Dakota Kaiser is a Ascended Master. Here from Beyond to protect, guide, and serve all Life. Founder of the Awakening Sovereignty Collective. Representative for multidimensional awareness. Disciple of Unconditional Love. Guardian, Healer, Sorcerer and Martial Artist. A Living Embodiment of the spirit of the Dragon. His mission is to reestablish balance to this world. He accomplishes this by providing housing, free education, and living wages to all while acting against slavery and oppresion

Dakota Kaiser founded The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty. A sovereign collective of beyond sustainable ecovillage and empowered beings choosing to embody abundance and unconditional love.

Our intention is to empower, enable, and uplift the human race by providing homes, training, proper wages, self sustaining food forests, green energy, and profound spiritual practices to all people who ask for assistance. We advance toward and embody these ideologies by channeling and promoting a vast variety of empowering technologies and services that enable evermore beings to move into their joy and abundance while serving the whole of humankind.


Our services and technologies include energy technologies that decrease our energy bills while creating a cleaner planet; encrypted currency services that increase our financial abundance; social media services that spread awareness of the truth while empowering the messenger; a complete assortment of affordable super-foods that purify and enhance body and mind; food forests that rejuvenate and expand upon themselves; automatic hydroponic food production technologies; artificially intelligent software, and healing services such as massage, sound healing, neurolingustic therapy, and tantric healing.

Our eco villages across the world offer free housing, community membership, education, and a plethora of goods and services like delicious and nutritious food and real healing. For beings that don't want to be part of an existing new paradigm ecovillage we offer training, knowledge, resources, and technologies to aid in becoming independent of the old paradigm.

We enable all humans who have the will to free themselves from modern slavery.

Dakota Kaiser also founded the Awakening Sovereignty Collective. A Planetary Community Network of Solutionaries and Change-makers who are collaboratively creating economic, social, legal, digital, and physical planetary systems that empower all those who choose to embody this unified way of being.

We build communities, give support to cooperative businesses, empower humanitarian causes, plant food forests and gardens, design modern political and environmental solutions, make and distribute high-quality media experiences, and link up people to knowledge, products and services that empower awareness.


Dakota Kaiser founded the Keys Collective, creator of Sovereign Keys, a cryptocurrency made by the People of Planet Earth for the benefit of everyone. Keys are issued and minted to sustainable ecovillages, willing to help businesses and humanitarian groups that are evolving how we engage with each other and our planet.


So much more then a currency. Keys are an alternative economic exchange powering a planetary network of Earth Guardians, Water Protectors and Activists of all forms who are choosing to embody a empowered, unified, and compassionate perspective.



Dakota Kaiser co-founded the Earth Nation. A Borderless Planetary Nation of all networks, organizations, communities, and businesses in literal alignment with creating regenerative, ethical, decentralized alterantives to every corporate product and service.

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