Learn how I went from being miserable with bad Allergies & how it progressed into Asthma. After decades of miserableness I finally found things that give a lot of relief from the Natural World! Now it is your time to start finding your relief!


To start I would like to say what I like to says to people that ask me about Natural World stuff that I feel there is a cure or at least something that will help or improve a persons health problems. 

     But because ours body's are different what I use will work for me but may not work for you.

   I can say this because of all the reading of other peoples experience with using different things to improve there health.

I have tried things that worked for other people but did not work for me.  But other things people used did help me improve.

In The Beginning.

Now getting down to my decades long journey to the Natural World that I will narrow down as much as I can.

I have never smoked but my farther did for about first half of my life.

I`am convined that is what started my lungs to deteriorate till I got Asthma. 

Before the Asthma I got bad Allergies.

So bad were the Alleries on one night that I got up from bed and drove to a store to try to find anything that would work no mater the cost!

Just A Little Bit Of Relief.

Some of the pills, nasil sprays, and prescription meds worked for a little while but my body would catch on and then they would not work.

I had indoors, outdoors allergies and to certain smells. I did find that Organic Apple cider vinager by Braggs improved my outdoors allergies but not my indoors ones.

I was taking 2 Table spoonfulls 3 times a day, but one of the 3 times I took a capsule version of it.


Over time my Asthma got to a point that I was on Advair, an inhaler, and pills that did not work.

Later in life with the event of owning a compuer I was able to to start learning about all the differant things for my problems.

My farther went threw 2 years of bad western medicine doctors and hospitles who messed him up so bad that it killed him.

Seeing The Light Of Truth.

It made me think that there must have been a better way than so-called modern medicine.

I started to do tons of research on alternate ways of healing, curing and treating all the things my farther had suffered from.

It was like WOW at all the Natural World Optons he could have done.  I was angry that he was not at least told about alterate ways of healing and then he could have made a better choice. 

    I`am convinced he would be alive today if he had been seeing a Natural Doctor for all his tratments. 

Then I started my quest to cure and or to improve my asthma and allergies.


Asthma Improvements.

My asthma is triggered by a lot of things including my allergies.

The first thing I found that helped with my Asthma is Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate Oil Spray.                                                                     I got it from mineral-solutions. I`am a customer of them.

I found that when I was having breathing problems that if I sprayed it on my chest and vigorously rub it into my clean skin over my lungs.           It would bring down the imflamation in my lungs and I would open up more freely.

As a result of this I did not have to use my inhailer as much and I was a able to go off of the Advair for 9 months a year and only have to use it for 3 months in the fall when I was haveing my worst symptoms.

That was a big improvement for me, But I wanted to be all off!

Continued Progress.

I continued my Research off and on for a long time when I fould something that looked interesting.

Beta 1, 3D Glucan by Transfer Point.  I bought it at bestbetaglucan, I`am a customer.

Because of the high cost of this high quality product I held back from buying it for several months and just did a lot of Research on it.

Go For It!

Finally I broke down and bought 2 bottles of it.  1 capsule a day lasts me 4 Months.

I bought the 60 capsules, 500 mg each amount.

I take 1 capsule in the morning 30-40 min. before eating for maximum intake into the body.

Because my Asthma is part Allergie related I thought it might help. 

It was to boost my immune system and change it from a overly sensitive immune system to one that is not and is more balanced.

My body felt just a little funny the first 2 week on it as it adjusted it to a more balanced immune system.


More Improvements

I had decided to start taking it about a month before the fall, since the fall is when my Asthme & Allergies are at there worst.

I had been using Advair for the 3 most bad months in the fall.

The real test was about to begin, I was going to see if I could get by without it at all!

I found over the months that my breathing was improving on the Beta 1, 3D glucan!

This Is The Way To GO!

I have continued to improve to the point that I no longer need my Advair and I have not used even my rescue inhailer for several months!

    I have gotten tremendous relief from using the combination of Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate oil spray 

     and the Transfer Point Beta-1,3D glucan!


But now what could I do for my bad sinus congestion?

Oh What A Relief It Is!

At some point my bad sinus congestion was clogged up at least on one side most of time!

So I kept looking for some relief and found something called Bromelain.

I Got More Relief!

This is one of those natural products that can have drug interactions or other problems if your not carefull with it.

 Please read about it in WebMD. 

What got my interest about it was that some Doctors had given it to patients after Sinus surgery to help bring down the Inflammation in the Sinus. 

So I thought that since nothing else worked I would give it a try, so I stopped taking something I was using so I could try it. 

I got them at a local Natural store.  It had in it 60 Veg Capsules, with 2400 GDU/g-500 mg.

 I started with 1 a day with water in the late morning before lunch and later I increased to also taking 1 at night.

At Last!

As my body adjusted to it I saw a BIG Improvment in my Sinuses! 

I have been on it for a few months now. And do not have Sinus Congestion as bad as I did. 

I do get the most sometimes when I get up in the morning but then it goes away. 

If I skip a does I do see that my sinuses get worse. So that reinforces to me that it is working when I do take them regulary. 


Thank you for reading.

I hope this will help someone else who is suffering from Asthma & Allergies.

So I now Welcome you to your Journey to the Natural World!


 If you have any Questions, Please write in the comment area and I`ll will try to get back to you ASAP.


Take Care Naturaly,

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