Quality syndication of properly formatted content

At Waffal, we have several decades experience with online marketing. Through prior projects, we learned valuable lessons and tested valuable processes to capitalize on forward moving trends in social sharing, content syndication, and search ranking. We spent years perfecting them. Through trial and error, we have developed a set of powerful tools we believe will become a major component in the arsenal of tomorrow's SEO professional. If you provide SEO services to clients, or you manage a website, or you offer products/services online, you cannot afford to miss out on the trends that are becoming the future of content discovery.

Social media is now the most popular source for content discovery world-wide. Web giant Twitter even rebranded itself as a news app in order to reflect this shift in user behavior. Here at Waffal we believe this trend will continue to build into the future. Over time, people will discover new websites, products, services, and other content through stories and properly syndicated content more than through search. This is decisevely a major problem, and a major opportunity, for SEO professionals.

Anyone who has been paying attention to their Facebook wall or Twitter feed can attest that content sharing, especially stories and articles, is increasing rapidly. Just a year or so ago, when someone opened thier favorite social site, the wall was filled with short posts from their friends, photos uploaded by people in their network, and sometimes a video or link to something about one of their friends. What about today? Trends show the average person is now met with a barrage of articles, videos, product announcements, and other items their friends felt important enough to "share". And this is contributing to the fact that more and more people discover new products, services, and websites through syndicated and shared content than they do through search.

It is highly obvious that the major search engines, such as Google, have noticed the value and authority of social sharing. It is also obvious they have noticed trends in content syndication. Google has even expanded into each of these arenas through their own Google+ social network and their Blogger system. SEO professionals with any experience at all know that Google and other major search engines are respecting the authority of content that has been shared. Additionally, they are paying more and more attention to content that has been properly syndicated and carried. But the most important future trend in search is the value of content that has been properly syndicated, shared, and mixed with media that has also been properly syndicated and shared, such as videos and images.

Any amateur blogger can optimize their pages and enable sharing tools. But this is a far cry short of what is necessary to produce measurable results in today's syndication and sharing dominated environment.
David Ruebush Co-Founder/CEO Waffal Media, Inc.

Social sharing buttons, rss feeds, and on-page SEO tools have been around for a long time. Pretty much any novice blogger, or website manager, has enabled them on their site using meta tags or plugins. These basic tools are designed to increase search optimization and sharing potential. However, just because you have the right meta tags, or sharing buttons on your site, does not mean your site will actually benefit from these enhancements.

Every year the Internet becomes a more complex technological situation. Resources and systems interact more and more. Search engines, data analysis networks, and other major research entities collect and associate more and more information from wider ranges of sources. This produces a situation similar to global wealth. As the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Why? Because vast resources become more and more dominant, pushing down the potential of smaller resources. So, when it comes to search, or more importantly content discovery, the "little guy" has less and less chance against massively burgeoning leaders. With time, only those with access to the vast resources of super-rich networks will have any chance.

This is where Waffal comes in. We are building a robust portfolio of connections to the massive resources of super-rich networks. As our user base grows, our power to influence and negotiate with bigger networks grows. This enables us to continuously tap into greater and greater resources. And, we in turn open these resources up to our membership. Our basic concept is to allow the "little guy" to get their content syndicated and shared, and to dramatically improve their discovery potential. This in turn results in search ranking potential.

The only way to ensure a growing connection to super-rich networks is to enforce 100% white-hat, ethical, professional practices. These practices change daily. There are constant developments and modifications to what is "standard", "acceptable", or "properly formatted" when it comes to content. The average "little guy" doesn't have the time or resources to keep up with these changes. So, we have built a super simple, very low cost, ultra-powerful system where anyone, anywhere on earth, can create properly formatted content that is highly optimized and has maximum syndication potential. We do all the hard work. You get all the benefits.

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