Bitcoin is hot, bitcoin Revenue Share programs are even hotter, because they are the fastest way to get hold of bitcoins without much efforts. Yet more people loss Money in Bitcoin Revenue Programs than they actually make. If you are a bitcoin fan or interested in bitcoin Revenue Share programs, there a particular scamming trend you need to pay attention to.

“Bitcoin Revshare Hybrid Program, the most advanced Revshare Program, fully based on Bitcoin,  offering all the members a powerful combination of a fixed daily return and a forced Binary Matrix with very generous commissions, very well diversified product line, professional management and 100% legal business model guaranteeing a rock solid income for many years to come2, is possibly going to be one of the best organized and planned Bitcoin Revshare Hybrid Program Scam Ever, if at all it will ever see the light . keep reading!

If you have been doing business online for a while, and have been doing anything relat to Revsahre or Bitcoin, you will agree with me that; there are far too Many Bitcoin Scams and at least one launches Everyday.  ALL of them or the vast Majority of Them Involve the Ponzi / Cash Gifting Scheme, which Revenue shares are part of them. Bitcoin in Itself is Legal & a very tangible cryptocurrency Online. Unfortunately, there are greedy people, Scammers and unreliable individuals online that use Bitcoin in Businesses and in Online or Offline Income Opportunities that Involve Illegal Ponzi and Cash Gifting Schemes, which Consistently fail after a few short Weeks or Months, or after they have collected enough money, or simply when people have uncovered their tactics.

In this regards, I will be posting an email below “as is”, which I consider the Best Bitcoin Revshare Hybrid Program Scam Email I have ever read. It is not only lengthy so you get confused or convinced by the time you finish reading it, but it tends to misuse the credibility of well established credible unrelated companies  to make their case. Besides, the program (email) does exactly what it accuses other bitcoin scam revShare programs to be doing.

I normally do not read this kind of emails, but I decided to read this particular one, because, when I briefly scanned through it, I realized it mentioned AIOP (All In One Profits). All In One Profits is a credible Company that has been in Business since 2012. I have a Founder Position in AIOP and I have consistently made money with AIOP from their Affiliate program. I also use AIOP Business Building Tools and services to build and grow my other Programs. Besides, due to the Credibility of AIOP and the value they bring to the marketplace to help individuals and Small Businesses succeed, I decided to establish a standalone AIOP Review blog (aiopproductsreview dot com), just to review the various AIOP Products and Services, while providing more education to the general public beyond what AIOP Company provides.

Regarding AIOP Founder positions, that was more than 5 years ago that they offered very limited founder positions to a few members for lifetime benefits to some AIOP Business building tools and services as reward for their participation to help test the AIOP platform, when it was being developed and programmed. AIOP Founder positions was not about participating in any money games or compensation plan of that nature. To the best of my knowledge, AIOP is not offering any Founder positions at this time, and has NEVER offered any after the company was launched. AIOP is also not a revenue Share and not any start up company. It is totally more than just wrong to mislead people using AIOP, misrepresenting it, or bringing it in association the way this email write up does.

So, I find it really troubling and annoying  to see a company like AIOP being used unethically or being associated with scams or something that is not even existent. That is why I have decided to publish the email I received “ as is”, to sensitize and educate the general public against a possible abuse or scam. If by so doing, I help just one person not loss money, I will be happy. I strongly believe the entire purpose of the email or the site: www dot hybridprelaunch dot com is to collect money claiming to sell founder positions, as well as collect email addresses of bitcoin fans for further marketing or scamming.

In reading the email below, I will like you to have these questions in mind, to see if they are answered by the end of the email. Of course you can have many more question, but these are the ones that prick my mind now:

  1. What is the name of the company being launched

  2. Who are those behind the company

  3. What are the products?

  4. What exactly is being sold in the founder positions?

  5. Why would you need more than one founder position, if it is about a genuine product?

  6. What is the reason of selling founder positions now but plan to meet with founders later to discuss what they have in store?

  7. And many more questions…………

******Here below is the mail published as is*******

 Hello XXXXX ,

This is M**** G**** with a quick update on our unique Bitcoin Revshare Hybrid Program. As I have mentioned in my previous correspondence while an official Pre-launch phase is almost ready to go we have already started to sell Founder Positions about two weeks ago. To be honest with you we didn't expect that the demand will be so big. We've assumed that the whole package of 10.000 Founder Positions will be sold until the 31st August because we'll officially launch our Program on the 1st September which is also going to be the day when the first commissions will be paid to our members.

Yesterday we have created a special mailing list for all the holders of Founder Positions and every Founder has received a personal invitation to subscribe for this mailing list. At the time when I was preparing a welcome message (yesterday around 3pm CET) we've already sold 4692 Founder Positions in total. Less than 24 hours later - today around 2pm CET it's already 4917 Founder Positions sold in total. In other words the demand is growing and so is the speed at which our Founder Positions are being sold. I'm pretty sure that they'll be all gone within next 2 weeks. To be honest with you we didn't expect that but obviously we are very happy about it. This will allow us to speed up the preparations of our Program with a huge, well diversified and attractive product line being our current main area of interest.

If you have already purchased some Founder Positions but you didn't join this special mailing list yet, please contact me at hybridprelaunch at gmail dot com in order to get an invitation. Once we sell all 10.000 Founder Positions we'll switch to the communication with all the Founders only through this channel. We want to keep our Founders informed about the details of our preparations and send out very frequent updates regarding different areas of the business, so please make sure that you have subscribed for this mailing list. Between the day when we sell the last Founder Position and 1st September 2017 when we'll launch our Bitcoin Revshare Hybrid Program we'll only communicate with members. We won't make any announcements to people from the open market.

Because of high demand we have decided to lift the maximum of 10 Founder Positions per person. We have many people interested in purchasing 30, 50 or even 100 Founder Positions. After having a serious conversation with a few of them we've decided that there's no reason why we would limit their purchases. The total number of Founder Positions won't change - it stays at 10.000 Founder Positions in total.

I have a few meetings scheduled for the coming week regarding the sale of large packages of Founder Positions. One of the companies making an enquiry regarding our Program is an international provider of billing services. It's possible that they'll buy a huge package of Founder Positions next week. We'll keep our Founders updated on the situation. Things are starting to happen really fast.

Many people have contacted me asking why the owners of over 99% of Bitcoin Programs are completely anonymous and if I find any connection between this fact and a fact that most of such Programs disappear within 1-2 months. My answer is YES. As most of you probably know this week 3 big Revshare Programs based on Bitcoin being heavily promoted (mostly by big U.S. marketers) have stopped processing withdrawals. Two of them have disappeared completely while the third one has implement a 20% Admin Fee and a few other changes which make it impossible for people to withdraw any funds from their system.

There are 2 main reasons why their Admins did such thing. First of them is being 100% anonymous, hiding behind an LTD company (very often created in the name of a random person) and the second one is not having a real product line and a way (preferably ways) of generating profit. In other words these Programs weren't Revshare Programs. They were processing withdrawals using funds from the deposits coming from other members. Such Programs are Ponzi schemes and they simply have to collapse in a short period of time.

In my opinion a wide, well diversified product line is something absolutely basic when we talk about a Revshare Program being sustainable and capable of providing it's Founders and Regular Members with payouts for years rather than weeks or months. That's the reason why we pay so much attention to this particular area in case of our Program. As you know our Bitcoin Revshare Hybrid Program doesn't have an anonymous owner either.

We have 5 completely separate companies that will be running this business (probably even more in the near future) but I'm the one taking full responsibility for all the deposits and withdrawals. I say it loud and clear. I give it to you in writing. I'm ready to meet with any Founder (or Regular Member at a later stage) to discuss the details of what we have in store, etc. Such approach and full transparency are the main reasons why serious investors and Leaders from all around the world are purchasing our Founder Positions at this stage. They see a big earning potential in our Bitcoin Revshare Hybrid Program. An opportunity capable of delivering a stable income for many years to come.

Some people claimed that purchasing Founder Positions at AIOP (Allinoneprofits dot com) is a bad idea. Some people have decided to go for it... and these guys are now getting regular payments while others regret their decision of not taking the risk when there was a chance to do so. I can name tens of such opportunities.

After the official launch of our Program (1st September 2017) we'll visit many different countries with the presentations of our system, resources and the whole crew. We'll also host 14 days of Open Door Session in our offices located in Malta and Cyprus. Anybody being our Founder (or Regular Member interested in a bulk purchases of our Product Packs or having a big Team) will be able to visit us, shake hands with us, ask questions or even have a drink or two "on the house". :)

We're also thinking about the preparation of special Certificates that will be a proof that somebody has purchased an "X" number of Founder Positions. These Certificates would be sent out in *.PDF format via email or physically to your residential address (whichever option our Founders would prefer). We are now working on the best solution regarding this matter and will come up with something really interesting soon. We want people to feel 100% safe about purchasing Founder Positions (then Regular Product Packs) and making money with us. We'll go as far as possible to achieve such result.

Once we sell all 10.000 Founder Positions (which in my opinion will happen within next 2 weeks or so) we'll also begin to host webinars and online Q&A sessions. It probably won't be my personal area of activity but it'll be taken care of by my associates. Our comp plan, product line, and all other details will be presented during these online meetings.

We are monitoring the situation with the sale of the Founder Positions. If everything goes so well we'll switch to a "target URL of our Program" and will post updates in there (rather than the Prelaunch URL). Every Founder will receive the details to access his back office once our script becomes fully operational. We were supposed to be ready for the launch on 1st September 2017 but since the situation is so "dynamic" we'll do our best to speed up the whole process for you.

In regards to the earning potential of our Bitcoin Revshare Hybrid Program, at this stage the whole commission system consists of 4 parts:

- 2% daily interest counted from the day of the Launch (1st September 2017). Compounding will be available. Please note that Founder Positions don't have any expiry date/cap on earnings.

- Binary Matrix income - Practically speaking it offers unlimited earning potential dependant on 3 factors: personal purchase volume (a total value of Founder Positions and Regular Product Packs purchased by a particular person), a total purchase volume of all the members located within somebody's matrix, and a position within the global company wide matrix. Obviously the sooner somebody joins us - the higher he/she will be placed within our global matrix which is going to affect his/her earnings in the long run.

All the accounts are assigned on the first come - first served basis. 1 Founder Position gives you 1 seat within our Binary Matrix. Once we launch our Program members will be able to purchase different Product Packs associated with getting more positions inside the matrix.

- Share in 10% Profit Pool generated by the Program. It is offered only to the Founders. The more Founder Positions you have - the bigger your share in this Profit Pool. Obviously the payout amount here will grow from one month to another.

- Fast Track bonuses - every person will be rewarded for sponsoring others.

Regular Members will have a bit different rules because Product Packs will be associated with 1%-1.5% of daily interest (depending on the type and value of purchased Product Pack) and every Position will have a cap on earnings set at 125% of total return.

All the positions within the Binary Matrix created because of the purchases of Product Packs will be placed under the seats associated with the purchase of Founder Positions.

Regular Members won't have any share in 10% Program's Profit Pool.

Founders will have a head start in regards to Fast Track bonuses because they'll be given access to their back office and all the promotional tools much earlier than 1st September (which is an official date of the launch of our Bitcoin Revshare Hybrid Program).

In other words it really makes sense to purchase some Founder Positions at this stage.

You can either do it using a CoinPayments button at the bottom of our website of: www dot hybridprelaunch dot com or

If you prefer to make a manual payment (as some people simply don't like Bitcoin APIs), please use the instructions from the form below to proceed:

 www dot form.jotformeu dot com/71664123292353

In both cases you'll be asked for some basic details such as your Full Name, Email Address, Preferred Username, Bitcoin Address, etc. Please note that Bitcoin Address can be changed at a later stage so if you don't have any BTC address today, please just put N/A in there.

I'm also being asked if it's possible for somebody that has already purchased some Founder Positions to buy more of them. The answer is: sure, that's not a problem. Please simply follow the same process to buy more Founder Positions. All of them will have different numbers (IDs) but all will be assigned to your account within our Program.

Another question I get quite frequently is if it's possible to make a payment with Payza or Perfect Money. The answer is: our default payment method is Bitcoin however if you are just looking for a 1 or 2 Founder Positions then we can arrange such transaction.

Now the last few words regarding people from the open market who won't purchase any Founder Positions in our Program but like to be informed about all the details a.s.a.p. When you visit our Prelaunch website of: www dot hybridprelaunch dot com and will scroll down to the bottom of the main page you'll notice a form that you can use to opt-in. It's connected to a simple autoresponder. Currently there's no campaign associated with it but if you subscribe for this list you'll be notified once our Program reaches the launch stage and becomes  available to everybody on the open market. It will be an epic event so you really don't want to miss it.

O.k. That's all I wanted to say. Have a great weekend!

In case of any questions or problems, please contact me at: hybridprelaunch at gmail dot com

Kind regards,

M***** G***

**********End of Emal********************

I have consciously decided to mask the name of the writer of the email, not only this would be compliant with the TOS of the platform on which this is being published, but it is not about a particular individual, but about the concept. Names can be changed, but the scamming concept remains almost the same, so beware, remain vigilant.

Leave your questions and comment here below.

I challenge the writer of this email or owner of the site: www dot hybridprelaunch dot com to address them.

Not only address them, but actually bring the site online, make the products avalable to the people and pay out commissions. If the site exists pass 5 years, I will pull down this article. 5 Years is the record AIOP has set, which they wanted to undermind.

Thanks for reading.

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