HomeBlockCoin is the latest crypto ICO to make a splash in the cryptocurrency arena.  Register with Home Block Coin today to take part in their initial coin offering and generate daily crypto earnings by lending your HomeBlock coins to the revolutionary HBC trading bot.

What is HomeBlockCoin?

HomeBlockCoin is a promising new cryptocurrency that offers users the ability to lend coins to the innovative Home Block Coin trading bot.  The HBC trading bot will then generate daily profits allowing users to increase their crypto holdings while getting paid daily.

What Gives Home Block Coin Value?

When users lend their BlockHomeCoins to the trading bot, this lowers the total amount of coins available in the marketplace.  This action decreases the available supply, thus creating scarcity.  Since the only way to access the trading bot is by lending BlockHomeCoins, this causes Block Home Coins to be in high demand.

You don't need to be an economist to realize that low supply coupled with high demand is a recipe for a valuable asset.  This is a proven concept previous implemented by a coin called BitConnect.  Members initially purchased BitConnect Coins for a fraction of a dollar, and today, these coins are valued at several hundred dollars per coin.

HomeBlockCoin will max out at 28 million total coins ever created.  This number is comparable to the total coin cap of bitcoin.  5 Million of these coins will be made available during the HomeBlock Coin ICO.  Home Block Coin will be release 250,000 coins per day on a first come first served basis.

Once you own HomeBlockCoin, you have several options to increase your crypto holdings.  Option 1 is to lend your Home Block Coins to the crypto trading bot as outlined above.  However, users can also increase their holding by staking their Home Block Coins.  By simply keeping HomeBlockCoins in their wallet, users can generate up to 10% in bonus coins monthly.

Home Block Coin also offers users the ability to refer others to the HomeBlockCoin ICO and generate residual referral commissions.  When recommending HBC to others, users can earn up to 8% of the initial purchase down 7 generations of referrals, as well as up to 5% commissions on the lending interest earned by each those referrals.

In summary, HomeBlockCoin offers an improvement on an already proven model, and is poised to be a top cryptocurrency through 2017 and beyond.  Take advantage of the ability to get involved now with early positioning, and purchase your HomeBlockCoin at rock bottom prices.

How Can You Buy HomeBlockCoin?

Right now, HomeBlockCoin is selling a limit of 250,000 HomeBlock Coins per day at a low rate of $1 per coin.  These coins are poised to gain significant value in the coming days, weeks, and months.  Click the link below to take part in the HBC ICO and get your hands on some Home Block Coin coins today!

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