining equipment can also be quite pricey and requires a lot of technical know-how.  

Therefore, your BEST option is to purchase DASHcoin mining contracts.  Mining contracts allow you to benefit from the profitability of DASH coin mining, while saving you from the hassle of having to run your own mining equipment.

Where To Buy Dash Mining Contracts

Unfortunately, most large mining operations are all sold out of DASHcoin mining contracts.  Luckily, DASH coin mining contracts have just recently been made available through Coinomia!  Coinomia is a large mining operation operating since 2013.  Coinomia has long been known for mining Bitcoin and Ethereum, but has now added DASHcoin to its mining lineup.

Simply click the link above to purchase your DASH mining contracts and begin receiving daily DASH payouts.  Coinomia offers $100; $1,000; and $10,000 DASHcoin mining contracts, and you can purchase as many contracts as you'd like while they are available.

Coinomia has proven to be extremely profitable for investors who have purchased their Bitcoin and Ethereum mining contracts in the past.  Now with the addition of DASH coin, the possibilities are endless.  Grab your DASH mining contracts today and capitalize on the next big thing in cryptocurrency.

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