We know how important is your pet to you. That is why we came up with a solution for any flea and tick issues. We can also take care of any wormer, joint, or wound problem you may have. We have products and supplies for any of these plus a broad spectrum of ophthalmic, aural and dental care products.

Health is not just taken care when your pet is sick. Our products are designed for the routine health care of feline and canine companions. Also, we offer homeopathic supplies for anxiety, urinary incontinence, digestion, and skincare.

In this article, we are giving you some advice along with a suggestion on how to choose the right products to take care of your pet’s health. Our focus is on flea and tick control and prevention for dogs and cats, but you will find some other valuable suggestions too.

Flea & Tick Management

Some years ago, fleas and ticks were seen as something usual in pets. We now know they can be prevented. But in the past, the solution to treat them was the use of certain toxic chemicals that sometimes affected your pet too. In the worse cases, those substances could also affect people.

Fortunately, science has advanced to a point in which fleas and ticks can be easily eradicated. There are different products and presentations on the market to fight them effectively without practically no side effects. Your beloved pets and your family will be safe as you get rid of this unwanted minuscule visitors.

The most common options to control and prevent fleas and ticks are: 

  • A flea comb or brush.

  • Topical products (most are sprays).

  • Oral products (typically pills).

  • The use of collars with repellents (for prevention).

We have an extensive catalog of all these options. You can choose the most suitable for your needs. On most cases, a combination of some of them is recommended. Other things you should consider as preventive measures are:

  • Comb and bath your pet on a regular basis.

  • Be careful with cleansing at home. Wash your pet’s bed and vacuum often. 

If you add these tips to your regular routine, there are few chances of suffering from fleas and ticks.

Things to Avoid when dealing with Fleas & Ticks

We are very careful on our product selection. You can rest assure that there are no harmful substances in any of our products. However, if you are getting them somewhere else, we advise you to check the tags and avoid the following substances:

  • Amitraz

  • Fenoxycarb

  • Permethrin

  • Propoxur

  • TCVP (Tetrachlorvinphos) 

There are much safer options apart from these ones. They will be as effective without any risk to your pet or your family’s health.

Homeopathic and Natural Solutions

Just like we do, your pet can benefit from homeopathic and natural solutions. There is a broad range of products you can use that are better than those full of chemicals that harm your pet in the long run. Homeopathy is a unique form of medicine, and homeopathic remedies are very different from herbs, vitamins, or drugs.

Some of the most common products you can find in our store are: 

  • The use of all sorts of natural wormers. Worms are a common issue in cats and dogs. Keep them clean with a regular wormer that is natural. You must not let them suffer the discomforts and stomach disorders when they have worms.

  • Chews. Either bones or other natural products, this are the best way to put your pet’s dental care in rightful order.

  • Cleaning. To keep your pet clean is important. That is why we chose the best cleaning natural solutions for your pet.

  • Grooming products. Our broad selection of grooming products takes care of your pet naturally.

  • The use of specific products for specific health issues. No matter what is your pet’s problem, we have the solution in our homeopathic selection of goods.

  • Treats. Either for training or just for the pleasure of it, dog and cat treats must be natural and highly nutritional. We select delicious treats that are also good for your dog’s health.

  • Vitamins and other supplements. These can enhance your pet’s health adding years of healthy life to his count. Homeopathic solutions are the best way to go on this line.

We can take care of the most common issues like digestive problems or infections, to some other more complex diseases like joint support, thyroid problems, ear and eye care, and allergies. Also, we have an extensive range of products to treat behavioral disorders. If your dog or cat suffers anxiety, stress, emotional issues or behavioral changes, we can help you.

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