Introducing the Awakening Sovereignty Collective. A Global Network of Solutionaries and Change-makers who are co-creating economic, social, legal, digital, and physical planetary system structures that empower all those who choose to embody a unified way of being.

We build communities, assist cooperative businesses, enable humanitarian causes, plant gardens and food forests, design futuristic political and environmental solutions, create and distribute high-quality media experiences, and link up people to knowledge, products and facilities that empower awareness.


Introducing Sovereign Keys, a cryptocurrency made by the People of Our Planet for the benefit of all people. Keys are issued and minted to cooperative ecovillages, helpful businesses and humanitarian groups that are revolutionizing how we engage with each other and our planet.

So much more then a economic system. Keys are an alternative economic exchange powering a universal network of Earth Guardians, Water Protectors and Activists of all forms who are choosing to embody a compassionate, unified, and empowered perspective.

 We are a cultural movement. Beyond all borders and lines. Of people from all colors and creeds, choosing to act in unity for the greatest benefit of our Earth and everyone in it.

I invite you to learn more about how this economic shift is the foundation of a planetary revolutionary shift from non-consensual governance to a fully supportive world that unconditionally provides for all of us. Discover more

Imagine that you have unlimited access to 5000+ acres of land. 100+ buildings. The dedicated help of hundreds of builders, growers, engineers, and technicians of all kinds. Tens of thousands of virtual assistants. Basic USD income. A network of 200 eco-communities. A hundred thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrency. 

Free access to two global networks of new paradigm freelancers with over a hundred thousand active users to help you with any project. A media reach of 10 million people in spoken and written alignment with this new paradigm of unconditional compassion and provision for all.

How would you use these resources/people/tools/structures to create positive impact on this world?

Stop Imagining. This is REAL. We have gathered SO MUCH to offer to you and all humankind. Please HELP US utilize what we ALREADY HAVE to literally embody action for the highest good of all.

Sovereign Keys cryptocurrency is an antidote to a failing system, a beacon and collective of real-world solutionaries and humanitarian projects heralding a new time of empowered creation, enlightened service, and wealth stewardship. What is needed now to manifest our solutions and dreams, and create powerful impact on the main global - is the stewardship of our resources, empowerment of our communities, and unification of our networks.

With Sovereign Keys, you are not only a co-creator and shareholder, you are empowered to bring your gifts and services into the world in a powerful and impactful way. Gain access to everything you need to fund and realize your dreams, and support the success of humanity with a thriving system that gives access to basic rights like clean water, nourishing food, and basic shelter.

I feel and know that WE, the lightworkers, change agents and humanitarian organizations are becoming the new standard of business, beyond profit driven corporate rule. And how do we work and play, today, Right now? Do we continue to finance our lives with military, government, and corporate money and debt, the fiat dollars in our pockets?

It is time to choose a new way, and ASC Sovereign Keys have arrived on the Waves blockchain platform. A growing number of us are transitioning from the old system, choosing to move beyond a culture of embedded fear, especially in our throughput of energy, goods, and service. The time is ripe to embody a culture and currency that supports life, the mutual benefit of all and empowers leaders and lightworkers of a new time.

We need not be dependent on anybody for our well being and financial security. By choosing to participate in Sovereign Keys, we say Yes to collective wealth stewardship and a system that is designed at its core to meet the basic needs of all people. Imagine an exchange of goods and services that is backed by the resources, services and integrity of the most conscious purveyors and humanitarian organizations of a new paradigm -  a New Earth.


Within this system, outsourcing is minimized, wealth duplicates, and we support one another by aligning our needs and offerings. Our power and prosperity grows with every transaction. Imagine the best minds and hearts, solutionaries and global humanitarian organizations all saying YES to each other. This is the foundational reality of Sovereign Keys.  Sovereign Keys provide a huge weave of empowerment for all those that choose alignment in creating a world that works for everyone, where Love is the bottomline.

Join The ASC Sovereign Keys collective. In this decentralized autonomous organization, you have a vote and a voice - in how our keys are distributed for maximum effect and impact.

Learn more, and participate in a growing global economy that serves the good of all.


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