If you're reading this CoinXL review, you've probably heard about the Coin XL bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading opportunity and you're wondering if it is legit or just another crypto scam.  Read on to learn more about CoinXL and find out if they are really making crypto profits through trading, or is the trading just smoke and mirrors for a massive ponzi scheme.

CoinXL promises to be the first fully transparent cryptocurrency trading platform that enables EVERY member to get paid PASSIVE INCOME from crypto trading EVERY DAY.  Is this possible, or is it too good to be true?

As someone who has been trading cryptocurrency for over 4 years, I can tell you that not only is it possible, it is provable.  As an expert trader, I have had countless days where I've earned hundreds to even thousands of percent profit on my trades in a single day.

CoinXL promises to pay 1% daily for 150 days, for a total of 150% of your investment.  With any high quality trading software, these types of numbers are easily possible.  In testing, the CoinXL team turned a $3,000 investment into over $1 million dollars in only a 10-week period.

Unlike the many scams and ponzi schemes that have come and gone, CoinXL will be completely TRANSPARENT.  They will show you the exact trades that they have made, so the PROOF of profit is indisputable.

Most days CoinXL will earn much greater than 1% profit.  However, they will hold the extra income as reserves for days when they do not reach their 1% mark.  This will allow Coin XL to be fully sustainable for many years to come.

On top of the 1% daily profits, CoinXL also pays daily binary bonuses.  Members can earn up to 20% of their weak leg volume daily, and drastically increase their daily earnings simple by sharing the opportunity with others.

CoinXL puts members in complete control of their funds, and offers daily payouts with no minimum required.  This allows members to withdraw funds freely whenever they like regardless of their current balance.

in conclusion, CoinXL is NOT a scam, and their daily trading profits will be proven with complete transparency for all to see.  That said, CoinXL is a 100% passive and sustainable cryptocurrency opportunity that be will around for many years to come.

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