Do you own Bitcoin? If so, I certainly hope you own a Bitcoin Trezor. If not, your Bitcoin could be at risk! Read about the importance of owning a Bitcoin Trezor and the peace of mind that comes with keeping your Bitcoin secure.

If you've been in the Bitcoin space for any amount of time, I'm sure you have heard and read horror stories about people having their Bitcoin lost, stolen, confiscated, etc.  As a Bitcoin owner, it's a scary thought to think that your Bitcoin could be sitting securely in your account one day, and the next day it could suddenly be gone with no chance of recovery.  This is a real concern, and one that prevents many people from getting fully involved with this incredible cryptocurrency.

Is YOUR Bitcoin Secure?

How do you store your Bitcoin?  Do you use a mobile wallet? PC Wallet?  Web-based wallet?  Online exchange?  If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, you need to know that your Bitcoin is NOT secure!  Mobile and PC based wallets are vulnerable to attacks by hackers, and also exude high risks of loss if not backed up properly.

Web-based wallets and exchanges are even worse, as the companies controlling those wallets own the private keys.  If you do not own the private keys, you do not own the Bitcoin!  If something were to happen where the company suddenly disappeared or were forced to shut down, your precious Bitcoin would disappear as well.

The Solution? A Bitcoin Trezor Storage Device

The ONLY way I trust to store my Bitcoin is with a Bitcoin Trezor.  A Trezor is a Bitcoin storage device that allows you to make secure transactions without the risk of your Bitcoin being lost, stolen, or confiscated.   

Even if your computer is compromised or your Trezor device is lost or stolen, your Bitcoin is still safe and secure.  Since the Trezor holds your Bitcoin key, it does not have the vulnerabilities of a mobile, PC, or web-based wallet.   

Also, the Trezor requires a PIN to be used, so attackers cannot access your Bitcoin even if they have access to your Trezor.  The Trezor prompts the user to create a seed upon initiation of the device, and this seed can be used to recover your Bitcoin in the event the Trezor is ever lost or stolen.

In short, a Bitcoin Trezor is the ONLY safe and secure way to store your Bitcoin.  Since being released in 2014, there has not a single documented case of anyone losing any Bitcoin stored of a Trezor device.

At only $99, it truly is a must have for any Bitcoin owner.  If you own Bitcoin and do not yet own a Bitcoin Trezor, I highly recommend you purchase one today, and give yourself some peace of mind knowing that your Bitcoin is finally safe and secure! 

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