A review about one of the most known payment processor of all time,Perfect Money.Is it reliable?Is it trusted?What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?Find out everything here.Read my review for the whole truth.

First of all i want to say the location and management of Perfect Money is wrapped

in mystery.There is nothing to indicate where they are located or who they are .

They do an awesome job at evading the subject and are very vague about

any details regarding management,location etc.


Numerous speculations are thrown around the internet about locations and management,

but nobody has any concrete info (that i have been able to find).So we will just have 

to settle they operate from a place of anonymity.

99.99% of the operations in my opinion,if not all, are carried through intermediate exchangers.

I have yet to meet some people who made a direct deposit on the site.

They have a list of trusted exchangers affiliated with theyr site on the official site.

The transactions carried out through the network are instant and work as intended.

The fees are small and acceptable.2%/transaction for a default account and 0.5%

for a verified account (identity and location verified).

Every account can store up to 4 currencies:Gold,Bitcoin,Euro,Usd.

The user interface is a little complicated untill you get used to it.

They have different types of accounts:Personal,Business,Premium.

What is the difference between Personal and Business accounts?
A personal account is intended for individuals.
A business account is intended for legal entities.
Both types of accounts can be used for business activities with no limitations. 

They also have premium accounts.You can get a premium account 

once you receive a certain turnover ($) in your account.

You get exclusive support and reduced fees with your premium account.

There are also partner accounts reservated to partner businesses (exchange or a currency exchange service.)

The award of this status is a sole decision of the Perfect Money Administration.

This status helps companies who do business online to optimize B2B payment processing

The security is pretty awesome and you can activate certain features for free or

very little pay to strengthen it.So i suggest it to everyone.

The support is also pretty good even though i rarely needed it.

Personally i use it pretty frequent and have not had problems with it.

Low fees,instant transactions,good support.

As further security advice:

1.Always enter from the perfectmoney.is domain.This is the official domain and

there are always many copies.Be careful!

2.Do not keep big amounts in your pm account,nothing is 100% safe.

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